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  1. Sent. Lol I wont be able to remember many names but is there alot of people from the old days? Seems the forum was updated so wasnt sure if everyone transferred over. I doubt I'd see familiar faces but would be kinda cool to see like 1 or 2 lol
  2. Should I pm them or will they comment on this post?
  3. Zerisha5

    Old account

    I assume there will be nothing that can be done to show credibility etc. But I used to post in these forums heavy back when I was a kid. But now that I'm trying to login to my account like 7 years after my last login (which I had saved on my old pc) I cant remember pass or even my old email. Again I highly doubt anything can be done but is there a way I can get my account back? Its screen name is Riku and if you can see a changelog I can try to remember things I changed way back in the day like name wise etc.
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