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  1. Striker you old so and so! How is life?

  2. Eww, banner ads. Not a fan after all these years.

  3. It does save cards, they are saved to your computer iirc.
  4. >Saudi Arabia >Fighting Islam Oh, that's a good one. XD
  5. Only for the Supreme Court, which you know how that ended. He is a Clinton appointee for his position on the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.
  6. https://www.cnn.com/2019/04/18/politics/full-mueller-report-pdf/index.html The redacted copy of the report is out, and CNN is gracious enough to have it available for download.
  7. Answer the question, Winter. You tend to sidestep questions, and it annoys me. And since I haven't answered vla1ne's question from a while back yet, seems reasonable to me. Simply hiring more people to deal with 50 doesn't do much when more can come. My issue is if it is worth the upfront cost and future investment, both political and monetary, especially since the latter has been a moving target iirc.
  8. I may have been unclear with that opening remark. Illegal immigration shouldn't happen, but the reasons I listed are part of why it does, based on how I see it. Prosperity is another reason, I do agree on that. Also, I did say within reason. Not everyone should be accepted, yes, but the process should be easier for them to try and gain entry. And if I recall correctly, the US runs on a quota system, right? Horu, the issue is that the process of citizenship takes more than a year. Unless that point includes those in the process of gaining citizenship, then it's unfeasible. Why, because one needs a Green Card, be in the US for 5 consecutive years, live in the same place for at least 3 months. Asylum seekers can't do that in a year, unless there is some fast track process I'm unaware of.
  9. Going off of vla1ne's point on directly addressing arguments made, I'd like to remind everyone to do so. People, in general, have been getting sloppy about it, some more than others. Also, no calls for killing people whose only crime (statutorily atm) is crossing the border illegally. As to Horu, it's a bit more complicated than that, though I get the point. You are concerned about moochers. Honestly, I wouldn't be happy in that situation. It's a reason why Welfare works the way it does (see PRWORA from the Clinton administration as an example). However, why stop "everybody" from entering legally over a year that some may be moochers. And here is where I let people in on something. Illegal immigration shouldn't happen. It does, imo, because the legal avenues tend to be too restrictive and time consuming for people on varying degrees of desperation. Citizenship isn't easy to get here either, so saying asylum seekers should get citizenship after a year or leave just doesn't make sense (this is assuming asylum seekers don't have a fast track in place). What I'm saying is that legal immigration and citizenship should be made easier, within reason, because I do agree that we should watch out for those who would do us harm, but not at the expense of others.
  10. Going to leave this here. An attorney's thoughts on the matter, so to speak.
  11. I said if I'm understanding this right. That should be a clue that I'm not entirely sure what the Committee is trying to do, though I can only imagine it isn't grandstanding.
  12. Actually, this isn't grandstanding. Barr said there would be redactions when he releases the report. The subpoena would push for the redactions not to happen, if I'm understanding this right.
  13. That's a terrible idea, Winter. It spits in the face of Checks and Balances, which is a key part of our Government. To suggest that Trump ignore that is to encourage a greater buildup of power in the Office of the President, and that would be a nasty precedent indeed.
  14. I'd like to remind people that the number caught (with an estimated proportion) is the best we have for estimating the number who come in illegally. I'd also like to remind that the latter is bigger than the former. Only question is how much bigger and is it an emergency.
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