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  1. Fuse, I'm just gonna say it, because I can't not comment. Dat chin, tho.
  2. Sploda

    Trio of DEF

    Huges was odd. And hilarious. @Desu Your implying that I would fight using PROTO. On the contrary, I would use my gunblade and CQC skills to fight and I would win. Because I ruled the world, and I did it... >(-_-)< ===> >(O-O)< dominantly. YEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!
  3. Sploda

    Trio of DEF

    @Otonashi Sorry, I'm drawing a blank at 1:35 in the morning.
  4. Sploda

    Trio of DEF

    Life: Marsuvees obviously Dane: Caeda/Rick roll Creator: Preaching to me (useless) Cherry: Jack Atlas Andex: Courage the cowardly dog Thats all I've got.
  5. Sploda

    Trio of DEF

    Opening: Am I expected to be surprised? Ending: The Mind shall vanquish the Sword! Special Openings: FTK Hideout: Surrender? Surely you jest! Any Other Rooftop: Nothing will prevent me from changing this World! Ultima: You've sealed your fate. VS Fusion: Naive Fool... VS DL: You know, it's people like you that make me rethink my thoughts of saving this world... VS El: Why so Emo? VS Black: Your friends can't help you here. (Ending) VS Deustodo: I've had enough of your illogical ramblings! VS Deustodo: Be silent. (Ending) VS Life: Your plan was flawed, but not without merit.
  6. Sploda

    Trio of DEF

    @Otonashi Arm would be a good TK, but I'ma try to get that name first. If we want to be technical, I could try and be "the angel" if I wanted too...
  7. Sploda

    Trio of DEF

    @Otonashi But Otonashi > the word Black, therefore you are now Otonashi. BTW, as soon as I remember my password, I'm becoming TK.
  8. Sploda

    Trio of DEF

    @Otonashi Either Tigger from Winnie the Pooh (suck it non-believers) or a Black Mage. Because the Lich King thing is overdone.
  9. Sploda

    Trio of DEF

    Hey I could get into showbiz if this gets that far. not really no, I suck at theater.
  10. Sploda

    Trio of DEF

    @Fusion Yes you have my permission to use the names Creator and Enzax (since Enzax is mine) as well as the concept of the MoonStone Cannon. (Be sure to use the uppercase S for Stone, because a Moonstone cannon is from some game that I wasn't aware of until someone PMed me asking if they were the same).
  11. Sploda

    Trio of DEF

    @Jake I meant the Wiseman stuff Jake. DEF is his thing Until I get around to making the animated series, but the whole Wiseman and Inventor project SHOULD list me somewhere in the opening credits. Because I worked hard developing Inventor...
  12. Sploda

    Trio of DEF

    @Fusion I claim the right to see the prelude before others due to the fact that, I am one of the original artists that worked on Inventor and Wiseman. I also claim the right to recieve parts of any and all profit associated with them. If you have issues take it up with my lawyer.
  13. Sploda

    Trio of DEF

    @Fusion If you need any help with the Inventor, don't be afraid to ask me. My consolation is that I've managed to develop a character that people actually like/hate enough to want to read more.
  14. Sploda

    Trio of DEF

    PM sent, although whatever your thinking probably blows mine out of the water considering you know all the stuff going on in the background. As for that preview...I have a feeling that I've started something bad here...
  15. Sploda

    Trio of DEF

    @Desu I'm putting the finishing touches on the epilogue, but it won't be ready until tomorrow. All the awards for the contestants are comeplete though so no worries there. @Fusion ...damn I was going to do a Wiseman and Inventor Fic. ... Possibility of a co-op fan-fic?
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