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    Serqet: there a bit of wording problem with Serqet's monster destruction effect since its vague on which monster on battle that should destroyed. of course implying that it meant the destroy the one owned by opponent its should be ( Destroy the battling opponent monster). another problem is discarding cards from deck can actually translated to "send" wording which apply to both hand or deck better than discard. there fore this is the rough fix: "Before the Damage Calculation, if a Monster you control battles: You can shuffle 1 Monster from your GY to your Deck; Destroy the battling opponent monster. Whenever a monster card is sent to GY: Your opponent must send 1 card from either his/her hand OR top of the Deck to GY. Opponent cannot send cards from their top of the deck this way unless he/she has no cards in his/her hand. as for the card design, im not really agree with Serqet being potentially OP. destruction effect is ok but on a bit harder to summon monster. not a normal summoned Level 4. last effect is practically begging for unfair abuses, its trigger on any instances a monster is sent to GY from anywhere and anytime. i can see this summoned as part of opening a combo and then you do your shenanigans which responded by this card effect that clear opponent hand with no chances whatsoever to play Anubis: "When this card destroy a monster by battle: Gain LP equal to differences between this card ATK and the ATK or DEF of the destroyed monster (whichever apply for damage calculation on that battle). You can pay LP in multiples of 500: Discard a card from your hand for each multiple of 500 LP paid; draw that many cards. additionally if you discard any "Egyptian God" card(s) for this effect, reduce the amount of card you would draw for each of those cards and then add 1" Egyptian God" card from your Deck to your hand" last effect is not really experimental but its quite hard to find its equivalent. that being said, the draw effect is too good. its a 3+ hand fixer that combo as a super-searcher. Dangers! and GY dependable effects are still in the game and this card can provide even more power to it
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    Spell Duplication Normal Spell Banish this card and 1 Normal Spell card from your graveyard, and if you do, This card's effect becomes the effect of the banished Spell. You can only activate 1 "Spell Duplication" per turn.
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