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Ice has the problem of often being paired with other types that give it a lot a weaknesses. It can be good, but it has no great resistances to speak of.


Ghost, on the other hand, is immune to Normal and Fighting type moves. Ghosts often pack Psychic, Dark, and Ghost moves. The movepool of Ghosts is generally stronger, and their pokemon are more versatile.


I would say that Ghost is better. But also that most comparisons should be done on a Pokemon by Pokemon basis.

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Even the classic' date=' 'Shut The F**k Up!' is worse.



Lol classic Altair quote is classic.


Pikachu is a Pokemon veteran!

Actually' date=' I mean the real one, the Pokemon one!

* Darn, Pikachu needs to change his name!*

He's just bad at games, but so?!



No! It's gonna be ME!


New topic: Pikachu (no' date=' not the YCMember, the real deal =3)



Pikachu sucks a ridiculous amount of @$$, nuff said.


GTFO. >_>



No, it gets killed by a Fake Out for crying out load. A freakin' 40 Base move OHKOs Pickachu, do not question my authoritah!!


You must have missed my comment.


'GTFO >_>'

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