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Custom Donald Trump cards (+Rokket support)


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These are joke cards based on real life and memes, scripted to be playable in EdoPro.

Set 1 - Trump and Kim
Contains cards based on Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un.
With the Trump archetype there are different possible playstyles: a burn style with Trump Tower and the Wall traps, a strategy focused around the Synchro monsters, or a control strategy with the traps.
The NK cards are intended to be used with the Rokket archetype.


3 versions of Trump, each with their own pros and cons


his support monsters: supporters is a kalut for the archetype, while campaign team has a protection effect


even more special summoning from the hand. while twitter eagle can destroy a backrow, favorite wall is the tuner of choice for the archetype


his synchro monsters. unstumpable emperor is his ace monster, unaffected by monster effects and can activate qp spells from deck. dealmaker can set the ceasefire traps and refresh the hand


the field spells. with trump tower the opponent pays for the wall (mirror wall, wall of rev. light, etc). the white house grants current and former US presidents destruction protection once per turn


the main seacher, the card that can special summon and search walls, and a card which can special summon 2 monsters for 1 discard


trump wave can bring out the lv8 trump ignoring its summoning conditions, beating china all the time allows trump to defeat most monsters, and a lp recovery card


a quick-play pop for the archetype, small lp recovery card, and a card for the presidential version to avoid destruction


cards based on memes. covfefe is basically gold sarcophargus for the archetype, feast of champions allows him to spam the field with hungry burgers, orb is pot of duality for the archetype


more cards based on memes. paper towel toss is dark world dealings for the archetype, nato shove symbolizes "america first"


his 3 main control traps. a card which allows trump to fire any monster on the field, a tool against the "fake news media", and a negate for the archetype


the card based on his book is draw power if the opponent controls more cards, stop the count is a meme card with hard activation requirements


the ultimate wall trap shuts down the extra decks. an errata version of wall of revealing light is included to stop otks


a card which enables trump to summon his buddy kim jong-un. kim himself can special summon rokkets from hand


a searcher for NK cards, a searcher for rokkets..., a card which can be used to pop a card during opponent's turn (but requires a NK card on the field)


some of these cards can be seen in action here:



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