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  1. Dae stop being scandalous and go bone Catman or something
  2. excellent yugioh player sheet taste in headphones
  3. Question regarding turn time. How long is it before something is considered stalling by Konami's standpoint?
  4. He's right Giga, you always look angry.
  5. i mean you look like really hyper xD
  6. kate you are actually adorable. you also look really happy in the newer ones o.o
  7. Probably could've found a better picture angle and whatnot but meh, lazy. And yes I can see just fine don't you worry. ....Yeah I do plan on cutting it soon. Best part is that it's even longer if it didn't curl like crazy. I can reach my bottom lip with the hair in front. XD please do this PLEASE
  8. i've really fuckin cleaned up just saying, the 2014 picture makes you look like Light Yagami somewhat. Also 2015 pic is cute.
  9. She wants to drink your blood. Also, those glasses are cute, Kate <3
  10. That's better. I also approve of those Yoshis.
  11. I can't help but feel this image should be flipped
  12. [spoiler=Legitimately the nerdiest picture I've ever taken]
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