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  1. I no more money for you, now I use the Reinhardt.

    1. UltimateIRS


      no money?

      then you are of no use to me

  2. That’s fair to say. I don’t know if he has or not. And it’s not my place to judge him on that front. But people thought I hadn’t changed. People believed what they wanted with preconceived notions. And I don’t think that’s fair to do to anyone, given sufficient time. Being cautious is understandable, but to bring something like that up and throw it in a proverbial face is low brow. You don’t have to forgive. You don’t have to forget. But you shouldn’t cling to the past as a gospel or pulpit which dictates that person forever. That’s all I’m saying.
  3. I really don’t want to be involved, but I want to say this is backwards logic. Especially when it contradicts you chipping in support for me in the past. I got told about you saying this, and just... don’t judge people on who they were. People change. Years go by. Events cause hearts to open or close. Humans are not static beings. Roxas being fit or unfit at any other time does not necessarily dictate if he is right or wrong at this time, and it’s completely unfair to judge him as if such is the case. Or anyone, for that matter.
  4. So, with Joker and the Sealed Invitation's return, on top of other info we had, it definitely appears that all 5 DLC are guest characters, which shakes up predictions a lot. After giving it a lot of thought, I have a general 4 I think are likely, with some slight reasonings. Not a wishlist, but what feels... reasonable, I guess, but this is a weird timeline. [spoiler=Guesses] Heihachi This one seems realistic, honestly. He's a guest, Sakurai wants him, he's Bandai Namco's second rep... Just seems to fall in place.Banjo-Kazooie With the reveal of Joker, I think their chances have grown. Betw
  5. I think this pretty much ruins Steve. He isn’t hype worthy. He’s a meme or worse, and the backlash of a Steve reveal after Joker would be... monumental. If we get Microsoft, it’ll be Banjo Kazooie, because they actually carry a funk ton of hype with them. Plus, it’s not like Rare doesn’t want it... and Sakurai wanted them in melee. I think the duo gets more and more likely with Joker.
  6. Ftr, ace attorney is soon headed to PC, PS4, XBone, and Switch. At least, the remastered original trilogy. Take that as you will, doesn’t change other points.
  7. If I had to guess, I would say the rough roster would be... Square Enix Rep -Sora from Kingdom Hearts -Bravely rep, because Bravely Third seems to be on the horizon. -Dragon Quest rep, because Japan loves DQ. -Not an Octopath Traveler rep, considering they probably don't want to single one out as the MC. Fire Emblem Rep -Heroes, if the seeming tie-in to Smash that Book III alludes to is legit. -Three Houses, if the former isn't legit. Kirby Rep -Bandana Waddle Dee 3rd Party Rep -Steve from Minecraft Grab Bag -idek This is not a wishlist, just what seems li
  8. Sora, Bravely, or DQ character are most likely, if SquEnix. But Vergeben said that, and he was pretty much 100% correct, so... Also means this is the timeline where Steve from Minecraft is likely DLC.
  9. something something Vergaben and LOZ18, Leakers who have been correct and communicate with each other to suss out the validity of their sources, are adamant that King K Rool and Skull Kid were in. Vergaben has 100% accuracy thus far, with Isabelle and a Gen 7 pokemon yet to be proven or disproven. So... Skull Kid is likely hype???
  10. Chrom is seen using Ike's Up-B, despite being listed/shown as a Roy Clone.
  11. ... And? That doesn't change that he is an "Echo Fighter" with a move that isn't from the character he's echoing. This has nothing to do with lore, it has to do with how it differentiates im beyond an Echo, seemingly.
  12. Chrom has Aether, Dancing Blade, and Flare Blade. And he's listed as a Roy Clone. THIS DOES NOT EXPLAIN AETHER WHAT IS THIS
  13. First off, people have wanted Bayonetta for years. She’s not some random character that got added. She adds a completely different playstyle, she represents a more adult Nintendo (while keeping the charm of regular Nintendo), and Sakurai wanted her in, much like how he wants FE to be heavily represented because it is his favorite franchise (forget the interview, but he did admit to it being his favorite). On top of that, you’re assuming Nintendo lied, but my argument says much the opposite. That WAS the goal... but things changed in a nice, tidy manner. If Bayonetta was planned ahead of ti
  14. But Bayo receiving the most votes doesn’t mean she got in due to the poll. Supposedly, she was already planned pre-poll as a fighter/DLC if time ran short. Being the winner =/= getting in due to the poll.
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