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    add me on facebook. i'll tell you then.
  1. you seem a bit worried about that phone. musta been a deep text... :P
  2. i feel i should contribute some more...
  3. possibly. but only if you live in australia...... and in adelaide australia.... loving the arma knight pic Mr.Judai. very badass.....
  4. its the goggles glasses and the black jacket man. it's armageddon knight all over.
  5. reminds me of a human version of Armageddon Knight.
  6. Yes. It is treated as a LIGHT monster on summon. Similar effects include Field Spells that boost attack so monsters can be Bottomlessed (i.e Gadgets with Gaia Power or something)
  7. they can track me down all the want. and then what? i'm not a small guy......
  8. Junk Synchron revives Tuningware. Can Tuningware be used as a Level 2 even though it's effects negated?
  9. you can try all you like :P it won't happen ^_^ you might have to settle for second best
  10. Double Edged Sword Techinque counts as 1 summon correct? So Gateway will only get 2 counters, not 4
  11. I play Double Edged Sword Technique. At end phase, both of my monsters die, can i chain Starlight Road as 2 monsters i control would be destroyed?
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