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  1. @@Flash Flyer - Sakura Both tracks are playing simultaneously, though I removed the new one to clean the slate.
  2. I'd like Witch of Theatergoing to be my main role again, please. Also this profile music: https://youtu.be/tKUSi2apj1k 5000 points.
  3. Can you request profile music here? I had a track playing on my profile before it got glitched out and now you added a price to it. May I have it added back without the 5k since it was there before the price change???
  4. With the yellow teeth to boot!
  5. Ah, from the foxy Feral Imp to the parsimonious Pot of Greed.
  6. I'd rather ArcSys/Bandai work with Nintendo and use the Fighterz Switch release they know the fans wanted as a reason for Goku, since the Switch version would be released in a similar timeframe, but it's a pipe dream.
  7. Considerations should be made for preexisting series and characters with the same fervor as new characters. Mario, Link and Pikachu should be changed to reflect Odyssey, Breath of the Wild and Z-moves (volt tackle replacing skull bash to enable a Catastropika final smash). Should Greninja return, its final smash would become Ash Greninja. A reformed—hopefully competitive—Kirby with a Star Allies moveset. With the new Greninja around Smash 4, and the precedent of introducing yet-unreleased characters (Corrin), a Pokemon Switch release in Smash's vicinity should prompt vigilance for the next generation's darling.
  8. Official site: http://smashbros.com/en_US/index.html Let it be known that this is not a mere port, and that I will edit the thread title upon the reveal of an official name. We'll probably have Bayonetta again, since she integrated into Nintendo since the previous titles, though my main hope is for Bomberman. I resolve to update this post as we receive more information.
  9. @@God Emperor Cow @@BANZAI!!!! @@Thar
  10. I put it on OU/uber/AG teams it has no place on.
  11. In face not of the fad, but of my recent, sincere efforts to participate in the community, I gained the right to finally write one of these with intellectual honesty. Aware people are befuddled by me, this should clarify my position with anyone. Now, the title is not mere wordplay: I am resolute in sharing my most sincere and felicitous thoughts. The posts will be pretty long, basically, so don't mind a wait.
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