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  1. Honestly, it's kind of hilarious that this all happened because Horu started throwing tantrums over his last Debates thread. Was it something I said?
  2. All I can think about right now is Piplup. I'm so happy we're finally getting the Sinnoh remakes.

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    2. PrimeAceJohn


      Hm I understand. To me, it just seems like a plain remake without much new but better graphics. Nonetheless, I'm fine with that because getting to play D/P on Switch is great for me. I just figured they were going to do remakes in a similar fashion to OR/AS and I thought OR/AS did a fantastic job at it. 

    3. Godbrand


      Pokemon Company: the end result is just a video game with stick figures, we hope you like this $79.99 remake of the Sinnoh region....

    4. PrimeAceJohn


      @Godbrand Yea a retail price like that for a remake that isn't all that different from the original is pretty ridiculous. I hope they reveal some new and unique stuff down the line.

  3. I wish Landon McDonald a very Rohan Kishibe.

  4. There is no EO shutting down travel to Florida. I see you still need to cling to falsehoods. Kind of weird how there are legitimate things to criticize Biden for, and yet you need to make up a problem. That's also not related to reversing anything Trump did. Stopping work on the Keystone Pipeline and the wall are both good things, so yes, those are both reversing mistakes. Though, admittedly, "mistake" was far too polite; it implies that there was an accident on Trump's part, so allow me to correct that. The border wall is deliberately racist, so I'm all in favor of erasing Trump's malici
  5. Oh no, a president actually signing executive orders. So terrible. Give me a break. Biden has signed executive order to reverse Trump's mistakes. That's hardly to say that they've all been perfect, but Biden has not done anything that makes me nostalgic for the Trump administration. I would rather focus on undoing Trump's mistakes, so asking for Trump to replace Biden would just mean restoring those same mistakes. In other words, we'd be back to square one, and then the question becomes whether we can get another president that can undo Trump's mistakes again. Sorry, but I'm not intereste
  6. Nobody is against you taking a break. If anything, it's that you keep promising to take a break, but then you keep coming back anyway. If you're going to keep talking about how much you need a break, then you should commit to it.
  7. I'm not going to be voting for Republicans anyway, so I have no preference for a particular candidate. I'd just be picking whoever I'd want to see lose to whoever the Democratic nominee would be, whether or not that's Biden, but as Hillary proved, propping up a terrible candidate to make yourself look better isn't exactly a smart strategy. I'd be happy to watch the Republican party crash and burn because they'd rather die loyal to Trump than live with anyone else as their idol of worship, but I imagine they'd actually want someone who can keep their party alive. Pick someone else to build
  8. Marjorie Taylor Geene's attempt to impeach Biden wasn't even properly filed. Makes sense, given that she's an idiot who was just repeating conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory. It's amounted to nothing. Hasn't stopped her from becoming a darling for the right because she's willing to parrot those conspiracies, though. Right-wing nut jobs love their figureheads, after all. Betting on Trump 2024 shows an unwillingness to actually care about a strong candidate, and instead, it's just about the cult of personality. Both parties really need to learn to move on from the same handful of old

    And it comes out just in time for my birthday. Hell yeah.

    1. Nobody Really

      Nobody Really

      When will it be released?

    2. Godbrand


      On the switch? That's great! Wished they put some of the old N64 classic games on the switch but that is just me through....

    3. Phantom Roxas
  10. After over 500 days, we're finally getting a new Nintendo Direct.

    1. The Nyx Avatar

      The Nyx Avatar

      Whoa. It's really been almost a year and a half?

    2. Phantom Roxas

      Phantom Roxas

      Yup, last one was in September 2019.

    3. Ryusei the Morning Star
  11. I was expecting this pack to give us a new Majestic from the name alone, even knowing that it's "Savior" in Japanese, but I still wasn't expecting Shooting Majestic Star Dragon. I appreciate that Majestic Star Dragon finally has its own Neo Space, and it's phrased in a way that prevents the opponent from bouncing your monsters. Not sure how often your opponent would try that, but it offers just a little extra protection that's fairly nice. Should note that YGOrganization has a better translation of SMSD's effect, which I think completely changes our understanding of it, and arguably for t
  12. I would take "the pot will explode" to mean more that Pot of Greed itself is going to the Graveyard, not that you have to pay a higher cost. As most people said, the effect is so radically different that it may as well be a new card. "You can only active 'Pot of Greed' once per turn" would fit closer to the usual balance these days, but that hardly answers the inherent problems with the card. Perhaps you could add having to reveal the cards. That may not be too much, but giving your opponent a head start on how to counter what you've drawn does undermine some of your advantage, so I'd con
  13. I'm tempering my expectations, and expecting more like a smaller group of cards - barely even a archetype - get support. Going to make a random guess and say that we'll see a Flying Fortress SKY FIRE retrain.
  14. Watching QAnon lose their collective minds is very cathartic.
  15. Thankfully, we've prevented another attack from Trump supporters. Joe Biden has officially been sworn in as our 46th President. Perhaps now the nation can begin to heal.
  16. I do love how, after four years of MAGAts complaining about "Trump Derangement Syndrome", his supporters repeat unhinged conspiracies trying to tie all their boogeymen into one convenient package, and still think they're the "sane" ones. Gotta love the escalation from "I'm not debating the results of the election, it's a waste of energy" to "EVERYONE WHO VOTED FOR BIDEN IS ANTIFA/BLM AND THAT MAKES THEM TERRORISTS!" Didn't realize that voting against Trump was inherently anti-fascist. Biden Derangement Syndrome has been here all along, and Biden technically isn't even president
  17. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/factcheck/2020/12/30/fact-check-fals-president-than-were-registered-u-s/4010087001/ https://apnews.com/article/fact-checking-afs:Content:9889123447 If you agree that the 133 million claim is a lie, I hope you're asking this because you're deliberately trying to prove that "Biden lost the election" has already been debunked. Weird how assuming that there are 133 million voters keeps Trump's margin perfectly intact, but somehow implies Biden did not receive as many votes as he actually did. Almost like this is propaganda that specifically favors Trum
  18. Celebrating the end of Trump's term as one should; with a report from CNN. https://www.cnn.com/2021/01/20/politics/donald-trump-leaves-white-house/index.html Trump has officially left the White House, and Joseph R. Biden, Jr. shall be sworn in as president in two hours. Good riddance to one of the worst presidents in the history of our nation.
  19. Impeachment and the disqualification are two separate parts of the process. Trump being impeached does not automatically disqualify him.
  20. You missed the part about disqualifying him. Stop asking questions if you don't care about the answer.
  21. Because not impeaching him sends a message that inciting riots as Trump did is perfectly acceptable, so we need to hold both him and his sycophants accountable. Plus, Trump can run again in 2024, so after the impeachment, the Senate can still vote to disqualify him from holding office. I will say, I don't expect that to be successful, nor do I expect him to succeed if he runs again in 2024. However, as long as both options are on the table at all, I think impeaching him is perfectly reasonable.
  22. You responded to that in its own post, but quoted my post anyway. Why bother quoting my post about American Thinker retracting its lies about Dominion if you were just going to spend two posts complaining about Zamazenta's post? Amazing that you still need to guess why Biden "really" win. If anything, Obama would never have been elected in the first place if Biden wasn't his running mate. Biden was basically a token moderate to help Obama appeal to a wider majority. You say that Trump won because people wanted a breath of fresh air. The problem is that, after these past four years, T
  23. Refusing to give up on the theory that Biden may have cheated, and trying to plan out how Biden and/or Harris can be impeached is the furthest thing from intelligent.
  24. *facepalm* Trump is currently president. Although he is being impeached, he does not seem to have a lawyer lined up to represent him. Biden will be sworn in as president on Wednesday. Despite the impending transition, we are not in any sort of anarchy.
  25. Oh, so it was an inside job. Not surprised it was one of the QAnon cultists. Give her a few days so Trump can't pardon her, then we can arrest her for enabling these terrorists.
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