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    Ok. So I'm making a database of all the cards. Of course I'm starting with the OCG.
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    I just remembered that today is the so called "Blue Monday". If anything, I've been feeling in good spirits the whole day. What about you?
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    Move over Baby Yoda, Baby Sonic has hit the scene.
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    I have just discovered that I am a genius in making entire decks in 1-3 days. I mean, granted, they aren't always the best. But some of them have the potential to be really good, (with a bit of refining of course) You can check out Casual Multiples for a new Archetype every week, made by me, Bluvista! My most recent creation, the "Mechanical" deck is up, and ready for anyone to comment, critique or review it! Any suggestions on archetypes will be gladly taken, just reply the name of the archetype, and a general description of it, and I shall create a deck based in what you have provided for me. Bluvista, Out!
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    ❇❇❇Waifu Card of the Week - Slacker Magician❇❇❇ The Good - The perfect companion for the modern lazy NEET. She's able to concoct energy drinks like Stim-Pack, RB, etc., but don't abuse or you'll die. If you hang around her place a lot, you might be able to attend a party with her friend/rivals, Alchemic and Akashic Magician. The Bad - Unless you somehow increase her Rank to 4, it'll be near impossible to date her. No shared responsibilities, either, you'll have to take care of everything in the house, Cooking, cleaning, paying... ALL of it. If she gets into an argument with Alchemic/Akashic, it's rather annoying for a stander-by
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    I think I'm alone now...well besides 226 guests: https://prnt.sc/qog1na
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    Finished Dream Drop Distance, meaning I have only the movie and the 0.2 mini game thing left, and I can get to Kingdom Hearts 3. I never thought I would get through them all to be honest, it took a lot out of me, but it just has enough enjoyable moments to be worth it.
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    ❇❇❇Waifu Card of the Week - Zoodiac Bunnyblast❇❇❇ The Good - A vegan's best friend, she knows how to cook all kinds of meat-free food. She has a soft and tender personality, but is ready to battle anytime. Her incisors are strong enough to be a force to be reckoned with. The Bad - She gets startled easily by loud noises and hops away who knows where. More importantly, if you're the kind of person who doesn't want a large family... well...
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    Happy new year you magnificent bastards
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    Well, Happy new year, everyone :3
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    Red-Eyes B. Dragon Level 7 / Dark/ Dragon - ATK/2400 DEF/2000 A ferocious dragon with a deadly attack.
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