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  1. Is there already a vtuber topic? I couldn't find one in the search, and I'm in the rabbit hole.

    1. The Nyx Avatar

      The Nyx Avatar

      I doubt it. And the search bar for this site is unreliable.

    2. Dokutah Jolly

      Dokutah Jolly

      Hololive or nijisanji?

  2. Yeah, there are a few other niche applications like protecting from Zaborg, Newdoria and Exiled Force, though there is a lot of non-targeting removal in the format from monsters, like Tribe Infecting Virus and D.D. Warrior Lady. Still, it worked for the dude, and I have to give them props for having the balls to try it.
  3. Their reasoning is that it is a LIGHT, a direct counter to Chaos Sorcerer, who can neither use its effect to banish it nor attack over it in attack mode, and forced BLS to attack and possibly run into battle traps. Its level is also desirable for Metamorphosis, and unlike Air Knight Parshath, can take on Gravekeeper's Spy and boosted Blade Knights.
  4. Goat Control won a tournament for the first time in a year. Though there were less than 30 participants in this one. https://www.goatformat.com/home/patreon-world-championship-qualifier-3-top-8-decklist
  5. Yeah, Gansley used it. Slowly but surely, they are printing all of his cards.
  6. GFC 12 happened, and I participated again, this time snagging a tied 9th place. Delinkquent won with Zombies again! I got a deck tech during the tournament at least. https://www.goatformat.com/home/goat-format-championship-12-deck-tech-zombie VERY SPICY TOP 8 LISTS https://www.goatformat.com/home/goat-format-championship-12-top-8-deck-list
  7. Still not interested in Sword/Shield, but might buy the New Pokemon Snap game.

    1. Thar


      Literally same.

    2. Abbie


      I watched a bit of the first few hours, and it really just looks like the original, but with prettier graphics and newer Pokemon, so personally I have little interest in it, especially at the 60 dollar price.

    3. The Nyx Avatar

      The Nyx Avatar

      While I had my fun with the game, you...didn't miss much.

  8. The results of the Goat Community Italia tournament that was up at the same time as Clash of Champions has been posted as well. A lot of interesting lists. https://www.facebook.com/GoatItalia/photos/pcb.2138321732976425/2138321042976494
  9. Since you're not running a lot of flips, Desert Sunlight becomes pretty moot and often dead. Also, if you don't need the LIGHT monsters for BLS, you may as well run 3 Faiths. The main only reason people don't usually run 3 is because if it gets NoC'd they might not be able to get more LIGHT monsters for their BLS or Sorc.
  10. Personally, I do like a number of the banlist changes they made with CRV, but the Cyber Dragon cards are extremely problematic and cause a lot of OTKs, much easier to achieve and even splash, Cyber Dragon simply outclasses any normal summon/set a player can make and takes no set up or dedication, and Confiscation is still an OP card even if Duo can potentially hurt more. Priority is a bit iffy, that much is true, but I think it keeps removal from being way out of control since there is so much unlimited removal in the format.
  11. The Clash of Champions just concluded today, which was an invitational tournament where only winners of RL Yu-Gi-Oh! events and big online Goat Format tournaments were allowed. The lists are already up. https://www.goatformat.com/home/clash-of-champions-top-8-decklists
  12. Typically with this kind of deck, you want to play Stumbling, Labyrinth of Nightmare, Messenger of Peace, and/or Level Limit Area B/Gravity Bind.
  13. Generally, Mask of Darkness is better in trap heavy decks, like 12 or more, and especially alongside Solemn Judgment, pwwb, or Time Seal for continuous loops with Tsukuyomi. I probably wouldn't run it in this deck, personally. The shell you are running is typically called Chaos Control I believe, and usually runs 2 Scapegoat and an extra Tsukuyomi for combo with TER and flips as well. If you don't want to go all in on the TER route you will probably want to get rid of 1 of the Meta as they can brick badly.
  14. It's definitely not cut and dry what is superior between Spell Shield and Desert Sunlight. They both have their ups and downs. Compulsory is stronger when facing goat control/chaos control since they have Thousand Eyes Restrict, but unless you are going for a specific strategy using traps, generally you want Book of Moon over it since it also outs TER in a way. People have been gravitating away from maindecking BoM though, except of course in decks that use TER since it combos with it very well. Raigeki Break is definitely the card of choice for most people since it permanently gets rid of backrow threats and stops flips from potentially being used, but there is something to be said about denying the opponent LIGHT and DARK monsters in grave and potentially setting them back an entire turn with PWWB. In Goat Control decks, people are definitely gravitating toward using Dark Mimic LV1 due to Metamorphosis. Some people are even playing 1 copy of Dark Mimic LV3 alongside it, though the situation where its usefulness comes up is rare IMO.
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