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  1. Typically with this kind of deck, you want to play Stumbling, Labyrinth of Nightmare, Messenger of Peace, and/or Level Limit Area B/Gravity Bind.
  2. Generally, Mask of Darkness is better in trap heavy decks, like 12 or more, and especially alongside Solemn Judgment, pwwb, or Time Seal for continuous loops with Tsukuyomi. I probably wouldn't run it in this deck, personally. The shell you are running is typically called Chaos Control I believe, and usually runs 2 Scapegoat and an extra Tsukuyomi for combo with TER and flips as well. If you don't want to go all in on the TER route you will probably want to get rid of 1 of the Meta as they can brick badly.
  3. It's definitely not cut and dry what is superior between Spell Shield and Desert Sunlight. They both have their ups and downs. Compulsory is stronger when facing goat control/chaos control since they have Thousand Eyes Restrict, but unless you are going for a specific strategy using traps, generally you want Book of Moon over it since it also outs TER in a way. People have been gravitating away from maindecking BoM though, except of course in decks that use TER since it combos with it very well. Raigeki Break is definitely the card of choice for most people since it permanently gets
  4. Desert Sunlight: It does indeed get around Nobleman of Crossout, and will trigger flip effects once its resolves. It's one of the cards that people have considered for flip turbo decks in the past, though a lot of people would prefer to play Spell Shield Type 8 for the same purpose, because it also works for other things like Snatch Steal, Book of Moon, Mind Control etc. Fake Trap: Really only useful if you are playing a gimmicky strategy that requires a continuous trap to work, or you play very very heavy backrow. Generally not advised, but if you want to play like Skill Drain etc you co
  5. I remember way back, I used 1 copy of one of the Risebells in my Psychic Synchro deck, but it really wasn't needed.
  6. I come from the era of Golden Ladybug, so I don't know anything about these newfangled reveal cards.
  7. They really did the bare minimum, didn't they? A lot of these cards wouldn't have even been great ten years ago. Also, since revealing it is a cost, isn't that part technically once per turn? Since you're not allowed to reveal a revealed card again?
  8. I entered into a more casual online tournament for Goat Format. More casual in that matches are done throughout the week as players are available to do them. However, not casual in that Moxies is among the tournament participants, and he just won two giant tournaments recently. I faced him first match and won 2-1, then won 2-1 against the next opponent who was running a similar deck. This is the bracket: https://challonge.com/t7ukg543 And these were my duels. I made a number of misplays since I was nervous, having not done a tournament in like 10 years. Edit2: I won the tourname
  9. One thing that frustrates me about the format is that there actually are a lot of casual players in Goat Format, but the loudest voices are all competitive players. So I sometimes have a hard time discussing things with people, since they're only interested in the top decks. Despite the fact that it's been proven anyways that you can win with different decks.
  10. It is an interesting thing to note regardless, yeah. On a different subject, there was recently a 3v3 tournament, with teams competing against each other and whichever team gets 2/3 match wins first wins against the other team. The Goat Format community hosts a lot of tournaments like this, with different rulesets. Including one where you have to build your deck completely based on a gimmick, like only level 2 or lower monsters.
  11. Goat Format generally uses the legality of cards for North America, based specifically on the pool and legal cards available up until one specific US tournament. I don't know which tournament that is, though, to be honest. There are some cards which have their legality in debate, such as Cyber-Stein since it was not widely available, but I think the community has pretty much decided at this point what to allow and not.
  12. Technically could be considered a Rota, since you could potentially summon the monster you sent.
  13. Some people liked Grimgar, but it had a lot of problems, thus why there is no second season. One of the major problems being the animation quality at times, and how they will sit on a still frame for multiple minutes on occasion. One example of the obvious budget limitations can be seen below.
  14. Everyone is allowed to have their own opinions and things they like, so if someone likes isekai, that's fine. However, I personally think that it has stifled a lot of creativity in the fantasy genre, and a lot of times, is thrown into the plot for seemingly no reason. It's a crutch that allows the writer to write things they know about from our world into fantasy, and make really bad referential "jokes", as well as essentially make a Gary Stu insert character. I love fantasy. It's my favorite genre. I don't want to be essentially talked down to, though, by having the author be like "Hehe be
  15. Another showing of top decks from a recent tournament. A lot of variety in the top 8 this time! A lot of chaos, as to be expected, but lots of variants, plus two different burn decks and an Emissary Aggro deck. https://www.formatlibrary.com/home/flc16-top-8-deck-lists
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