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  1. Changelog: Updated OCG and errata for Case Closed Elementary, My Dear Contrast Change - Final Illusion Fuuto Tower
  2. Hopefully I can figure it out then. Sounds like fun. :3 I hope that my revisions address / fix balance problems present.
  3. Now this makes me wonder if this set qualifies for Advanced Card Design Multiples. (Obviously barring the Dark Synchro, that card type was more thematically chosen than anything, and like IRL would be shifted to better reflect the actual card game)
  4. Could be fun. Never really got the hang of adding custom cards into any duel sim but hopefully it's gotten easier to do nowadays.
  5. Well, you commented just in time to catch my latest rework on pretty much everything. Removed Cards XTREME Prism New Cards Xtreme Dream Gold Xtreme Dream Contrast Memory W.B.X. Minor adjustments (Artwork, OCG, Rarities) Contrast Change - Hard Gleam Changed Cards (Rework) Soaring Left Radiant Right Plucky Wind Burning Steel Shining Desperado Fuuto Tower Nobody's Perfect Case Closed Contrast Change - Explosive Magnum
  6. I can adjust XTREME Prism to be an "Except by" instead of "Only", but I'd like it to be summonable more than once per game. Burning Steel wasn't meant to, that was bad oversight on my part. It's intentional that when Plucky Wind's alternative forms go down they replace themselves with a different form, unless the one that died was Plucky Wind himself. I may adjust that to be a "sent to the GY" clause but since it's "When" and not "If" it can miss timing. Alternatively I could make the regeneration a hard once per turn effect, that might fix that. Fuuto Tower has been designed with Re
  7. No worries. TBH I'm more grateful someone's taking a moment to actually look at these cards. But I think yeah I'll probably revise it to be a discard 1 to summon.
  8. I suppose it does make it quite similar to an already broken Cystron Needlefiber (which is more broken because it's a generic tuner). Maybe if I add a discard cost to summon Radiant Right? Also the second effect is meant to be the latter effect you listed, similar to Star Eater. You're supposed to be able to negate the summoning from occurring but once it's a successful summon you can't reply to it with stuff like Bottomless Trap Hole, Lost Wind, etc. Thematically a transformation cannot be interrupted once it actually starts but you can prevent the transformation from starting to begin
  9. I thought it'd be a +1 cause you -1 to play Soaring Left, then +2 by the combined effects of Radiant Right and Plucky Wind. A big part of the thought process is assuming your opponent will very likely be countering your attacks or effects, battle reliant effects are generally considered unreliable in any yugioh era past Master Rule 3. I can definitely retweak it, but I also definitely think of sets like Raid Raptor, The Phantom Knights, D/D/D, and Salamangreat when it comes to card advantage and recursion. How would you suggest changing it? The primary theme here is that Left and Right
  10. OCG is a bit rusty on some cards Ill probably have to fix a hanful of them, like Boss, Case Closed, and Hard-Boiled HERO. Bah, will do later.
  11. Tbh I did a chunk of this last year, left it and forgot about it. Then I got the urge to do it again so I basically made double the amount from before. The seried this set is based off of is the Tokusatsu series Kamen Rider W. So its not actually an anime, which made finding card art even harder while avoiding using photos from the tv show. The themes behind this set are very closely tied to the thematics of the source material, but in essence it boils down to detective work, understanding what cards your opponent hss (by way of revealing and checking) and changing out to whatever
  12. Why is it that when I make cards I lose track of time and end up card creating for hours by the time I've realized it?

    1. Dokutah Jolly
    2. Kailyn Leona Kyosuke

      Kailyn Leona Kyosuke

      Passion, huh?  Suppose that's true.  I like the sound of that.

  13. Bump'd, added new cards. Can't figure out how to spoiler tag since spoiler tags broke. Didn't wanna clog and make a repeat thread seeing how infrequent these threads tend to survive, so uhh... Necrobump technically. I guess. Can make another thread but kinda seems like a waste? Anyway. Hoping someone catches notice. :3
  14. What's everyone up to these days?

    1. Ember McLain

      Ember McLain

      Tryin to get my spook on, hows bout yourself?

    2. Kailyn Leona Kyosuke

      Kailyn Leona Kyosuke

      Trying to remember how posting on a forum site works xD

      I feel old.

    3. Ember McLain

      Ember McLain

      Pish Posh. You're wastin your time! What you should REALLY be tryin to remember is my name! Burn it into your skull, Ember McLain!

  15. Cant tell if missing the days of club vs club card contests makes me old or something.

    But damn that was fun.  Too bad it basically doesn't exist anymore.

  16. Make cards, post a bit, vanish for like a year.  Come back to do the exact same thing.

    Well, can't say I hate it.  lol

  17. Hey Friends! Kailyn popping in and out just cause. Got an itch to make cards so here I am. I also got really into toku as of this year so I figure it shows. I was originally gonna just make Extra Deck monsters of these Riders, but then realized that Contrast HERO Chaos is basically just W (Fang / Joker) and it gets it's own sub-archetype. Thus, I felt that it was justifiable to give my favorite rider series the sub-archetype in name as it's own fleshed out build. Most of these are made with other pre-existing HERO cards in mind, and assumes the power scale of modern day cards in mi
  18. if you get a megazord then I get a gundam with the mobile trace system. Cuz G Gundam is boss like that. Also I agree with you Creator. Katie's current descriptions haven't sounded anything like me at all.
  19. I'm kinda enjoying reading this >.> It's fun living in the past again. I've been following this here and there, and despite DL's train of thought. Who the hell is Katie? She appears like twice, and doesn't really seem all that important...which contrary to what I said, DMG seems to have made it so.
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