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  1. Watching QAnon lose their collective minds is very cathartic.
  2. Thankfully, we've prevented another attack from Trump supporters. Joe Biden has officially been sworn in as our 46th President. Perhaps now the nation can begin to heal.
  3. I do love how, after four years of MAGAts complaining about "Trump Derangement Syndrome", his supporters repeat unhinged conspiracies trying to tie all their boogeymen into one convenient package, and still think they're the "sane" ones. Gotta love the escalation from "I'm not debating the results of the election, it's a waste of energy" to "EVERYONE WHO VOTED FOR BIDEN IS ANTIFA/BLM AND THAT MAKES THEM TERRORISTS!" Didn't realize that voting against Trump was inherently anti-fascist. Biden Derangement Syndrome has been here all along, and Biden technically isn't even president
  4. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/factcheck/2020/12/30/fact-check-fals-president-than-were-registered-u-s/4010087001/ https://apnews.com/article/fact-checking-afs:Content:9889123447 If you agree that the 133 million claim is a lie, I hope you're asking this because you're deliberately trying to prove that "Biden lost the election" has already been debunked. Weird how assuming that there are 133 million voters keeps Trump's margin perfectly intact, but somehow implies Biden did not receive as many votes as he actually did. Almost like this is propaganda that specifically favors Trum
  5. Celebrating the end of Trump's term as one should; with a report from CNN. https://www.cnn.com/2021/01/20/politics/donald-trump-leaves-white-house/index.html Trump has officially left the White House, and Joseph R. Biden, Jr. shall be sworn in as president in two hours. Good riddance to one of the worst presidents in the history of our nation.
  6. Impeachment and the disqualification are two separate parts of the process. Trump being impeached does not automatically disqualify him.
  7. You missed the part about disqualifying him. Stop asking questions if you don't care about the answer.
  8. Because not impeaching him sends a message that inciting riots as Trump did is perfectly acceptable, so we need to hold both him and his sycophants accountable. Plus, Trump can run again in 2024, so after the impeachment, the Senate can still vote to disqualify him from holding office. I will say, I don't expect that to be successful, nor do I expect him to succeed if he runs again in 2024. However, as long as both options are on the table at all, I think impeaching him is perfectly reasonable.
  9. You responded to that in its own post, but quoted my post anyway. Why bother quoting my post about American Thinker retracting its lies about Dominion if you were just going to spend two posts complaining about Zamazenta's post? Amazing that you still need to guess why Biden "really" win. If anything, Obama would never have been elected in the first place if Biden wasn't his running mate. Biden was basically a token moderate to help Obama appeal to a wider majority. You say that Trump won because people wanted a breath of fresh air. The problem is that, after these past four years, T
  10. Refusing to give up on the theory that Biden may have cheated, and trying to plan out how Biden and/or Harris can be impeached is the furthest thing from intelligent.
  11. *facepalm* Trump is currently president. Although he is being impeached, he does not seem to have a lawyer lined up to represent him. Biden will be sworn in as president on Wednesday. Despite the impending transition, we are not in any sort of anarchy.
  12. Oh, so it was an inside job. Not surprised it was one of the QAnon cultists. Give her a few days so Trump can't pardon her, then we can arrest her for enabling these terrorists.
  13. Trump has not been removed from office yet, so that still does not make Pence president. So don't worry, you only need to worry about Biden taking Trump's place without Pence in between.
  14. Trump's term hasn't officially ended yet, and Biden hasn't been sworn in, so he isn't the president. Of course Google isn't going to acknowledge that he's the president until then. That's not them "refusing" this, these are just basic facts. Honestly, after four years of Trump supporters constantly gloating about everyone else's suffering, I look forward to them crying for the next four years. Yeah, not too surprised.
  15. He went over to The Donald because he'd rather surround himself with like-minded conspiracy nutjobs while he prepares to run for office. Guess he needed a safe space after he kept tripping over himself and falling on his face here. But hey, Republicans elected at least three different QAnoners this round, so I'm sure he'd stand a good chance running in one of their primaries. Lord knows they can't get enough people simping for Nazis. This is a pretty solid video. It does use plenty of buzzwords at times, but mostly to throw the cliches MAGAts love to use back in their face.
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