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  1. because most of the good members are boring adults now
  2. I was never gone really, just more active on the another site since the split, occasionally coming by just to see what's happening and maybe make a post if I feel like it. As for Magic: Green and red are both my favorite standalones cause I just like having big creatures and dealing damage.
  3. Can't wait until the next 10 second window to buy one during the next restock
  4. only if it's in the rain with white tshirts and no pants
  5. Last thread was archived cause apparently Misc threads can't be necro'd like the good ol days
  6. Redirect the logo to the Movie Codec forum.

  7. Redirect the logo to the store to support our lord and savior capitalism.

  8. Nothing's good, and I'm in a specific location

    (do it pussy, you won't)

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    2. Horu


      But having Winter around maintains controversy. Especial if Roxas is around. Those two really light a fire when they get a good debate going.



      (psst the hint is that he has been permabanned from here multiple times and you aren't actually permanently sacrificing that if you want to be a coward and have the best of both worlds)

    4. Horu


      Makes sense I guess

  9. let's just mod the next bot and see what happens

  10. 4mtebv.jpg

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    2. Horu


      Chuck Norris fought Goku. The loser had to marry Chichi. Same happened with Vegeta.

    3. Tinkerer


      Wait, Vegeta married Chichi?

    4. Horu


      I meant Vegeta fought Chuck Norris and lost so he had to marry Bulma

  11. You're all stupid. <3

    1. Phelphor, of the Deep

      Phelphor, of the Deep

      You're right...

      You are fsr stupider than I

  12. 4ajvhz.jpg

    1. Rayfield Lumina

      Rayfield Lumina

      Well... at least this time it was accompanied by a couple of nice memes

  13. Who is Spamquartzmon?

    1. Phantom Roxas

      Phantom Roxas

      IIRC - though this could becompletelyunrelated - there was an infestation of spambots many yearsago. Due to the system at the time, the bots could not simply be deleted. The best "solution" was to basically merge the spambot accounts with each other. I had way too much fun with it at the time, and renamed them after various Digimon villains to keep track of the "main" spambot that I was merging them into, so "Spamquartzmon" absolutely sounds like something I would have named a bot at the time.

    2. Mr Dr Professor Spaz

      Mr Dr Professor Spaz

      It starts with "Spa" and there's a "z" in it. I feel like this somehow involves me.

  14. Rejected from another job over my answer to a question about pizza delivery. Every other part of the interview went well, but that one specific scenario that wasn't related to the job at all was what broke it? Cool.

  15. That's literally been my life ever since graduating high school and moving to NC. What's a hobby that you've always wanted to get into?
  16. Heights. Usually I'm fine if there's a railing or if I'm strapped to a harness or something, but it's still very unnerving for me to be very high up. Gravity's scary, man, but one day I'd like to go skydiving in hopes that it conquers that fear at least a little. Any way you plan to conquer your fear of the dark if given the chance?
  17. My fear of the dark was more associated with tripping over or running into things and possibly hurting myself, so nah. It did tend to make things uneasy either way, though.
  18. Yeah, that one was pretty interesting. Those kinds of mysterious appearances in general are pretty entertaining, especially if there's a photograph of it. Slenderman, Sasquatch, the Lochness Monster, that type of thing. What's your greatest fear?
  19. Can't say I have. Even as a kid I was too much of a realist to believe anything I might've seen that seemed that way. Though most supernatural occurrences would turn up while I was in conscious sleep paralysis, cause I had it pretty bad back then. Okay, I'm gonna start asking you questions now: What is your favorite urban legend?
  20. I definitely do not miss winter road conditions when it's gone, lol I tend to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night. 7 would be the absolute minimum, and usually no more than 10 if I'm especially lazy.
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