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  3. another full hour without posts. this is alarming

  4. it's been over 7 hours since the last post. is this site dead?

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      thank you for being the only person on this forum, horu

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      I mean, it is possible for everyone else to be active after I go to sleep. But I guess I have to initiate and maintain activity for everyone else to be active.



      But you're the only person here

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    I'm cow so that means I win

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      why are you saying this when you already conceded. I am right; quit being wrong

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      I just wanted to make sure that people could see the number that was on a status that is still on this page. People could have not looked at it, you know! And that would be bad

  7. Yeah, I can see that. I just wanted to make sure you understand that these decisions may deter people from doing continuing to respond.
  8. Ooooooh, ok. This is, well, an unusual way of thinking about card creation, since custom cards are typically not actually used in duels at all, and 99% of the time they even are it's by the person who made them. Usually, peoples' problems with erratas are that the old cards no longer do what the card says they do, which wouldn't apply here for that reason. If it helps, since nobody really plays with other peoples' custom cards you could treat this phase of card creation as a design stage. Like you have written up the cards and are sharing them with the rest of the design team to see if they think that they're ok or not before putting them in packs and shipping them out to be used by players. By not changing their designs, you're saying that what you wrote up is perfectly fine and balanced without the need of others' opinions or the need of playtesting, etc. But if you're still uncomfortable with that, then, well, that's you. I just wanted to say that this will definitely be a bit of a controversial take for creating cards. Thanks for showing me this quote that is literally above this post I would have never seen it if you didn't post this. Can you show me more posts?
  9. remind me to never post ever again. Jesus fuck

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      Just a friendly reminder: Never post again.


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  10. I have not been invested in the main game for the better half of a decade, so I can't really comment on the power level of cards. I do think that these cards are overpowered, very overpowered, but I can't quantify that or even begin to figure out what would be acceptable. It will also be very easy for me to not even consider relevant cards in the game because what even are those. This is more about the F E E L I N G S that I had when I looked at them. I also skipped entirely over everyone else's reviews as I am simply above other card reviewers. Nyeh. Horror Archfiend: I'm not a fan of card effects that boost ATK depending on how many of a certain kind of card is in the GY, because if you aren't playing on a program that calculates this automatically, then you have to keep track of this yourself. Making a mental note sounds easy, but it's also very easy to forget. You have to constantly update this information as DARK monsters enters your GY, as they leave it, and even more if your opponent also runs DARK monsters. This sort of effect will disrupt the flow of the duel because you're too busy playing calculator instead of Yugioh. The second effect means that this card has 7500 ATK, more if you have DARK monsters in your GY. Plus, it looks like this archetype aims on making these Synchros with a 2-card combo (either Clown Sorcerer or, uh, Evil Sorcerer and any other card), which that amount of power achieved so easily alarms my ancient reptilian brain. Horror Blastoise: I think you posted the regular Blastoise (and other non-horror forms of the other Pokemon that this cards can use to Summon themselves), but, uh, where is the Blastoise? It is important for Blastoise and the other Pokemon to be in this thread because these monsters require them in order to Summon themselves. It seems pretty weird that the mass banish for all the Spells and Traps in the opponent's GY is a quick effect, but I'm just guessing that you're cramming power into the cards for power's sake, since literally every effect here seems to be spell-speed 2. Horror Charizard: This card seems way too similar to the Blastoise. You shuffle their Spells and Traps into the deck rather than banishing them, but in return this card has 600 more ATK. I think this one is ultimately worse than the Blastoise because everything and everyone gains a bajillion ATK just by existing, so who cares about an extra 600? Horror Creature: So this one is significantly more versatile than the nightmare Pokemon above, but it doesn't have nearly as overkill ATK. Turns out that this isn't a trade-off, since this just Honests itself against anything it battles. I'm also guessing the healing effect is a typo because by killing anything you gain a bajillion LP and it becomes impossible to lose except by deckout. Which by the way, since this archetype works by returning cards back to your Deck, you aren't going to ever be decked out by anyone who isn't running a mill deck. Horror Fusion: This is not a Fusion archetype. There's only one Fusion here, and it seems very haphazardly placed. The existence of a Fusion component of this archetype is just incredibly random and makes no sense at all given the direction literally everything else seems to be going in. Horror Garden Skeleton: Oh, that ATK boost effect that constantly changes it back. I already said why I think it's not a fun effect when I was talking about Archfiend. But if you compare this to Archfiend, this is better. You trade a bit of overkill ATK to get ALL OF YOUR DARK MONSTERS back, and then vomit them onto the field next turn. But this effect also has the same problem as the ATK boost I keep mentioning: you gotta make a mental note of what all you brought back. Not only you, but your opponent does too. Imagine bringing back some Extra Deck monsters and then your opponent insists that you didn't return them with this effect because they weren't paying attention or whatever. It just sounds really frustrating, and maybe there is a better way of making this effect that avoids this issue. Horror Master of Nightmares: Unaffected by card effects, at least 8,000 ATK (11,000 if all the Fusion mats are still in the GY) making it near impossible to take out by battle? That's, uh, an really potent combo. It pretty much only dies to Kaijus I think? I guess I really have missed a thousand years of Yugioh if this is ok. But like I said with the Fusion spell, it really feels like the Fusion cards were thrown in as an afterthought. Like tossing out really strong Effect Monsters and Synchros is the idea of the archetype, and this is just... here. Horror One-Eyed Monster: Ok, so this is the worse of the archetype's two Tuners, simply because the other one just instantly summons a Synchro. You could use it as telegraphed removal, but Horror Creature being beefier means that that is better instead. I guess it would be used if you need more Horror Creatures, or if I'm highly underestimating the potential for this archetype to just toss out this and another Level 6 more regularly. Horror Venusaur: Well at least it isn't a slightly different version of Blastoise or Charizard, since it recycles your Spells and Traps rather than messing with your opponent's. Since there isn't really much else for me to comment about the Horror Pokemon, I might as well mention that it's looking like that if a deck were made of this archetype, it would be focused more on the Level 6 monsters and less so on the Horror Pokemon. Since they're Level 10, you will struggle to make the Synchros with them unless you find some Level 2 Tuners. You might run one or two of them in total for the massive ATK boost and GY disruption. Horror of the Angel Bone Spirit: Wait wait wait, this whole time this archetype was just Allies of Justice??? ... Ew. Ok, anyway, this is very much a sideboard card since it is dependent on your opponent running LIGHT monsters to even work. Anyway, in the cases where this card would work, it would only be useful for searching up one particular monster, and by the looks of things you will want that because the second Tuner is an instant Synchro Summon. Horror Rage in Chains: Something I had noticed with most of the cards so far is that they don't really seem to be intended to work as an archetype. Just toss themselves onto the field, pump your DARK board by a million ATK, and then go to town. So it's nice to see that there is actually some searching available to this archetype after all. It being combined with a quick-effect monster kill on the opponent's turn is yet another sign that Yugioh's power level has leapt through the roof and has left me far, far behind, but maybe some of these cards are actually OP and I need to stop living in 2013. Horror Smog Monster: CARD DESTRUCTION IS BACK, BABEY. And then it's a Change of Heart and gets a card from their GY. Instant 3-of in Dark Worlds at the very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very least. Actually, who am I kidding, it's multiple cards on the banlist combined into one very-easy-to-Summon monster. Sometimes it is fine to give the effect of cards that are on the banlist to certain archetypes. For example (and to highlight how much of an old geezer I've become), the card Brainwashing Beam. Aliens got a card that lets them steal an opponent's monster away, oftentimes for longer than Change of Heart would, and this happened all the way back in the GX era. I'm afraid that this isn't the case here. What balanced Brainwashing Beam was its reliance on A-Counters, meaning that, truly, only Alien decks could even run the card. This card works for every deck in the game, and the only potential restriction this card has about it is that your opponent might not have a card in their GY. But wait, that's what the Card Destruction effect is for. They can't outplay it by having no cards in the GY. Maybe they can outplay it by not having monsters on the board, but that, uh, sounds pretty risky if you ask me. Horror Clown Sorcerer: Oh, I didn't know Armageddon Knight was on the banlist. Huh. Anyway, this is Armageddon Knight but it Special Summons itself almost entirely for free, and then that deck mill is used to summon another monster. You can Summon more Clown Sorcerors this way and then they can summon more cards. It seems like the Horror Pokemon can actually for the most part be disregarded as Clown Sorcerer and Evil Sorcerer are the true core of the archetype. They can just keep summoning each other while at the same time filling your GY with DARK monsters, and then your Synchro hits the field with about 2.3 million ATK. These two cards are already the best monsters in the archetype, and I have only gotten halfway through their card effects. I didn't even factor in that this card is also a very weird-working Change of Heart. This is because unlike the Horror Pokemon, this card is actually designed to work with your other cards. It makes the archetype so much smoother and tries to establish an identity for it - this is what the archetype is supposed to do. I mean, it's still grossly overpowered, but it's overpowered with s t y l e. Also, it's super weird that One-Eyed Monster had the restriction so that it can only be used with Horror Synchros, while this infinitely better card does not even have that restriction. Horror Evil Sorcerer: Said this with Clown Sorcerer, but these two are the best monsters in the archetype as they allow you to actually summon your boss monsters. This one however is better since you avoid effect negation and can also search up your Field Spell (which can then search another Evil Sorcerer). In fact, you can loop those two cards together. Use the Field Spell to search up the Evil Sorcerer, summon it by shuffling your Field Spell into the Deck, then you can search it out again with this card's other effect. Activate the Field Spell again, get another Evil Sorcerer. Since every monster can Summon itself by shuffling cards into your Deck, this loop doesn't even end after you search up your third Sorcerer. Make a Synchro play, a Link monster that isn't the one in this thread, whatever that would put your Evil Sorcerers in the GY, and then you can recycle them and then search them up with more Field Spells. And I'm only barely thinking about how incredibly overpowered those two cards are due to this loop. Horror King of Evil: It's incredibly funny that I was just talking about this massive loop involving Evil Sorcerer and then this monster can use any Horror monster except for Evil Sorcerer. Unfortunately, I am very much unfamiliar with Links so I can't really say anything about this. Horror Archfiend Knight: Well here's something for the Horror Pokemon at least. The problem with this is probably that the Horror Pokemon have significantly more trouble getting 3 of themselves on the field than the Clown/Evil Sorcerer core. This isn't to say that the Horror Pokemon are underpowered, it's more that the two Sorcerers are just so overpowered that it actively makes this card significantly less worth going into as opposed to your Synchro monsters. Sure, the Horror Pokemon can summon themselves with way too much more ease than they should be, but the Sorcerers can summon themselves just as easily, and then start summoning each other and looping for an eternity. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello! So it seems that you have decided to make an archetype! Archetypes in Yugioh almost always support other archetypal cards, rather than more broader Attributes or Types. This is due to the sheer number of cards there are for each Attribute and Type. For example there are a whopping 1,902 DARK cards. Actually, there are more than that because I checked this with the TCG database and that doesn't include cards that are only in the OCG. Since your cards work with DARK monsters in general, then for balance's sake you would need to make sure that they aren't broken when combined with any of these cards. But, 1,902 cards is a lot to check through, and I would highly recommend doing this at least once for each of your cards. This is such a tall order that I would instead recommend that you just have the cards work with each other instead of the entire DARK Attribute. You can keep a sense of balance so very much more easily this way. In fact, I had to pretend that most cards in the real game didn't exist when judging these, because holy cow am I not going to look at all of the cards this archetype could potentially interact with. Another thing I have noticed is that it looks like you are making cards for the sake of making cards. This is fine - it's completely normal to make cards on a forum all about making cards and screaming about politics. The problem with this is that the cards have very little synergy with each other. You have a Field Spell searcher, you have the Sorcerers of doom, but a lot of these cards seem to exist just so you can go "haha, big strong monster." Another thing is that your boss monsters are very scattered. Your first card is a Synchro monster, so this leaves the impression that this archetype is about Synchros. But then you have the Horror Pokemon, which don't mesh with your Synchros at all. You have a Fusion monster, an Xyz, and a Link monster (though to be fair a ton of old archetypes got a Link monster as a gesture of support, so this isn't too weird, but it is when you use all of these different summoning mechanics in one archetype). The archetype is much more well-designed when you intentionally make it so that your cards work with one another. An example that comes to my mind is with Noble Knights, having recently gotten a Structure Deck in Duel Links and being generally quite powerful over there. Take the cards Noble Knight Medraut and Noble Knight Borz. They have a combo with one another, and it's one of the most important plays of the deck. You summon Medraut, equip it with a Noble Arms card - in this case let's equip it with Caliburn. You can then have Medraut summon Borz and then destroy the Caliburn. Caliburn re-equips itself once per turn when it is destroyed, and you put it on Borz this time. Now, you get to use Borz's effect, searching another Noble Arms and putting two additional ones into the Graveyard. You can put that new Noble Arms on Medraut, making it Level 5 once more, and then Xyz Summoning Sacred Noble Knight of King Artorigus. Artorigus equips itself with Noble Arms cards that are in your GY when he is Summoned, so you get to retrieve that Caliburn, the Noble Arms you put on Medraut the second time, and any other Noble Arms you may have milled with Borz. They all work together, they belong together. This is what an archetype should be like. I totally understand that it would be really painful to do, but I think you need to remake the entire archetype. Give the archetype combos, a reason to work together. Because right now you are in this conundrum where, yes, your cards are severely overpowered and incredibly busted, but if you made a deck based off of this archetype, you would not be utilizing these cards to their full potential. Like, if you had a hand of Horror Creature and some Horror Pokemon, at best you can just play the Creature. You get to eat one of their monsters on their turn, which is overpowered, but it doesn't win the game on its own. But if you ran cards like Horror Creature, the Field Spell+Sorcerers loop, etc. in a DARK deck that is already good? Tier -5 right there. Edit: I think I should also point out that if you want these cards to be this severely overpowered, this is... ultimately fine, actually. You would have to accept that maybe people do not want to deal with cards that are designed to be broken and that they would be understandably frustrated if you don't take their feedback. But, this is Casual Cards. YCM has long had an ongoing problem where it treats itself like a cardmaking academy and enforcing this upon people who just wanted to make cards for fun and share them for fun. I know this may invalidate a good part of even my own post (and I insist on listening to these points anyway since they can be useful for designing more interesting and balanced archetypes), but if you just wanted to make these for fun, that's fine. You haven't flunked cardmaking class. You don't have homework due in the morning. But at least, if you do want the cards to be broken, please be clear about this instead of having people yell at you about card balance and acting as if Casual Cards is in fact Cardmaker Academy.
  11. what about people who don't celebrate New Years Day? every time you say happy new years, someone who believes in the Chinese New Year gets kicked in the shin

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      The two are not mutually exclusive. There is also the even more obscure Hebrew New Years, which has actually be celebrated for even longer than the current calendar system has been established (over two millennia).

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      If they don't celebrate New Years, then it simply doesn't apply to them. Same thing applies to Christmas and people who celebrate Hannakah or Kwanza.

  12. clicking on the Magic Card Maker should bring you to the Yugioh Card Maker

  13. why doesn't YCMaker listen to me, the smartest person on this website?

  14. Experimental shouldn't have ever existed, it was just the designated clown section for peoples' clown ideas, and it existing on its own actively punished said clown ideas. Multiples, I'm honestly a bit iffy on. sometimes you don't want to stumble into a thread with a billion cards in it, and if there were to be two different CC sections then it should have absolutely been split between Singles and Multiples rather than the extremely stupid Casuals vs. Advanced sections we have today. I can't believe I actually used to support this website forcing card reviewers to write a fucking essay on peoples' cards, but yeah that was a really bad move in HiNdSiGhT Speaking of which, @YCMakermerge Casuals and Advanced. It was a byproduct of a time where extreme Yugioh nerds (I was one of them) tried to involve themselves way too much into the process of people just making a card and posting it, and even though that was what Casual is supposed to be it still meant that you have to familiarize yourself way too much with the rules to even post. This site died because people like Sakura turned CC into a police state. Yes, Yugioh's age and the growing popularity of places like Discord and Neckbeard Central (Reddit) helped to expedite this but that's just a convenient excuse to pretend that we did nothing wrong. And while I have your attention change the logo so it takes you to the forum instead of the cardmaker, some time before I fucking go postal
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