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  1. The MR revision would've made Colossus going to 1 inevitable, as it is in the OCG. At 1, Thunder Dragon is not completely invisible in the meta, but it's certainly not dominating by any stretch of the imagination. But banning was excessive. Limiting it would've been sufficient. Titan is a passable boss monster, but isn't enough by himself. Without Colossus, Thunder needs to drop insane resources to try and pair Titan with an Apolousa or find a way to make a card like Savage Dragon. You mention that this card is too good because it's summon condition is too easy to bring out. I disagree. It's easier than Titan but harder to summon than Colossus. With Supercharger, it requires you play Thunder Dragons, something Colossus didn't have. Doesn't justify the card getting banned but it's something I looked at as rectification to make Thunder Dragon good again, but not potentially abusable in other decks. For Colossus, you literally just needed to have any Thunder monster on the field, have a Thunder effect take place in hand and then boom, instant Colossus. Supercharger, requires you play Thunder Dragons and it's effect requires you play primarily Thunder monsters, or else it's effect is not very usable, especially since the 2 Thunders you use to summon this are being banished, thus aren't available to use as effect fodder for the omni-negate effect. As for your changes: I'm gonna have to say no to that. I like the idea of making you have to use 2 different attributes, which makes sense given that's how you fusion summon him normally. However, having to use a Thunder Fusion monster you control is simply not practical at all. As for right now, the only viable target for this would be Kaminari Attack, because you aren't going to sacrifice one of your Titans to bring this out, since Titan is suppose to be part of your end board, along with Supercharger (as it was with Colossus before). Thus, the only way you're bringing this out that way is if you hard draw into Instant Fusion. You mentioned earlier that it's effect was a soft OPT, which it wasn't. In the text, it states you can only use this particular effect of Supercharger once per turn. It's a hard OPT, and it's to prevent what you stated, getting multiple Superchargers out and having 3 omni-negates on board with ease. With this effect, you only get 1 even with multiples out.
  2. After the banning of Colossus (which is one of the worst and most unnecessary bans of the last few years), TD's need a new boss monster. Thunder Dragon Supercharger Thunder/Fusion/Effect *9 DARK ATK 3000 / DEF 2600 1 LIGHT "Thunder Dragon" monster + 1 DARK "Thunder Dragon" monster Must either be Fusion Summoned, or Special Summoned by Banishing 1 Thunder monster you control and 1 "Thunder Dragon" monster from your hand, field or GY. Once during either players' turn (Quick Effect): If your opponent activates a card or effect, you can Banish 1 Thunder monster from your hand, field or GY; Negate the activation of that card or effect and if you do, Banish it. If this card would be destroyed either by battle or card effect, you can return 2 Thunder monsters that are either Banished or in your GY to your Deck instead.
  3. The save system is a huge problem, as I'm sure it is with everyone else. Having to save each card as an individual file is incredibly inconvenient for mass production. If they fixed that to be more like the previous system that just had a save databank online, then it'd be great. Sadly they don't and that's a big detractor.
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