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  1. i'll piggyback off this thread because what i want to say is relevant to this thread's request. my words might not have much weight because i'm not active on this forum anymore or even on the other one, so think of it as two cents from an ex-member. first, you have every legal right to do whatever you want with the site, its your property. i also acknowledge that you are doing what you can to improve the site's functions now (to what extent, that is not visible to me but i will give you the benefit of the doubt). after all, if this site flourishes and gets more visitors, you make more rev
  2. a day late but merry christmas

    1. Godbrand


      What about those who do not celebrate Christmas? 

    2. mitchermitcher


      i'd wish happy holidays to them. doesnt seem like a big deal

    3. Godbrand


      If you spent a day in their shoes you would understand... 

  3. i KNEW something was missing. #bringbacksigs
  4. youd think that when everyone is shut inside they'd waste more time posting here or on the other forum
  5. do you remember seeing me around at all before the recent mod thread, of course
  6. Haha. I'm done. Dae fucking wins this. This guy never fucking fails to make my day just a little better. Seriously, I can be having a shit day and almost anything this guy says can make me laugh. Also, I do agree that the inmates have been doing fairly decent at running the asylum. Just let Winter and Roxas go nuts and you'll have a week's worth of entertainment just reeling those two back in. I guess we still have a few toxic members but I'm not here enough to monitor the site and point them out. Also, Cow isn't all that bad. Just let them troll since it is only harmless fun. Aside from that,
  7. i still remember the war crimes you committed towards innocent members like rewas and me
  8. i genuinely feel bad for dragon when he has to read all these new posts that offer no new substance and are just people arguing at the level of a fifth grader at best and yet i'm going to increase the thread's post count anyway. sorry fd
  9. for a non-joke post, i do genuinely feel if hina becomes mod i might regular here more often
  10. how dare you misspell enguin's name it should be written as 'loser'
  11. also i'd like to remind everyone that ycmaker committed a slight against me many moons ago and for that i should be made mod https://www.cardmaker.net/profile/615762-ycmaker/?status=475009&type=status he ignored me 1 year ago
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