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  1. Yo, these images are sick!! What site do you use?
  2. Please let me know if this is a good concept. Any feedback is appreciated.
  3. Name: "Activate Me!!!" Card Type: Spell (Normal) Effect: "If you draw this card, reveal it and activate it immediately. This cards activation cannot be negated. Until your opponent's end phase: -All Spell and Trap effects have their effects activated twice. -Each player takes 700 points of damage for each spell or trap activated besides this card."
  4. I Dont know why YCM made it a DLable file....
  5. Pot of Ruin [Trap(continuous)] "Pot of Ruin" Text: "Each time a player draws a card(s) outside of their Draw Phase, that player discards a card. If this face-down card is destroyed by an opponent's card effect, draw 1 card. If this face-up card is removed from the field, discard 1 card."
  6. Name: Astral Pulse Wave Type: Trap (Normal) Text: "When your opponent's monster declares an attack on a monster you control, make the attack a direct attack instead. Your opponent takes damage equal to the attacking monsters ATK points. If your opponent controls 2 or more monsters than you, you can activate this card from your hand."
  7. This cards effect is literally the definition of "play with fire and you get burned".
  8. This is honestly a joke card. But still, give your thoughts. I was just bored and this was the result. Lol. I am working on a "Justice HERO" archetype that works with E. Heroes and D. Heroes.
  9. Nah. It cant be activated if both EMZ are being used. Either by you or your opponent
  10. I am trying to find out if there is a better way of wording this effect or if I should make it a cost continuous trap like "Mirror Wall". Help appreciated Trap Card "Link Express" This card cannot be activated if both Extra Monster Zones are occupied. During your opponent's turn, if a card effect controlled by your opponent targets a card(s) you control, activate this card to negate that effect and destroy that card. Then immediately after, Special Summon 2 monsters from your graveyard and Link Summon a Link 2 monster in one of the Extra Monster Zones. Cards you control are unaffected by card effects for the rest of this turn.
  11. A bit of change just to make it easier to understand: "Once per turn, you can special summon a level 5 or lower monster from your hand, deck or GY. You can only activate the effect of "Reaper of Souls" once per turn." I saw you did not specify where the monster was being summoned. So I added that portion into its effect. I also omitted the "Once on the field" because I assumed you meant after you have summoned it to the field. But it's actually a pretty solid card. Easy setup for Xyz summoning and Link Summoning.
  12. YCM wasnt compatible with the frame.
  13. "Red Apocolypse Dragon" Level 12/Dark [Dragon / Synchro / Effect] 2 or more Tuner-monsters + "Red Dragon Archfiend" When this card is Synchro Summoned, destroy all other monsters on the field. Monsters destroyed this way have their effects negated until the End Phase. This card is unaffected by monster effects. When this card attacks, spell/trap cards and monster effects cannot be activated. During each of your end phases, pay 1000 LP or destroy this card. When this card is removed from the field (Except by its effect), you may Special Summon "Red Nova Dragon" or "Majestic Red Dragon Archfiend" from your extra Deck. ATK:5000/DEF:5000
  14. That is correct. The cost of 1 ED space for an instant monster seems fair
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