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  1. It seems more likely that Rogers was being investigated for something else, and while raiding his home and gathering evidence, they found Copeland. He was discovered for his text messages, so if anything, you should be wondering why they were investigating Rogers in the first place. Dismissing this as just a distraction for something bigger frankly means that you're doing more to spread propaganda than the "anti-Republican" narrative any media has supposedly made so far. And really, what was the "anti-Republican propaganda" there? The only time "Republican" came up was when his defense attorney was saying to describe him. It was a way of saying he's just an ordinary guy with a hobby, arguing against the claims of him being a domestic terrorist. Him being a Republican was brought up to defend him, and that comment wasn't being misconstrued or used to attack Rogers. Absolutely none of that qualifies as "anti-Republican propaganda". Or are you just going to keep repeating "propaganda" enough times until it finally means something? Because it seems like any article just using the word "Republican" in any tone, even a positive or neutral one, is all it takes for you to label the piece "propaganda". At most, the "something bigger" you're talking about does more to implicate the groups that they were working with. You keep trying to indulge in a theory that they were merely working for a larger threat, while also fearmongering about the media using them for "anti-Republican propaganda". You want to be mad at the media for making an example out of them to generalize a larger group, while you're using them as an example to suggest a larger group is behind this. You're doing exactly what you're pretending to be mad at the media for allegedly doing. Sorry, but you can't have this both ways.
  2. https://johnglidden.com/2021/07/20/wife-blocks-release-of-vallejo-man-accused-of-plotting-to-bomb-democrat-hq/ https://www.kcra.com/article/jarrod-copeland-sacramento-democratic-headquarters-detention-hearing/37081688 I realize that I'm asking a lot from you by linking articles, especially when the second has a pop-up that you could easily ignore and still read the substance of the article. The evidence includes messages from both men's phones. Copeland's wife's defense was that it was just talk between two "macho" guys. Now that you're moving the goalposts to whether two people openly talk about something like this, there is literally evidence that they were talking about it. However, no one was saying that they were talking about it in public. This was all done through text, which you would have known if you actually bothered to read the article at the beginning of the thread instead of imagining something else, then reacting to the fictional coverage you created for an alternate version of these events. So no, this isn't applying a bit of logic to it. You want these men to be innocent, and then you're trying to retroactively add excuses so you can blame pretty much anyone except Rogers and Copeland. https://abc7news.com/ian-rogers-napa-man-arrested-british-auto-repair-benjamin/10070341/ You'll probably dismiss this report offhand as you do with everything else, but I still prefer to at least back up my arguments. Rogers had already been arrested back in January. Copeland is a more recent addition because the FBI was investigating him due to his connection to Rogers. In Rogers's case, I'd say six months is a bit too long to just "wait and watch" for it to suddenly turn out to be propaganda. I'm fine with just saying that they're idiots. Maybe you should actually start looking at what's going on instead of constantly jumping from fantasy to fantasy. As much as you keep acting like there's some other shoe that needs to drop that "reveals" whether this story is true or false, that already happened six months ago. You can't pretend to keep your mind open for this to go either way after it's already gone one way.
  3. "If the story is legit" What more do you need before you'll accept that this story is legitimate? Two men were plotting to blow up buildings and murder people over politics. If you're concerned what people will make of their support for Trump and their connections to extremist militias, then that's not the fault of the media's coverage. You seem to be getting mad at the media for potential coverage you've projected onto them, rather than anything they've actually done yet. You're lying about the reaction to Sandy Hook so you can make this about your own vendetta against "the media". Sandy Hook wasn't "forgotten" until the memorial. It's just you claimed that it was forgotten, but then I showed you that the memorial is under construction. Since your initial position was that it was forgotten, and you don't want to change your position or admit that you were wrong, you moved the goalpost so your latest lie is that it was only now remembered because of the memorial. You keep mentioning narratives, but what other narrative is there beyond just informing people that the memorial is under construction? As soon as you're told that a memorial is being created - specifically so it won't be forgotten - you act like "the media" has some nefarious agenda. Sandy Hook was not a part of this discussion at first. That's not because it was forgotten or anything; it was just not pertinent to this discussion. You're the only one here taking advantage of Sandy Hook to fit an a narrative. You invented a trend, used a fictitious version of "the media's" coverage of Sandy Hook as an example of it, and so you're pretending to warn us how the coverage of this story will continue that false "trend". You have a preexisting bias against "the media", so you're not talking about what you expect to happen. You're talking about how you want the story to be covered because you hope that will confirm your biases against that media. However, you already dismissed the articles presented to you in this thread as propaganda without even looking at them. Not because the substance of their stories actually qualifies as propaganda, but because you appear to automatically dismiss any article from arbitrarily selected sources as propaganda. You had no intention of even reading the stories before judging what they must be. And that's all because you're afraid of what "the media" will say because two men were charged with plotting an attack. Why do you need "the media" to prove your confirmation bias when you were already going to consider this story "propaganda" no matter what?. No, it just seems that you're fishing for a reason to absolve them of guilt. Two men were caught plotting acts of domestic terrorism, and your gut instinct is to "wait and watch".
  4. Trump patting himself on the back really doesn't support your argument. That's not at all what happened with Sandy Hook. It's literally one of the most significant examples people continue to point to when discussing mass shootings. Again, you still need to learn how to make an argument without lying. https://abc7ny.com/sandy-hook-shooting-elementary-school-memorial-newtown/10905382/ For crying out loud, we are only now getting a memorial constructed for the people murdered at Sandy Hook, and that was because people were persistent in ensuring that it was remembered. It's genuinely disgusting that you would invoke it just to treat it as something that was "forgotten and never spoken about again", just because you want to deny reality and wish that two men getting arrested for plotting to blow up building was propaganda, all because you're afraid of how this story could reflect on a wider group. If anything, this topic is like Sandy Hook because it did in fact happen, but conspiracy theorists are denying it happened at all, just to be contrarian.
  5. Strange that there's absolutely no such protections that were implemented by Trump and overturned by Biden. If anything, I think Trump has done far more to restrict and condemn minorities, and Biden is overturning them to protect minorities from Trump's policies. Not that it matters. If you want to talk about those protections, there's a thread for the Biden administration's actions here. Or you could make a new thread instead of trying to derail this discussion with something that we've already beaten to death in other threads. Congratulations, Winter, you have made the most worthless post in this thread so far. A non-sequitur about a separate FBI investigation into a different group of MAGA domestic terrorists is irrelevant to this discussion. This is about as helpful as telling someone not to eat apples, and attempting to justify your position by pointing to some oranges without elaborating on anything. Like with Horu, complaining about something else is just going to derail the discussion. Ian Rogers and Jarrod Copeland have no grounds for claiming entrapment, so your false equivalence means nothing.
  6. I'm seeing people make several Eldlich variants of decks I really like that I'm pretty sure I want to play an Eldlich deck now, I'm just not sure which variant would be my style.

    1. Horu


      Who would you choose as your ace?

  7. I'm not at all surprised that you still sympathize with domestic terrorists, and now you want to pretend that they're martyrs for your "cause". Your opinion shifted because Cow literally had to post a screenshot of the article for you, since you weren't going to read the article otherwise. Maybe you should have actually just read the article from the beginning instead of making assumptions about it just because Republicans get criticized for other things. Both men were members of the Three Percenters, and contacted the Proud Boys. If anything, those connections have been emphasized far more than whether they're Republicans. They support Trump, but despite the significant overlap, Trump supporters are not always Republicans, and vice versa. The only part that's relevant is that they supported Trump and were planning to murder people just because Trump lost. If you're uncomfortable with how you believe this story could be "twisted", then can we at least agree that the Three Percenters and Proud Boys are domestic terrorists? While both groups are on the far right, I don't think you'd like to see anyone use them to judge Republicans as a whole. I don't think it's rational to dismiss this as "anti-Republican propaganda" when they are connected with terrorist groups.
  8. That's nice, but all the media is doing is just reporting that these guys were arrested. If you have an issue with a trend of articles critical of Republicans, it isn't relevant to this discussion. I agree with this. I have no further comment to add, I just wanted to address each point individually and thought that it would be bad form to leave this part out. I was wondering when you'd blatantly lie about how you totally never said something in this thread, except I can directly quote you saying exactly that. So yes, you did mention the arrest being based on politics. You were explicitly trying to accuse the arrest of being based on politics. If you want to argue against my point, you can do so without lying. Note that I quoted your first post from this thread, so you were talking about arresting them based on politics and accusing this story of just being propaganda before ever expressing disgust with their plans. How is reporting that two men were arrested propaganda? https://www.justice.gov/usao-ndca/pr/two-charged-conspiracy-scheme-attack-democratic-headquarters-sacramento I'm sorry, but saying that they were arrested for planning to blow up a building is just a statement of fact. Wishing for this to be propaganda is just denying reality on a very basic level.
  9. I think it's likely that he deliberately chose not to read the article and was calling it propaganda only because of the title of this thread. The only time he directly commented on the article itself was when you posted a screenshot from it. He assumed that this must be anti-Republican propaganda, despite Republicans not being mentioned until the very end, in a fairly neutral statement. "The memo says Copeland and Rogers were infuriated after Joe Biden was declared the winner of the 2020 presidential election, and they “understood they would be viewed as domestic terrorists” if they carried out their vision to overturn the US government." They knew they were planning terrorism. In this case, they were not arrested for their own political beliefs, but they were planning to murder people for their political beliefs. When their plan includes blowing up a building, the arresting officers are not doing so because of what these two believe. Horu, for once I would like you to focus on the subject at hand, rather than projecting your frustration with other circumstances onto something else. Asking this story to be more than "anti-Republican propaganda", but actually wishing that it was is forcing a question about this story that no rational person should be demanding.
  10. Do people even play these two decks together? This seems like the most random combination. I like that they're designing it so it belongs to both archetypes without having an awkward name, so it relies on a similar condition like Raider's Knight, but at least it made sense to have deeper connections between Phantom Knights and Raidraptors. This feels more like just combining two archetypes because they're constellation-themed robots. They still have some room for another Ritual and Synchro or two in Burst of Destiny, so maybe we'll see a new Drytron Ritual and Ursarctic Synchro?
  11. Welcome back! I know it's been a long time, but I'm happy to see you again.
  12. Rudy Giuliani's law license has finally been suspended. https://apnews.com/article/rudy-giuliani-new-york-law-license-suspended-c67f4504a22f8642d6096f29e3a5c51e?utm_campaign=SocialFlow He will also be appearing in a court alongside Sidney Powell and Mike Lindell today for their motions to dismiss. https://abcnews.go.com/US/rudy-giuliani-sidney-powell-mypillow-ceo-due-court/story?id=78451887
  13. Happy to see Dragon Link take some hits while I get Miragestallio back.
  14. It's like going back in time. Feels nice.

    1. Horu


      How are you just a member when you have 28k+ posts here? That feels a bit off to me. I guess because I'm barely approaching the 2300 mark and it shows that I'm an advanced member. Still, I feel like you should be working toward the Xyz stars with that many posts.

  15. Oh, this could work nicely with Penguins. Also glad that they added an additional effect so it's more than just a beatstick. Although, this makes me wonder what they would do with Thunder Knight, since I could see that doing wonders for Thunder Dragon.
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