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  1. Unless the official database is updated at midnight, TCG will have 10 days to mess around with Makyura's original effect.

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    2. ~British Soul~

      ~British Soul~

      @Doigt You know Duelingbook exists right? Just play it on there, simples!

    3. Doigt


      I absolutely hate how duelingbook works. The constant clicking everywhere to do anything makes me mad. I think there should be some automation in there. Also one half of my experience there is people cheating and not understanding effects. And since the cards are free and unlocked for everyone, most people were playing expensive competitive decks. It's much easier to find old schools and casuals IRL because the market oblige some people to go on casual strats, on dueling book, I've rarely seen any, so no point going to waste my time there, I know my trap monster deck will get destroyed by another degenerate competitive deck.

    4. ~British Soul~

      ~British Soul~

      Speaking personally, since I don't have the space to remote duel, I have to play on DB, however the caveat to that is that any deck I play, I need to possess all the cards IRL, so for instance if I only have 2 Red Layer IRL, then that's the maximum, I will not run 3 copies of it in a deck.

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