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  1. If Anti-Meta were to become meta, what would be the Anti-Meta of that meta?
  2. Does anyone actually know that the Hero Mask and Fairy Archer combo works? And has proof for it?
  3. Doesn't this kill you too? Well, you can chain Barrel Behind the Door if you wanted too >_>
  4. Is there any card that can possibly replace Ring of Destruction in an Armityle OTK Deck? (Gale Dogra + Phantom of Chaos + Ring of Destruction = OTK)
  5. How does Fusion Guard work with Synchros in the Extra Deck now?
  6. Yes it does. In fact Darkness Neosphere also counts as a Neos monster. Neo Space Pathfinder cannot be used as a Fusion Material for a "Neos" monster in the TCG apparently, though in the OCG it can...
  7. Can I use Fusion Sage to search out Super Polymerization?
  8. hmm...which pack they come in? My Body as a Shield Champion Pack: Game One (CP01-EN015 - Common) Dark Revelation Volume 1 (DR1-EN147 - Common) Magician's Force (MFC-092 - Common) Solemn Judgment Champion Pack: Game One (CP01-EN008 - Rare) Dark Beginning 2 (DB2-EN073 - Super Rare) Metal Raiders (MRD-EN127 - Ultra Rare) Gold Series 2 (GLD2-EN044 - Gold Ultra Rare) Dark Legends (DLG1-EN046 - Super Rare) Retro Pack (RP01-EN045 - Super Rare)
  9. Can someone please list me some Tier 1 and possibly 2 decktypes? I don't really keep up with meta decks...
  10. Ah sorry, bad wording. But yes, you answered my questions. thanks
  11. Two Questions: 1. Can I Set a Field Spell? 2. If I can set a field spell, can it over Geartown to activate its effect and then activate the set field spell later?
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