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  1. To be fair Konami has more or less played it safe with a lot of the newer archetypes in 2019, hence why the format has been the way it has been for the last few months.
  2. I've translated Needlefiber's effect for the UK: "Cannot be Link Summoned unless you bank at Halifax." (Though to be fair, it's going to cost a ton anyway as we know Konami is going to short print this card) Of course, we'll have to see what the banlist does.
  3. The Sacred Beast structure deck will not only contain new cards, but cards from the anime as well (meaning we could get cards like Chaos Core and/or Dimension Fusion Destruction in there).

    1. King Crouton

      King Crouton

      triangle force and delta barrier dammit

  4. Actually, we've known about the Pirate theme in IGAS for at least getting on for 2 months now. EDIT: Yeah, it was known since October 3rd. (https://ygorganization.com/theyugiohbay/) Also, the promos are shit, we should've gotten them ages ago (as they were released in 2017 OCG-side). Sorry, but as it stands, I think it'll be like RIRA SE, not many will be sold imo.
  5. It looks like we're getting Needlefibre in March: NdcpLsGEJKIBGzJNepLRMBIxfxl8oXhPZ_DioEdFr4GUQ0GvoXbWC1FjICHJ2QUOm1hfZfdDjHFD=s640-nd

  6. When I saw the card, my first thoughts were "What GX character could this possibly modeled like?" and reading the org article, it makes sense that it'd be based around Sarina.
  7. Being made redundant at this time of year sucks tbph.

  8. I never said they weren't, you were still assuming gender. I have hair
  9. The official Japanese Pokemon YT channel had uploaded the first episode on YT, and will do so every week. So that offers a legal way for anyone to watch the series. Also since spoiler tags are still broken, I'll white text my thoughts Thoughts on SS001: The Pikachu portion was cute, and I think it served as a nice origin story for his character before he became Pikachu, though I do think it dragged on a bit. (However the episode didn't address how Oak caught it, though that will likely be left ambiguous) Though the implication that Pikachu left the Kangaskhan as to not be a burden, resulted in him being a problem in EP001, which made Ash going out of his way and protecting him more important. Ash breaking his alarm clock, resulting him to miss the camp was amusing, guess old habits die hard. One thing I will say is that this raises questions regarding XY. In XY, Serena mentioned attending a Pokemon Summer Camp where she met Ash. In this episode, Ash missed the Pokemon Camp (which was simply mentioned as such) due to his excitement of going. Of course I believe that both camps happened'm inclined to believe that both camps happened.
  10. Says the one who said "High heels. Got it." N/A
  11. Still assuming gender Inside baked goods
  12. Did? You implying I don't like sport no more? That's making incorrect assumptions dude, and with that, you shall be punished with this essay that is designed to waste your time reading when I could've simply put my answer after corrections were made, but this essay I will admit is more fun to write because I'm that guy. So with that in mind, the sport I like the most is football, but not the American kind, the kind that we in the UK refer to as football, but you lot refer to as soccer, but I would have to explain this to prevent assumptions from being made if I simply said football.
  13. https://www.worldatlas.com/articles/animals-native-to-the-uk.html
  14. I don't particularly look forward to a meal per se, I take whatever I feel like eating.
  15. Duck Hunt duo for some reason that I likely forgot, making this entirely moot
  16. Not sure tbph. I'd say dragons, but then I'd be saying stuff like bearded dragons, and I'm neutral on those.
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