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  1. Oh yes, it's the future so we don't quote people anymore, we use an @ (the future is oddly similar to usenet). Thanks for digging those up, @Mr Melon. I probably should've thought of Googling them myself, but I...didn't.
  2. I'm not an active member anymore, but just today I remembered some old threads in Creative Writing I wanted to take a look at, but I can't find either of them. The first was a fanfic that I think was called Yu-Gi-Oh! Dead Zone, but I can't remember who wrote it. And then thinking about Creative Writing made me remember Crab Helmet's Foe Fiction. The last time I was here Creative Writing had some kind of archives subforum, but it looks like that's gone now. Even then, I think Foe Fiction was old enough that it didn't appear there and you could only find it by searching for it or looking th
  3. Back when I was actually playing the game, Necrovalley's errata was "cards in the Graveyard are unaffected by effects", but the current errata is "negate any effect that would move a card in the Graveyard to a different place". That would mean that if Necrovalley is on the field and I, for example, activate the effect Altergeist Marionetter to revive another Altergeist from the Graveyard while I have Altergeist Protocol active, then Necrovalley is unable to negate Marionetter's effect and I will successfully Special Summon, right?
  4. Do we know for certain yet whether or not Saber Reflect can be activated if I take battle damage from a battle in which my only X-Saber monster is destroyed? (Say, for a random example, crashing Emmersblade (which is the only monster I control) into an opponent's Silent Honor ARK)
  5. I'm a bit rusty on stuff taking place in the midst of battle. So, Heraldic Beast Basilisk's effect activates "after damage calculation". At that time, is it still on the field to be negated by a face-up Skill Drain, or is it off the field and its effect goes through?
  6. Kind of an odd question, but I think it belongs here. Fusion Sage. Fusion Sage searches for any "Polymerization" card, which means it can search Polymerization, Super Polymerization, and, um...Mispolymerization. But why can't it search cards with "Fusion" in their names? Polymerization's Japanese name is "融合" (Yuugou), and Future Fusion's Japanese name is "未来融合-フューチャー・フュージョン" (Mirai Yuugou - Fyūchā Fyūjon), so as far as I can tell it should be able to search Future Fusion.
  7. By applying this logic to my statement (assuming both to be true), we can conclude that either all Christians behave in a way I dislike (due to their ideals), or that Christians have a secret, hidden set of ideals that have been hidden from me. Between professed ideals and actual ideals, and between actual ideals and action, you could fit...something really big.
  8. Wrong topic. This is the Nature of Belief, Freedom, and Dogma Discussion Topic. I'll insert just a brief comment - I want to encourage people to avoid generalizing, both positively and negatively. The opinions toward homosexuality vary drastically depending upon denomination. The single largest Christian denomination, Catholicism, has a blurry and highly amusing position - they have no problem with gay people, as long as they don't try to marry or have sex. Of course, most Catholics are considerably more liberal than the church itself, so while the institution itself is vaguely kinda-sorta a
  9. I had a big expansive post responding to people who said that criticism is evil because people like Harry Potter, but I lost it, so, I'll summarize briefly as follows: F*** you. On a completely unrelated note, am I the only one irritated how much many 'classic' writers suck at this whole 'writing' business?
  10. Phew, now I don't have to read Shining Corruption myself. Incidentally, I've never played Majora's Mask.
  11. You know, I might not have gotten as far as actually reading it. I may have read "there r storiez abt knites dis r not abt knitez" and quit. But looking at this, the only really significant problem is rampant spelling and punctuation fail. The story itself is rather interesting, and the card references are fairly well woven in.
  12. I swear the Tale of Gagagigo wasn't that good when I read it...
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