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    first virus test negative. I think the protocol is 2 more negatives and I'll be "clear" After that I should be able to donate plasma to people who badly need antibodies
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    When are old saved cards gonna be available??? It has been soooo long
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    I get that it is racist to call the coronavirus the Kung Flu, but that is fucking hilarious and I love whoever thought of that.
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    I want Malicious and Destrudo back, my deck simply cannot function (the way I want it) anymore
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    Stay safe and healthy folks.
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    999 reputation, oh my, I am almost at 1000! https://prnt.sc/riaais
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    Community, I've posted my first custom cards in Casual Multiples. It's Dragonmaid Support! It'd be great if you could check them out and leave your impressions. Any comments, bad-mouthing, critique, suggestions, swearing and corrections are welcome, except the bad-mouthing and swearing, so check it out!
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