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  1. Rock Edit: I really wanted the next person to say "paper" and the last person to say "scissors" before we looped back to Rock and just did that for a page or two, but apparently nobody else did.
  2. It's not so much the line of work, but rather the place I am right now. Formerly I had a job I really enjoyed, but the pay was lousy. This job pays significantly more, is pretty much doing the same thing, but slower environment and to a worse standard with shittier clients and less tools. My "problem" I suppose is that it's boring. And while I could find a new job, or probably even go to my old job and ask if they're hiring again, I don't want to jump ship so soon. I started at my new place about a month ago. I don't want to have to explain that on an interview.
  3. I doubt you'll ask anything important.
  4. Ehren, Lightworn Monk versus (any random Karakuri, or at least most of them.) Ehren attacks. Karakuri switches to defense mode. What happens? o_0
  5. You know he derived it from Japanese meanings... how? o_0 Seriously, to a not-so-Japanese person Oryu just sounds like a Japanese sounding name. I named half of the "mythical" sounding town names in one of my "original" story literally by typing random words and then misspelling them. That's not a joke or anything, I named a place Tuen Village when I butchered the word "Town" and thought it "just sounded prettier that way". Wasn't his mom chewing him out (if only slightly) a pretty clear indication that treating pogeymans like dirt was not the right way to go? I dislike collaborating most of the time because I'm a lazy hoe and don't like putting myself to someone else's schedule, and also because most of the time I only have two or three things worth saying. It's not really like it's rocket science. Just read the story once all the way through and when you get to a part that's like "HEY! THAT DON'T MAKE NO SENSE!" make a mental note of it. Or a physical note, IDC. If the part that don't make no sense still don't make no sense by the time you get to the end and shows no signs of being correct, get to writing and explaining as succinctly as possible. Then when you're done with all the main, glaring errors, read it a third time and tackle the little nitpicks and HERPDERPSPELLINGERRORS! Because going one-by-one and trying to say something after each paragraph or after each line or something just looks stupid IMO. Or just ask Crab how shkle does shklers.
  6. I don't know. Is it? Is Kanto literally meant to mean "East of the Barrier"? At the end of the day, does it even matter? Are you pointing this out because the name is cliched in fanfic circles or in Pokemon fanfics or in Japanese fics, or is it just a bad attempt at getting laughs or being whimsical or giving information? I mean, I'm not being a condoscending jerk here, I don't think. I legit don't know. But the way a review work is typically "Emphasize a problem. Explain why it is a problem if it's not self evident." So... is it a problem? Why bother pointing it out if you had nothing worthwhile to say about it? See, the obvious problem is that AN ENTIRE REGION HAD BEEN BLOCKED OFF FROM THE PUBLIC. Who's blocking the region off? The Poke Government never seemed to be all that oppressive in the anime or in the games. Maybe it's the manga-verse, I dunno. But then the question comes as to why had they decided to block it off for... as long as they did, and why did they all of a sudden change their minds? And who exactly is enforcing this blockade? The hundreds and thousands of Officer Jennys? I would think protecting a border would be ridiculously difficult, especially in a universe where flying on a Pokemon inconspicuously is entirely viable. See, it's HILARIOUS that you just parrot what what the author just said, but if you don't bother to explain why your parroting there then the intended effect just kind of really falls flat. Especially since there's kind of a lot to say after a sentence like that. See, here's another moment where you completely dropped the ball. All you can manage to do is jabroni and moan that posting a link mid-sentence is in bad form (granted it is, but that's besides the point) but you completely miss that Felix's mother was calling from downstairs. Calling from downstairs, implying that he's currently in a building. Somehow, a city (or at least a building) had been formed despite the fact that the entire region had been blocked from the public. So then, how does a city form in a short span of time? If it was always there from the beginning, then it would likely deteriorate in a pretty short while. Those old History channel shows, Life After People, showing what would happen if for no inexplicable reasons humans disappeared off the earth, showing that even major cities are reduced to nothing in less then a hundred years, and most houses and buildings are broken into in less then ten years by either plants and vegetation or by other wild animals looking for shelter. So like, while calling someone out for writing like a tosser is a good idea, ignoring the fact that he had a glaring plot inconsistency was pretty bad form. ... In any case, the protagonist was unlikeable and the Pokemon story generic. I think the only thing that would make it better would be if the unlikable prick protagonist eventually learned the error of his ways, but I think its unlikely. The review itself missed out lots of obvious issues with the story.
  7. The land and stories of of Termina are unique, and the character of an adult Link is presumably, closer to the author's age and closer to the age of his primary audience. Put two and two together and you'll see there's no other way to have the story be in the land of Termina while also having an adult Link. And "gilded" isn't the word she used to describe it. Hell, I don't think I've ever heard anyone use "gilded" in casual conversation unless they were purposely trying to be weirdo crazy people at the time, by throwing in one weird word into a sentence just to make their listener go "WTF" or laugh or something. But that's not the point. Her character doesn't say it because she just plain doesn't say it. It's that simple. "Golden dust sword doesn't make sense because it doesn't make sense." kk No but seriously, her calling it the gilded sword, that sword of gold, the golden sword, the gold dust sword, none of it matters because it's her dialogue and her character is allowed to be mistaken. In any case, we can't tell if was really the author being stupid here or if it was a conscious decision for her to say that. I'm sure you prefer to swing for the fences here, but having a smug sense of superiority when you go into these stories is a terrible way of reviewing. Apparently in this canon, Link talks. Who's to say Link hadn't told her? Like for Christ sake here, do you really need to be spoon fed every little detail here? A scene with Anju admiring his sword and then Link mentioning the story of how he got it or something? tl;dr - The obvious problems with the story, from the length to the emotionless characters to the lack of plot were barely even touched upon while crap like "You mispelled a thing!" and "It's GILDED SWORD!" taking center stage really emphasize that you care more about looking smart to other people then you do about actually helping them in a review. --- On a completely unrelated note, I'm bored, so I'm just gonna go ahead and review all your reviews, starting with the one that looks least like ass, the fourth one. I won't be reviewing nitpicks, because "ZOMG! NITPICK!" four times in a row isn't funny or clever or interesting. I think the biggest flaw a "reviewer" can do is nitpick and point out the small, minor spelling errors when there are much bigger and much more obvious flaws, like the plot, the characters, the pacing, etc etc. If I may suck Crab's jaggon for a bit, I think the biggest difference between the reviewing style of you two can be summed like this: Idiot: 2+2=Bannana Crab: Bannana is neither a word nor a number! Roxas: Hmm... you misspelled banana and the B doesn't need to be capitalized. Crab points out the key problem. You focus on the smaller ones without tackling the important issue. In any case, I'm not clever or cool enough to do that whole "point by point rebuttal" thing that's painfully overdone and often times unfunny, (especially since any point-by-point of this would just be "ZOMG! NITPICK!") so I'll just do it at whatever stands out: I can already tell this right here is the second worst review I've ever seen. Guy builds up the plot and all you can manage is to herp-and-derp about it when he explains himself literally two sentences later. Then when you get smoked, all you can manage is "Uhh... punctuation!" See, good reviewers stress that their writers proofread what they wrote down before, but that kind of falls flat entirely if the reviewer can't manage to proofread his own review. It also goes to demonstrate why the point-by-point rebuttal thing fails if the story makes sense shortly there after, and the reviewer is too stupid to go back and fix what he had written before. You're more interested in trying to generate laughs (and failing at it) then you are in actually trying to help the person writing the story. See, this is the problem with the fanfic section. It's not the stupid people who act like stupid people, because we all know better then to pay attention to them. The problem is the stupid people who act like smug smart people, who then create a following and gather other stupider people to behave the same way as they do. Returning it? He got it on a souvenir from a school trip. Granted, he could have given more information on the trip, but... all he has to do is say it was out of state or someplace far away and you have no leg to stand on with this mild plot criticism. Give it to a poor sap, reasonable. I assume that's what the previous owner did, and likely a good way for him to get rid of it. No, you should be focusing on the plot and the actual details of the story, not being an English teacher with a red marker. This is literally the same joke you gave before and it wasn't funny then and it isn't funny now. And as hilarious as that joke is, it can still be trumped by an extra sentence. - His mom doesn't own a car. - They live in an industrialize place like Japan and public transport is a much better alternative. - The card shop wasn't all that far away and it would have taken more time for his mom to get ready, grab the keys, and drive him there. - His mom was busy at the time. - His mom didn't know the way. - His mom doesn't give a rats ass about dueling and thinks it's silly and her soap operas and wine drinking are more important. The story doesn't even say his mom DIDN'T drive him, or he didn't drive himself, or he wasn't already late when he realized it was 12:15. You're really just bringing up nonsense for the sake of doing so as some kind of running gag but it doesn't even make sense with the context we're given. tl;dr- The review is just 100 percent nitpicking. The spelling and grammar nitpicks are spelling and grammar nitpicks. The plot nitpicks can all easily be solved by one sentence added in. And if the plot can be salvaged with just a quick one sentence insertion, then the problem was never really that big of a problem to begin with. The problems with the story are evident, from the terrible plot that goes two different directions; a card that gives its holder nightmares immediately jumping to like... the intro to GX/battle city, replacing Crowler with Pegasus and replacing "getting into a school" to "getting into a tournament" - to the boring ambition-less flat character that is the protagonist, to the ridiculous dialogue, to the cliched "running late" trope that is commonly used for protagonists, but all you cared about were the spelling errors.
  8. No stupid, it was slow gradual process that took 10 years to accomplish and the people of Clock Town most likely hadn't seen him for ten years since Link set of for a "journey around Termina to [...] [find] an old friend." Secondly, it doesn't even mention that nobody noticed Link looked differently. It merely states the changes. Good job on nitpicking stuff that wasn't even mentioned and, even it was mentioned, would still make sense all the while missing the actual key fundamental problems with the paragraph you quoted. Three fails in one sentence. In the game, Link is a child. When he puts on the Fierce Deity Mask, he looks like an adult, but with white hair, no irises, and tattoos on his face (and weird clothes yes, but clothes are likely the least of our worries). So no, the time skip here isn't "lazy" or something. Clearly, he had to get primary backstory out of the way, create a "loose end" by making Link keep the mask, and then from here on in he created his own story. It'd be no worse then if someone wrote a "ten years later" fanfic for GX or 5D's, but had something like, Jaden take a card from Syrus at the last second or I-NEVER-SAW-5D'S and expand that into a story. See, but the problem here is that it's what Anju is saying. It's her dialogue, and what she refers to the sword as. It highlights her character as being very inexperienced with blades. If she said "here's that shield you got that kind of looks like a mirror" do you suddenly explode with a "ZOMG! IT'S CALLED THE MIRROR SHIELD! NOT THAT SHIELD THAT YOU GOT THAT KIND OF LOOKS LIKE A MIRROR! WTF!?" You just come off as a stupid idiot who overreacts and doesn't know anything about literature. If the narrator himself named it that then, yeah that's a problem, but it comes up in dialogue and it's just a character stating what she calls it. Nothing more. Secondly, and most importantly, there's no indication that "Gilded Sword" is what the people within the Majora's Mask universe call the sword. Even the in-game narration says "You got a Gilded Sword". As in... it's just a description of the sword, not it's proper name. Otherwise it would say 'the Gilded Sword' instead of 'a Gilded Sword' tl;dr - Reviewing a Majora's Mask fanfic when you have no experience with Majora's Mask, and less experience with reviewing? You shouldn't have done that.
  9. Why is this topic so big? And what is this story about? =\
  10. I'm honestly surprised and impressed you managed to find this topic amidst the clutter. o_0 On-topic: Depends on the specific wording. It's the difference between a Nomi and a Semi-Nomi. I know Gyzarus is a Semi-Nomi. Not sure about Heraklinos, or all the other fusions that very, very few people bother to run.
  11. Mario. Everything after Kingdom Hearts 1 is terrible.
  12. I believe it depends. As someone else mentioned, if it's something like The Creator and someone tries to Royal Oppression it, you can chain with My Body as a Shield. However, if you're trying to SS something like a Synchro and Oppression negates it, you can not chain MBaaS.
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