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  1. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2021/04/09/republican-reps-matt-gaetz-tom-reed-face-ethics-investigations-house/7162704002/ We can save Matt Gaetz being implicated in sex trafficking for another topic, but I think it's worth bringing up Tom Reed. Following allegations around groping former lobbyist Nicolette Davis, Tom Reed has announced that he will not be running for re-election, or for New York governor. Meanwhile, Lee Zeldin has announced his own campaign for governor.
  2. They can certainly ban it, but the only real benefit is how many Level 6 Fusions you're using and what for. You can dislike vanilla monsters, but consider what you would be using regular Instant Fusion already.
  3. Do people still use Sea Monster of Theseus as an Instant Fusion target? If this ends up replacing Instant, that severely narrows the number of targets, and I have to wonder how much Level 6 monsters make for better fodder.
  4. Sounds like they were securing the election in general. If they allowed more people to vote, and more people voted for Biden, then that just means there were more people who wanted Biden than people who wanted Trump. You do know how majorities work, right? I hope I'm not being too generous by assuming you're capable of understanding at least that much. That article is about how more people were able to vote at all, and Biden just happened to win when more people voted. Expanding access to voting really isn't "rigging" an election for one side or another, it just means that the people complaini
  5. Nyx has been consistent in holding Horu accountable for his behavior, and I appreciate that. https://www.forbes.com/sites/alisondurkee/2021/03/26/after-lawsuit-against-fox-news-heres-who-dominion-has-sued-so-far-and-who-could-be-next/?sh=1d845711a1ab I may have kept the scope of this thread too narrow, since Dominion is suing more than just Fox and Powell. I would be fine with discussing more of Dominion's lawsuits than just those two. With how widespread the claims have been, it's only fair to have a variety of lawsuits. EDIT: That article breaks down how the election w
  6. I kept it focused on Dominion, while you went on and on about how evil Biden is. I've mentioned Trump in regards to Dominion, and how I maintain that the complaints about it being rigged were already settled, and when I did not believe you, you tried to claim the moral high ground about not voting for Biden. Heck, the only comment I actually made about how evil Trump is was specifically trying to play off your comment about how evil Biden was. After that initial comment, I kept it about the election as a whole and how the most reasonable explanation would be the one that requires the fewest as
  7. You made several dumb statements that I don't care to respond to one by one as you did, but this definitely takes the cake. It's incredible that you think trying to persuade you to change your mind means the same thing as "proving" your point. As for the rest, you really do not need to be so dramatic. You repeated false claims about the election that were debunked months ago, and you still refuse to recognize that.
  8. You voted for Trump, whom you've explicitly said you support because he's a snake. Not sure who exactly who you think you're pulling one over on here. You keep saying "I've said my piece" but then keep responding anyway. You're trying to hide behind some nebulous group as if the assumption of people doing something is enough to prove your point. Trump lost the popular vote in both 2016 and 2020. He only won in 2016 because of the spread of electoral college votes. I think the easiest explanation here is that there weren't enough electoral votes this time around to salvage Trump's cam
  9. Wait, aren't you the same guy who was attacking anyone who believed something just because "media" told them so? Sorry, but you can't selectively believe those reports, and then disregard the evidence to the contrary that we had presented to you back in the election thread. You're going to have to be more specific with what "media" you were using as a source.
  10. You're assuming that, because there was the potential for voter fraud, that means the election was rigged. As I understand, the only examples of voter fraud were in the single digits, and all were for Trump. You do realize that you're insisting that the election was rigged but haven't really offered much beyond suggesting that it could have happened, right? Guessing how it could have happened is a worthless argument. Is there anything wrong with conceding that the election was not rigged?
  11. If you still believe that the election was rigged, then you need to back that up. As has been discussed before, there is nothing proving that those who cast or counted the votes rigged the election. When there has been no substance to the claims that the election was rigged, and the specific criticisms against Dominion have not held up, I would expect a reasonable person to consider that the election was not "rigged". Otherwise, you would be maintaining a lie, then shifting the blame to some hypothetical person just to reinforce the lie. That isn't looking at evidence and drawing a conclu
  12. This will largely pick up one of the ongoing topics from when the election thread ended. I largely expect some of the same sentiments from back then to carry over. After the election, Trump supporters pushed false conspiracies about the election, and singled out Dominion Voting Systems. Although reports and audits that attempted to "prove" the claims were subsequently debunked, the narrative against Dominion appealed to those who wanted to claim that the election was illegitimate. Sidney Powell hyped up her "Kraken" lawsuit that fell flat on its face, and Fox News pushes disinformation fo
  13. "not taking sides here and I agree 100% that Biden is a racist pedo who deserves to fry in hell" Look, you didn't need to contradict yourself that quickly. You seem to be responding to something I did not say here. I knew what I was getting into when I voted for Biden, and I don't think I made a mistake. If anything, it would have gone against my morals if I sat out the election entirely just because I don't like Biden. You do not speak for me.
  14. It's a little surprising how Xbox Series X is currently the console with the best backwards compatibility. Really not fond of how hostile Sony is towards supporting older generalizations, but Nintendo isn't too much better.

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    2. (GigaDrillBreaker)


      Going all-in on gamepass was also a smart move.

    3. The Nyx Avatar

      The Nyx Avatar

      Microsoft was also quicker to accept their faults and correct errors. After mass backlash...but hey! I can't say that about Sony or Nintendo anywhere near as often.

    4. Phantom Roxas

      Phantom Roxas

      I think Phil Spencer taking over was a huge part of that. And yeah, GamePass is a good move for them to focus on.

  15. No, Horu, you don't get to be openly hostile, rely on the same insults you used immediately before you requested your ban, and then backpedal by saying you were just "stating facts" after you get called out for it. I am more than a little tired of people just "conveniently" selecting me to dunk on to prove a point, then hiding behind a shield of "simply stating facts" or "making a point". If people need to go the extra mile to talk shit about me, it's clear that they're more interested in doing that than whatever point they're pretending to dress it up in.
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