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  1. Mario is a fat guy who saves the princess. Roxas is a guy from a game series I've never played. Squirtle is a turtle who squirts. It just makes sense.
  2. Hmm. I like the feeling of absolute despair I got when I realized that this new guy's Natsu V.2.0. I'm guessing he's just going to punch the crap out of him, though. But what's going to happen to Wendy and the cats?!
  3. When I saw the big twist, I shat bricks metaphorically. I mean, MAKAROV becoming GUILD MASTER AT FORTY?! But seriously, the bricks hurt real bad. The twist was too big.
  4. HOLY FREAKING CRAP!! When I read that one part way back near the beginning and they fought *that* guy, I thought it was weird how he was so weak. BUT NOW... HOLY CRAP I LOVE CALLBACKS!! How much planning has gone INTO this series?!
  5. When I saw the mini-Natsus get up, I thought 'HOLY CRAPSTORM THIS IS GONNA BE SWEET". Literally.
  6. I think it was because they said they didn't need to take Laxus' spot because he'd come back some day... I guess.
  7. Right when Cana went into action, I mentally shouted "OOOOOOH, SO SHE USES SUMMONING CARDS!! OOOOOOH!!!" And I rightfully enjoyed my Virgo service. Her defeat was hilarious. And Aquarius is just as much a b**** as usual. Here's to Natsu vs Gildartz. I'm too excited...
  8. I think you guys're right, because... I'm NOT so sure it's trying to be like Bobobo... we should know that's a bad comparison, right? Otherwise, I guess that's just what all the kids classify as 'how to describe every comedy these days'. I love Bobobo, don't get me wrong, but Fairy Tail is NOT like that thing... But yeah, it still looks like One Piece. We can all agree on that one.
  9. Well, I AM pretty sure they were just labeled as 'Can't lay a finger on Fried' and 'Would lose to Bixlow without Loki', so... I kinda had that covered... Though Gemini is a pretty viable option. I hope that all this speculation DOES come true, what with all the summonable Laxus shocking ass and taking names.
  10. I'm looking forward to seeing Cana in battle, since we've seen her take out her MAGIC PLAYING CARDS on at least one occasion, though I can't put my finger on any one opportunity when she really beat someone up with them before. I'm betting... different suits do different things?
  11. Saw it coming, Crabhelmet. The prophecy is still on track.
  12. Better than a story constructed entirely out of horrible stories. Wot wot? Besides' date=' there aren't all that many reviewers. By my count, there are only three review series - Foe Fiction, Phantom's Divinations, and Weather Reports. That's certainly a lot for a forum of this size, but it's not overwhelming. At any rate, it's certainly not your fault; you started the Weather Reports when there were no other reviewers around, I started Foe Fiction after Weather Reports ended and with no knowledge that they had ever existed, and Phantom's Divinations appears to be more inspired by Foe Fict
  13. I bet that in two weeks we will have a fan fiction forum constructed entirely out of horrible stories and reviewers. Where did I go wrong? In either case, yeah, you're a pretty good reviewer, and kudos for realizing the whole 'robot love with creator' thing. I shall never look at PikMan the same way again.In fact, the entire internet is made up of scary people. I feel scared an disturbed now, and it's all thanks to 4chan! Even though they're still cool(citation needed).
  14. If you have Prime Material Dragon on the field and you use Wall of Revealing Light, will it make you gain life points? Will the same happen with Self-Destruct Button?
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