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  1. I generally stray from reviews... I have a select few individuals I discuss music with, on a site I'm hesitant to mention because its primary theme is music piracy lol. I'm almost curious to hear about this hate though, because I can't find anything bad to say about them.
  2. Really? I've only heard good things from the people I talk to...
  3. I'm gonna have to check that out. I'm a huuuuge fan of Ghoulgotha. I listen to the No Peace to Rest In demo at least 3 times a week, haha.
  4. I think I posted this awhile back in this thread... Absolutely loved that album.
  5. [spoiler=My hair is its own entity]
  6. I've been relying on leaks because my finances have been crazy lately. Got a whole list of material that I want to go back and actually buy when I get all caught up on bills and whatnot.
  7. New Wormed leaked the other day. Only had a chance to listen to snippets because I've been busy, but it sounds funking awesome.
  8. I highly HIGHLY suggest you look into Panopticon. Everything he's ever released is solid, and he's got a couple extraordinary releases (Social Disservices, Autumn Eternal, his split with Skagos).
  9. Haven't been online recently because I've been busy between work and travel, and I'm sure this has been mentioned, but apparently some lucky people got Inverloch's new release in the mail early and (obviously) some generous fella leaked it online for us less fortunates. Been jamming that a ton since I got it. Excellent stuff, as expected. Aside from the Inverloch, Panopticon's new split with Waldgeflüster got leaked as well. You'll be hard pressed to find a way to listen to it outside of piracy, but it's absolutely worth it. Austin Lunn continues to astound me with his ability to unrelentingly release amazing music. Waldgeflüster's side is rather impressive as well.
  10. Work on the vocals. The highs are a little awkward sounding, but the lows are decent. Clean vocals sound forced and a little out of place and certain lyrics sounded randomly emphasized during the sung passages. Some decent guitar riffs here and there, but the breakdown begs for more variation. Try changing up the note patterns maybe? I don't mean to sound harsh, but the entire thing sounded a little clumsy. The talent is there, but perhaps a little polishing is in order. Best of luck to you guys.
  11. Nearly 400gb of music... Anyone want to donate to the new harddrive fund?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. The Amazing Avian

      The Amazing Avian

      A 2 TB drive is roughly $80~100

      That's probably more than enough for your needs.

    3. Dismal Euphony

      Dismal Euphony

      Between movies, shows, and music my 2TB drive is damn near full.

    4. The Amazing Avian

      The Amazing Avian

      Suggested solution from an IT guy: Get a second one.

  12. I agree that the over-technicality of the playing creates a bit of a jumbled, surreal mood, and the unpredictability of the album is what originally attracted me to it, but isn't an album essentially unpredictable only once? After that first listen when you're like "holy sheet" it loses me.
  13. That album bugs me to no end. There was a time in my life where I was handing out burned CD-R copies of that album to all of my metalhead friends who THOUGHT they knew what technical playing sounded like. While I agree that it is one of the most unreal death metal albums around, it offers little value aside from "look what this group of musicians can do." There's no feeling of structure, only a handful of discernible riffs, and there's no real way to appreciate the album because you can't really just throw it on... You actually HAVE to focus on it to get anything out of it, and I just end up exhausted after the first two tracks. There just seems to be... no real reason for anything going on on that album. Lmao.
  14. I usually pre-order/buy music once per paycheck. I just pre-ordered Explosions in the Sky's new release, so Inverloch is going to have to wait. I'm really pumped for Wormed's new effort as well. I'm hoping it's absolutely devastating.
  15. New Inverloch is going to be incredible. I keep looking for a leak because I want to hear the whole thing, but no word from any of my sources yet. Most likely going to pre-order it this week though and grab it in FLAC from BandCamp.
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