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    Beginning transition to cardmaker.net domain. Yu-Gi-Oh Card Maker is up, still WIP. Saved cards will be restored shortly. Then new features - stay tuned.
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    Can we get an Admin Report as to the current changes to YCM, updates to come, and what to expect of this site? This is the second time this site has been down this year, for longer than a week. I want to know what is to actually come of this site now and I think that is deserving for what has come of this site this year.
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    Merry Christmas, community! Whether you celebrate this day or not, have an amazing day and enjoy in company of those you love
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    Just stopping by to say I love you and you're valid
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    glad the site is back up after being down for over a month straight. hope the cardmaker comes back up soon havent been in very long time so itd def be nice to see cards i have made in the past, and of course make more. this past week i been using the cardmaker on NeoCardmaker but it doesnt have many of the features the cardmaker here had, back when i last used it whenever that was Lulz.
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    ...Well I didn't think I would miss this place, but my sentiment is here and I am back. Hello, YCM fam.
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    No dark theme hurts me emotionally.
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