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    hi guys...i have to say that i am out...i have no time for this RP... sorry..someone can use my character and update it... i wish you luck with this RP...
  2. .:Traceur:.


    Name: Jonathan "Joe" Anthony Black Age: 18 Appearance: Side: Sky Signer Deck: Nightriders (my made cards) Duel Disk: Duel Runner/Flyer: (Will get) Bio: (will add don't have time now, but has a Hawk Sign on his back and looks like this): other i will add later...
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    ok...i think i could join...just i didn't were in a RP so i don't what do i have to do...^^
  4. .:Traceur:.


    where could we see some examples of the Skybound Immortals?
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