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  1. Does having multiple copies of Madolche Chouxvalier face-up on your field have the same effect as multiple Magician's Valkyria?
  2. I just wanted to thank you for writing this very comprehensive guide. Once I get back into card making again, I will be sure to use this guide as a reference.
  3. Was having a Chat with someone in my local card shop yesterday and were both stumped. I plan to take part in my Locals soon and was considering running Ring of Destruction. Do I need to have the Errataed Card or can I just use the originals I have lying around?
  4. Me on a Day out recently with Ashley. The Deer and goats were so much fun and were lovely to pet :3
  5. Down the local Town Park in Harlow. The Lake behind me is being Drained and cleaned up. Still loads of Mallards in there though. Also a family of Squirrels are in the huge Tree that is not visible just to my right.
  6. Seems that Ashley had a extra pic of me on her Phone (Gee I wonder why? lol) But yeah, here's a Solo shot from our date.
  7. But I still love you Dae Dae. In a totally Forum Based way :3
  8. Thank you :D The only thing I don't like is the Sideburns with Longer Hair. Also thanks Cowcow :D I am s happy with Ashley its unreal. Still feels like a dream I haven't woken up from yet.
  9. Me and my now Girlfriend Ashley. We have so much in common its almost scary. I haven't had this much Rosy Cheeks and such a big smile for years. For anyone who has a problem with the way my Girl looks. Kindly jump off a funking cliff. Thank you :D
  10. If I have 2 Madolche Tickets down, can I activate both each turn? The card lore states once per turn.
  11. Yep. Much easier to walk now too. Can go quite a distance without getting out of breath.
  12. With my friends at Xmas. Also new glasses!
  13. New Glasses ftw. Also before you all ask, yes my Left Eye is a lot more crooked then normal. I am still getting used to my new pair.
  14. I will be digesting this in parts but from what I have read so far, this is an amazing guide. I already knew a lot about the current Meta but didn't know that there could now be 2 Field Spells out at the same time.
  15. I am currently writing a detailed guide to Diamond Dude Turbo using Crystal Beasts and was wondering in General how he worked. I would assume that you get the Positives without having to pay anything right? So say Rare Value wouldn't cost a Crystal. Or do you still have to pay costs?
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