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    Beginning transition to cardmaker.net domain. Yu-Gi-Oh Card Maker is up, still WIP. Saved cards will be restored shortly. Then new features - stay tuned.
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    No dark theme hurts me emotionally.
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    To Ryusei: Thanks for your efforts on this site. Keep up the good work.
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    Hello, Horu Ishayuki I got your question for how to get a Copyright Certificate. The question depends on what you want a Copyright certificate for. I got a copyright certificate for visual art like my drawings!
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    " Facts don't care about feelings. I have literally never had one feeling in my entire life. I have never known joy, anger, sorrow, or fear. Only facts. On my wedding day the marriage guy asked "Do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?" All I could say in response was a rough estimate of how many train conductors are employed by Transport for London. My fiancee cried and ran out. I don't understand, why was she upset with the facts?" -YouTube comment
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    I’m gonna headbutt ya, ya freakin’ cow!
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    Ah, back to my good ol' Hungry Burger self!
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    Everyone, I have great news! My copyright certificate came in the mail today! Now you'll be able to see some of my card creations along with my very first Yu-Gi-Oh/protagonist character, Selaenah Muto from my Fanfiction, The Spellcaster's Magician! When I have them posted, I'll send anyone whose interested in seeing my creations the link. I'm going to post them on my Deviantart account: it's still Cyberbee15.
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    Note to self: Never proclaim Woody Allen's innocence on Twitter, because then you will get mass reported by a bunch of angry bleeding hearts who get their information from Vice, Slate, and Ronan Farrow. Suspended for 3 days lol.
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    dark magician/girl should get their own super poly
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    I hope you're doing fine on your own 'Cuz after everything we've been through, you better hope You'll find someone, and you'll try, but you won't 'Cuz after everything we've been through, oh baby I wanna know
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    New topics are spamming my email REEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Frickin email notification restart.
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