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  1. I no more money for you, now I use the Reinhardt.

    1. UltimateIRS


      no money?

      then you are of no use to me

  2. That’s fair to say. I don’t know if he has or not. And it’s not my place to judge him on that front. But people thought I hadn’t changed. People believed what they wanted with preconceived notions. And I don’t think that’s fair to do to anyone, given sufficient time. Being cautious is understandable, but to bring something like that up and throw it in a proverbial face is low brow. You don’t have to forgive. You don’t have to forget. But you shouldn’t cling to the past as a gospel or pulpit which dictates that person forever. That’s all I’m saying.
  3. I really don’t want to be involved, but I want to say this is backwards logic. Especially when it contradicts you chipping in support for me in the past. I got told about you saying this, and just... don’t judge people on who they were. People change. Years go by. Events cause hearts to open or close. Humans are not static beings. Roxas being fit or unfit at any other time does not necessarily dictate if he is right or wrong at this time, and it’s completely unfair to judge him as if such is the case. Or anyone, for that matter.
  4. No one other than YCMaker should be taking this personally. NCM is not an attack on anyone. No one is going to burn YCM down out of spite. This is people coming together to try and make a home where people feel welcome without having a broken mess that has to be swept under the rug constantly. You can choose to stay here, you can choose to go to NCM, both, neither. It's up to you.

  5. #fuckthisshitimout

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Sleepy


      I hope the forum stays on long enough for that to happen. And that the forum didn't take too long for people to check back. Flame Dragon is still missing too....

    3. Blake


      I pinged him, too!

    4. Thar


      Winter had to stalk his gf to get him back, let that sink in

  6. Aaaand my book is in. Starting Monday, I’m a manager.

  7. After playing Salamangreat, I'm convinced it's only top tier in the OCG because the OCG is in a power lull.

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    2. Blake


      when it still depends on drawing ash, yes you do


      salamangreat is being severely overrated in a format where the power level is lower, as many decks do through time. The deck can make fairly consistent general plays (lynx, wolf, etc.), but the quality of those plays is dependent upon what you draw beyond that. It can't make consistently powerful plays, and it lacks a major top end other than Flame Admin + Heatleo + mook turned into Heatleo stats, so you can durdle all you want, but you're not going to last if your only claim to fame is ashing once per turn.

    3. Ryusei the Morning Star

      Ryusei the Morning Star

      They also have a recurring barrier and break


      The deck is infuriating it to play against cuz if you let them set up they'll otk your ass, but if you stall game, they'll keep getting negates and destruction back. No shocking to see why Six Sam suffer

    4. Blake


      Both of which are dependent upon getting good draws. You can get one or the other, but not both, and it’s not rare for decks that become meta, for lack of better terms, not to die so easily to a single one.


      They don’t OTK that easily without Fusion of Fire. They can put out boards, but others can better.


      It’s just Kozmo again.

  8. ngl i think this is the worst christmas i've ever had

  9. I like casual 2-card combos that go +7.

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    2. Nathanael D. Striker

      Nathanael D. Striker

      +7 you say. I raise you a +35.

    3. Ultimagamer


      Batteryman Solar + Thunder DragonHawk is one of my favorite 2 card combos

    4. Enguin


      golden age when unizombie + level eater would take you into double digits

  10. I'm interested in the fact that the Member List post count sorting seems to include posts made in Misc.

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    2. Nathanael D. Striker

      Nathanael D. Striker

      Black, profiles don't count the number of threads made.

    3. Shradow


      Yup, that'd do it. I've made 637 topics and 19913+637=20550.

    4. Nathanael D. Striker

      Nathanael D. Striker

      For example, my profile says 18750 yet that page says 19555. My profile also says 805 threads made, and 18750+805=19555.

  11. Madolche 2019 are kinda cool.

    1. TF2_The_Scout


      But it’s still 2018.

    2. Blake


      yeah but Glassoufle doesn't release until 2019

  12. If you’re reporting a spambot, please report their post. Saves a little time.

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    2. UltimateIRS


      yeah i always just report the post

    3. (GigaDrillBreaker)


      I only ever report on profiles if it's for wint- i mean statuses

    4. UltimateIRS


      look just because you don't like dril tweets doesn't mean you have to report people

  13. Up and down and up and down and up and down and up and down and up and down and up and down and up and down

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    2. Spinny


      that's... that's not so much of a mood honestly

    3. Thar


      Kill a man

      Take his shoes

      Kill a man

      Take his shoes

    4. Mr. Best Male 2008

      Mr. Best Male 2008

      wi arae wi arae wi arae wi arae

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