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  1. It's not so much the line of work, but rather the place I am right now. Formerly I had a job I really enjoyed, but the pay was lousy. This job pays significantly more, is pretty much doing the same thing, but slower environment and to a worse standard with shittier clients and less tools. My "problem" I suppose is that it's boring. And while I could find a new job, or probably even go to my old job and ask if they're hiring again, I don't want to jump ship so soon. I started at my new place about a month ago. I don't want to have to explain that on an interview.
  2. Ehren, Lightworn Monk versus (any random Karakuri, or at least most of them.) Ehren attacks. Karakuri switches to defense mode. What happens? o_0
  3. You know he derived it from Japanese meanings... how? o_0 Seriously, to a not-so-Japanese person Oryu just sounds like a Japanese sounding name. I named half of the "mythical" sounding town names in one of my "original" story literally by typing random words and then misspelling them. That's not a joke or anything, I named a place Tuen Village when I butchered the word "Town" and thought it "just sounded prettier that way". Wasn't his mom chewing him out (if only slightly) a pretty clear indication that treating pogeymans like dirt was not the right way to go? I dislike collaborating m
  4. I don't know. Is it? Is Kanto literally meant to mean "East of the Barrier"? At the end of the day, does it even matter? Are you pointing this out because the name is cliched in fanfic circles or in Pokemon fanfics or in Japanese fics, or is it just a bad attempt at getting laughs or being whimsical or giving information? I mean, I'm not being a condoscending jerk here, I don't think. I legit don't know. But the way a review work is typically "Emphasize a problem. Explain why it is a problem if it's not self evident." So... is it a problem? Why bother pointing it out if you had nothing worth
  5. The land and stories of of Termina are unique, and the character of an adult Link is presumably, closer to the author's age and closer to the age of his primary audience. Put two and two together and you'll see there's no other way to have the story be in the land of Termina while also having an adult Link. And "gilded" isn't the word she used to describe it. Hell, I don't think I've ever heard anyone use "gilded" in casual conversation unless they were purposely trying to be weirdo crazy people at the time, by throwing in one weird word into a sentence just to make their listener go "WTF"
  6. No stupid, it was slow gradual process that took 10 years to accomplish and the people of Clock Town most likely hadn't seen him for ten years since Link set of for a "journey around Termina to [...] [find] an old friend." Secondly, it doesn't even mention that nobody noticed Link looked differently. It merely states the changes. Good job on nitpicking stuff that wasn't even mentioned and, even it was mentioned, would still make sense all the while missing the actual key fundamental problems with the paragraph you quoted. Three fails in one sentence. In the game, Link is a child. When he
  7. Why is this topic so big? And what is this story about? =\
  8. I'm honestly surprised and impressed you managed to find this topic amidst the clutter. o_0 On-topic: Depends on the specific wording. It's the difference between a Nomi and a Semi-Nomi. I know Gyzarus is a Semi-Nomi. Not sure about Heraklinos, or all the other fusions that very, very few people bother to run.
  9. Mario. Everything after Kingdom Hearts 1 is terrible.
  10. I believe it depends. As someone else mentioned, if it's something like The Creator and someone tries to Royal Oppression it, you can chain with My Body as a Shield. However, if you're trying to SS something like a Synchro and Oppression negates it, you can not chain MBaaS.
  11. Question! I use the effect of my Destiny Hero - Diamond Dude to mill my top card, which turns out to be Convert Contact. Now it is my next turn's main phase and I still have Diamond Dude on the field. What happens?
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