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  1. Heroic Chance Spell Card Target any number of face-up "Heroic" monster you control; this turn, they each can attack your opponent directly, but all damage it deals becomes 1000. You cannot reduce your opponents life points to 0 with the effect of this card (if you do their life points become 1000). Next: Gold Gadget S
  2. [spoiler=Face of me and my dog Mojo]
  3. I'd say I'm surprised by what Amir looks like. But then Ali was pretty damn solid looking too and into graphics.
  4. Honestly this is what Koko herself takes advantage of to get me interested in things, and it's fair. For YGO or other card games? Because I'm not sure I can name very many. For YGO though I'll look through my deck(s) on YGOPro and see: - Ebon High/Oblivion Magician - Magicians Navigation - Sphere Kuriboh - Red Resonator - Ancient Gear Knight - Foolish Burial of Belongings - Toon Buster Blader - Mimicat - Toon Table of Contents - The Gift of Greed ... all at a cursory glance.
  5. First things first my petty annoyances; The "b" is lowercase. When I spell out the full name. So its always "Icyblue" when written out like that. I wanted something that sounded simple but distinct. Something that carried a certain description that differed person to person and how much they knew about me personally with a certain degree of aesthetic expectation. Oddly enough I wanted "Blue" to be the noun but that wasn't to be the case. "Icy" is the better noun.
  6. Given my history and how luscious our hair is despite going to the ocean nearly every day... I'd hold my breath to that.
  7. Kanaka kine haea' boo. Buggah no stay dakine. Stay good kine. I'm Polynesian so my genetic traits make it mostly safe for me.
  8. To be fair ocean water or rain water tends to hold the hair pretty well. Especially if you've got naturally layered hair (or other types of hair) that holds water like mine. Tap water's efficiency seems to vary by Water District.
  9. ^: Hair-gel looks good for the whole of 10 minutes, then it gets destroyed by hair being hair. Never mind how much of a chore it is to remove in the shower. Dear Zamorak, I keep pulling out slacks of gel for like 3 days afterwards no matter how thorough. Not worth it unless you're going for a photoshoot of some significant description. Just take the years/months/weeks to tame your hair proper instead.
  10. The turtleneck I'm wearing in that picture is a kind of deep blue. But if its any consolation, the shirt I'm currently wearing is a kind of Sea-Blue.
  11. I can honestly say Gregg, you're one of the few people I'd say that side shave is good for. Most... ugh. They force it so hard. So yeah insert generic compliment here. And because long overdue picture-tax:
  12. Pretty sure I'm one of the few pacific islanders on the site currently. And damn you were YOUNG compared to your current FB pics. Like a freaking fetus comparatively. Adorable.
  13. No, but it helps my stress. And I was in the back of a truck with mild difficulty breathing through my nose so it also functioned as an antibug mask for the purpose of the trip.
  14. A reverse Armadilloz from the other day [spoiler=Mmm comfy] Gotta love that windswept hair.
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