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  1. Well, with Rival Dragons/Eulogy King about to be taken up by the new Manga/Senka/Deep Sea reveals, I'd like to get out ahead with who I think made out like a bandit with those reveals.

    1) Kite (Afterglow Dragon)

    2) Jack (Supernova Dragon)

    3) Revolver (Borrelend Dragon)

    4) Declan (Eulogy King Vice Requiem)

    5) Jesse (Zenith C.B. Rainbow Dragon)

    6) Seto (Deep of Blue-Eyes)

  2. Well, I'm happy with being able to log in on my Chrome. So how are we handling the new Link Vrains 3 pack reveals?

  3. So. Apparently Mary's Little Lamb Link basically undoes the work we did from banning Norden. I'm disgusted, but curious.

    1. Ryusei the Morning Star

      Ryusei the Morning Star

      Except you have to summon a link 2 first then meet a pre-req, not top deck instant fusion


      It's amazing, but not really the same


      Also remember you could loop norden, can't do that here

  4. How hard would I be hated if I presented another food-themed Archetype this week or next?

    1. Dr. Jolly Glot the III

      Dr. Jolly Glot the III

      food theme archetype is 1 of my favorites though


  5. I'm back from Maryland. Has Sealing Jutsu: Shattered Heaven - sorry, meant Nibiru been wrecking the Meta yet?

  6. So, if I've got the news right, Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies, Macro Cosmos on Legs, and Danger! Chaos No More just dropped as Megatin promos, did I get them right?

  7. Time for another edition of my 'Balance This Effect' game! Just fill in the blank with your intended condition for the effect that you think best balances it. / "___________________: Add 1 Spell and 1 Trap from your Deck to your hand."

    1. goodfusion


      Normal Spell


      Discard 1 card

    2. Kingdom Xathers

      Kingdom Xathers

      Normal Trap

      Discard 1 Level 8 or higher monster from your hand:

    3. Enguin


      detach 4 xyz materials

  8. Time for another edition of my 'Balance This Effect' game! Just fill in the blank with your intended condition for the effect that you think best balances it. / "___________________: Take control of up to 3 monsters your opponent controls."

    1. UltimateIRS


      If both players control 4 or more monsters

  9. Man, doesn't it seem like each new Duel Terminal long-form story bring forth 3 Extra Deck monsters that eventually get Limited/Banned? Worm Chapter got us Trishula/Brio/Dewloren, Sophia Chapter had Emeral/Chain/Invoker, Tierra Chapter was Exciton/Tolemeaus/Denglong and now World Legacy has Goblin/Mermaid, and is looking to round on Galatea or Agarpain.

    1. Ryusei the Morning Star

      Ryusei the Morning Star

      Elpy before Agrapain imo

  10. Time for another edition of the 'Balance This Effect' game! Again, just fill in the blank with your intended condition for the effect that you think best balances it. / "___________________: Your opponent's LP becomes 1500."

    1. Ryusei the Morning Star

      Ryusei the Morning Star

      If your opponent's LP are less than 1000

    2. Dr. Jolly Glot the III

      Dr. Jolly Glot the III

      Detach 6 Material on this card (on Rank 10++ Xyz)

    3. UltimateIRS


      If your opponent controls 7 monsters

  11. Question: Been considering coining the Decks that can easily get you into Worlds but not to win it because of non-native format bans/limits being combined in Worlds Flash Pass Decks (y'know, like the ones sold in Six Flags America, since they let you ahead of the line but don't necessarily guarantee you win the games/enjoy the rides) and all I'm thinking of is Orcust and Pendulums. Were there any other over the years that fit the bill?

    1. Draconus297


      I honestly prefer Rata's term for it, a "format assassin", casually annihilating an event or format because the Deck or card is just specially positioned to kill everything else available.

  12. Time to bring back an old Status chestnut of mine: 'Balance This Effect!' Alright, folks, just filli n the blank with the condition for the following effect that'll balance it. / "___________________: Negate the activation, and if you do, banish all cards in your opponent's hand and field."

  13. Alright, so I've got two ideas cooking for tomorrow: either I slow-release my new U.A. cards I made in honor of that new referee they debuted as a sleeve, OR I show my new Vision HEROes, in honor of HEROes new ability to use all six branches in one compact Deck. Which one suits your fancy, folks?

  14. So what say thee all on the new Marincess and Hakai cards?

  15. Doubt it'd be solved in three hits, but if you wanted to impact Danger! the most as an engine, what 3 cards would you limit, in order of importance?

    1. Draconus297


      Tsuchinoko, as a free board card

      Jackalope, as a searcher that also draws things

      Bigfoot, because it's the only other relevant one I can think of

    2. Ryusei the Morning Star

      Ryusei the Morning Star






  16. Asked before on Astringent Mystic's art, will ask again here just in case: Which of these next four classic Flip monsters do you want me to evolve up on Friday? Lady Assailant of Flames, Fiber Jar, Armed Ninja, or the Reaper of the Cards?

  17. Petition to use "Gren Maju da Elder" as slang for any monster that benefits from banished cards and is also in the Extra Deck. Chief among them Topologic Zerovoros. "I summon the Link-4 Gren Maju da Elder!" Co-signers?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Arcadia warlic

      Arcadia warlic

      "Helios" or possibly "D/D" fit the title better.

    3. Black D'Sceptyr

      Black D'Sceptyr

      Yes, but they're Main Deck monsters. Zerovoros, Angel of Zera, all that jazz; they're from the Extra Deck, and are better for it due to not being easy to mistakenly mill like Gren Maju.



      they're also a hell of a lot shorter names than "gren maju ramiro-ravirez-cadilac-james-voltron the old"

  18. Hmm. Crossout Designator and Metaphys might be the first known example of "he taketh away and he giveth" I've ever seen in Yugioh.

    1. Ultimagamer


      Given that metaphys effects when banished activate during the next standby phase after being banished, it's a pretty cheeky way to play 4 gold sarcs ( with added advantage in the rare event of a mirror match ).

  19. Boutta drop a new Red-Eyes Fusion today. On an unrelated note would investing in the Guardragons be okay now, or should I wait for the price to drop?

    1. ~British Soul~

      ~British Soul~

      Abyss should be going down come this coming weekend. On the other hand, Redmd's time is slowly running out.

    2. Arimetal


      You know... I spent a good while thinking you two were the same person. Huh...

  20. lol more like Lack Luster Soldier amirite

    1. Arcadia warlic

      Arcadia warlic

      Truly, it is chaos.

    2. Zaziuma


      Chaos chaos chaos!

  21. Your Oracle of BD'elphi update: Salamangreat Link-4 that just dropped has 2800 ATK, the word "Phoenix" in its name, Firewall Link Arrows, and three effects-1 that destroys cards, one that manipulates ATK, and 1 that burns the opponent. Naming's now what matters here, since they were released 12 hours apart: their Pyro or my Titian?

    1. ~ P O L A R I S ~

      ~ P O L A R I S ~

      Holy sheet that's broken, and I heartily approve.

  22. Okay, so this is basically been bugging me for some time now, but...anyone else feel the Lost Incident is a smuged mirror to Jack Atlas's V.R.R.M. storyline in the 5D's manga? I mean, we've got the 'people trapped and forced to Duel to unlock some all-powerful promised land", the difference seems to be that one leads to the Signer Dragons and the other to the AIs.

  23. So I'm this close to calling Zefras "Pendulum Burning Abyss" because an Archetype as xenophobic as it is in terms of Summon allowances should NOT be able to gel so well with so many other Archetypes:

    Apologies for the CapG link, but that first Duel is insane.
  24. How're you planning on beating the cold today, folks?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. UltimateIRS


      with a flamethrower

    3. ManaMerci


      Hibernation in my room until it's summer again thank.

    4. Dr. Jolly Glot the III

      Dr. Jolly Glot the III

      Ah cold days of 4 season country, must be nice

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