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  1. Alright, posted my app for the club. I hope its alright ^^;

  2. is that so, well then ... BUMP ;)

  3. Hey, just to let you know, you should probably BUMP your Power Rangers club. Someone else might want to join it...-coughHugePRFanHerecough- Just a thought though.

  4. Maybe he's gone, you know, away from a computer, in a country that doesn't believe in technology, anything like that could be a good excuse. Or maybe he was banned from the comp for a specific time.

  5. Isn't this pimpin, at least the RP is running again. I'll see what I can do about Fen.

  6. Happy Belated Bday. Hope all is well :)

  7. How about you show them in PR-related Fan fic? how's that sound?

  8. I call it the exosuit. I'll show you guys the pic one day.

  9. You have a name for the character in your pic?

  10. It is actually. Just the head though. The full pic is massive

  11. Who is the character you use as an avi anyway?

    Looks like one of your drawings.

  12. DNovaKnight


    OoC: since this has gotten so far ahead and I have personal stuff to deal with and zero time .... I'm resigning from the RP. It would be pointless to jump in now since I have no idea when or where we are.
  13. DNovaKnight


    OoC: sure. sounds good to me.
  14. DNovaKnight


    OoC: I honestly have no idea. there was aparently a robot who turned into a real person and became evil. And now i tink DJ's got a dark side and damian is good. I'm soo lost. :? If we're gonna jump in we might as well do it together. but where and when ... i've got no idea
  15. DNovaKnight


    OoC: You're right bebe. There certainly is a lot of new people. I'm so out of it I can't find any good way to jump in.
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