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Scorching Clockhouse of Fate [Written]


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So, recently, a user under the name of Kanashimi made an archetype, the Chronus Archetype, based on the concept of one of the dumbest cards to have ever existed, Pyro Clock of Destiny. The OG card has the ability to advance the Turn Counter, and the whole archetype they made was centered around effects triggering past certain turns, a win con once the turn counter reached a specific value, and a number of ways to advance turns. Seeing a card as dumb as Pyro Clock be adapted into something playable kind of inspired me to see if i could figure out a way to make something with the card. And then, i had an idea for a retrain of Pyro Clock


Scorching Clockhouse of Fate

Normal Spell

If you have 3 or more cards in your hand: Discard your entire hand; Skip to your next Main Phase 1, but you cannot conduct your Battle Phase this turn

You can only activate "Scorching Clockhouse of Fate" once per duel


So, here is the final product of my particular take on a Pyro Clock retrain. The whole idea came up to me after thinking to myself, while reading Chronus cards "Thank god these cards affect the Turn Counter instead of advancing turns themselves. Could you imagine how broken they would be if they changed turns and refreshed HOPTs?". I almost inmediatly, after having that thought, went "wait a minute, you could make a card out of this". And thus, Clockhouse was born. This is, kind of a more casual take on the series of cards ive been slowly making where i try to see how far yugioh players are willing to go in exchange for certain powerful effects, in this case, getting to refresh your HOPTs, an absolutely disgustingly powerful effect. For obvious reasons this is less of a Realistic card that could actually exist on real yugioh card and kind of a more casual card, being mainly a thought experiment on the absolutely broken things certain decks could do with an extra turn to play around with. At the same time, though, there arent many decks that can just choose to give up 3 entire cards in had just because, so maybe it would be something like just a Prankids-esque deck playing Red Eyes Fusion, summoning Dragoon, playing this card to clear Fusion's effect and then going through their entire 1 card line. Or, y'know, doint their 1 card line twice

I can almost inmediatly tell you that the Synchron nonsense going around probably can abuse the hell out of this card, given just how much they draw, giving them fodder for the cost, and the fact that using this card would clear Junk Speeder's Synchro lock while refreshing its HOPT, even if you would probably have a hard time messing with deck space in order to fit hat many targets. Maybe could be used for a 60 cards Synchron salad deck, or an FTK variant (Or, yknow, just refresh Halq and Co). A whole bunch of FTKs could also be born out of this card, trying to use it to get their key once per turns going again. GY centric decks, so long as they could pay the 3 cards minimum, would have a blast with this given that they would mainly care about getting to trigger all the GY effects again. Maybe that would include Eldlich? Idk


Anyways, do you have any ideas for some disgusting nonsense that could be born out of this card? I would love to hear about them, this def is a weird card tbh

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