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  1. Sorry if bumping isn't allowed, but there was just this video released on opinions of the current meta
  2. This idea has existed since Honest was first printed, and people literally just called it DARK Honest. I'm surprised they actually printed it. Especially since Honest was a major character at the end of GX if I remember correctly.
  3. Yeah, there is OCG goat format, but not a lot of people play it. Has a bigger pool of cards, but from what I hear the format is more accurately described as "Gadget and Marshmallon format" because Gadget decks are tier 0.
  4. Blade Knight was in Tin Series 1 in 2004, while Exarion Universe was in Tin Series 2 alongside Rocket Warrior and Panther Warrior etc. Which those two are sadly not included in the card pool, either. Most People in the goat community agree that even if you argue that maybe Exarion is legal, when there is no card legality precedent, it is a format shifting card due to its high stats on both ATK and DEF and the ability to pierce through things like goat tokens. There are already cards people run to remove tokens, and Exarion would mostly outclass them all. As far as a best deck goes,
  5. I do agree that the priority ruling for the time can be problematic, and it does seem unintuitive when we get down to things. Though, interestingly, as of right now, the ignition effect priority ruling has still been part of the game for longer than it hasn't been (having been overturned into April 2012 in TCG). Staple cards are one thing that people do complain about as well, but even in modern Yu-Gi-Oh! there are staple cards in pretty much every deck, it's just that those staple cards are ran at 3. The existence of staple cards themselves add a dimension to the game where you know what
  6. (If this is in the wrong section, please feel free to move it!) Goat Format is a community-supported format for Yu-Gi-Oh! that uses the card pool, card text, rulings, and banlist from April 2005 in the TCG (though OCG Goat Format exists as well). The decks are not as lightning-fast as the current game, harkening back to the days when set 1 monster and 1 s/t was an acceptable turn, and despite the age of the format and how much smaller the card pool is, the meta regularly shifts and new decks/strategies are still being developed to this day. More and more game stores and online duelin
  7. Is there a Goat Format thread? I tried to look for one, but didn't see one. Just want to be sure I'm not missing something.

    1. Sleepy


      I don't think there is one. There used to be a thread about "the men who stare at goats" or something like that but was more of a guide and it was like 3 to 5 years ago. 
      If you would like to open up a new one, it is free real estate at the moment xD

  8. Just to confirm I was right here, since Scrap Shark's ruling says it doesn't start a chain when killed by its effect that means it won't trigger LaDD, considering there's no chain for it to play off of? Because in a ranked duel someone tried to lower down my LaDD by playing one effect and having Shark kill itself... but not. I didn't feel like waiting for a judge so I just left the game.
  9. I guess I probably should have read the card more closely, huh? I'm more out of touch than normal lately.
  10. Is that also true if it is summoned after Ojama Country is already applied?
  11. Number 64: Ronin Raccoon Sandayu vs. Ojama Country. Apparently if you activate its effect while Ojama Country's swap effect is already active, the token's attack will remain instead of becoming 0 (its Def). Is this true? And if so, is the same true even if Ojama Country's swapping effect is triggered after its summon, or was that a glitch on the part of a program I witnessed it on?
  12. Alright. It ended up not mattering because I lost that game anyways, but it came up in a duel and there was no official ruling. If I had known, then I probably would have just not summoned LaDD, but I would have lost, so...
  13. Galaxy Eyes vs. Light and Darkness Dragon. Can the opponent continually activate GEPD's effect to cancel out LaDD like how you can continually activate Treeborn Frog, or will it only activate once and then procedure occurs as normal?
  14. Is this just a game error, or is this a real ruling: I was playing against my friend on YGOPro and attacked his face-down Ghosttrick Kyonshee, his only monster. with Red Dragon Archfiend. It got flipped, then destroyed by Archfiend's effect, but it did not let him get a search (and he had monsters to grab). If this is the case and it's the truth that this happens, I assume it's because RDA kills before it counts monsters for Kyonshee? EDIT: Never mind, I looked it up like I should have, and that's how it works.
  15. Just to be sure, if I use Lance after the effect of Wild Nature's Release is fully applied, I still have the ATK boost and die during the end phase, right? Just lose 800 ATK off the new total, since it's a lingering effect?
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