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  1. Those Dark Magician stats. Is this a nod or reference to something? looks like something out of Power Rangers or IDK. This could have been lovely during the Dragon Ruler era.
  2. I didn't know the Security Force archetype was even a thing. But giving a first glance at their current line-up, these look almost godsend. Dog Tag is quick indirect disruption, Edge Laser assists with swarming and summoning the Level 5+ members, and the Trap is a searchable multiple-CED with a cost-substitute effect as icing on cake. Assuming they are effective at retrieving their own banished cards, a single copy of the Trap in the Deck should suffice.
  3. Toy for Normal-Trap heavy Decks, but no support for Continuous nor Counter Traps make it less fun. Makes me wonder if this is worth running over Waking the Dragon, though, since you can Summon pseudo-win conditions like Revolution Falcon trough it, needs no GY set-up, and both have same activation condition. The only plus this has is that it more alive and can save your LP in a pinch. You could run both in a Deck centered around Durendal and other effects that replace effects into backrow removal.
  4. A 1-card ED monster summoner that needs GY set-up, and as of now is unsearchable, huh. It looks decent but not effective enough for nowadays' formats. Maybe if 200 DEF FIRE monster Decks were meta, and even then, it would be run as a 1 or 2-of. If it only required a FIRE Tuner with 200 DEF then it might have been fun along Red Resonator that is splashable enough.
  5. To be fair, I don't think it warrants any change. Card is functional and all, and pseudo-OTKs are part of the game too, as annoying as they can be. I may not like it but can't say it's bad. If cards like Battle Mania and All-Out Attacks aren't exactly problems, this shouldn't be either. It would just make the strats a bit more consistent with the extra copies. Not to mention this card has to remain alone on the Monster Zone to apply its Battle Mania effect, so there is a condition to meet there.
  6. The chosen art looks too anime-ish and not too YGO-like but should be ok anyway because YGO has released all sorts of arts for their cards, such as Magi Magi Magician Gal. Not a big fan of the card, personally. An easy 3000+ DEF wall as long as it has companions, but if it's alone... shenanigans and pseudo-OTKs like the ones possible with cards such as All-Out Attacks and Battle Mania come to my mind. In such cases, this would effectively act as not only more copies of Battle Mania, also in the shape of a Continuous Spell.
  7. To be fair, as a WIND/Dragon it does have the niche of being searchable by the banish effect of Tempest.
  8. Only thing I don't like is the alternate win condition. The rest looks solid, and good job on the artwork pic and the filter, it looks great. The alternate summoning methods reminds me of that LIGHT/Fiend Link5 recently released, Saros Eresh Kurnugias, that also can inherently use an opponent's monster as material.
  9. Really strange card, IMO. It's almost like a gamble. The opponent may lose its hand, but it could very well get a new hand of equal power, or better. If the deck is built effectively, or is not inherently bricky such as Monarchs or AFAIK Orcusts, then the chances of giving worse hands are lower, and at one point you have to evaluate if it's worth running this card at all.
  10. I'm afraid it is not possible to pseudo-Summon monsters by placing them on the field. Yes, you can place Spell/Traps, and even Pendulum monsters, but the latter as Spells, like "Draco Face-Off" does, but to this day there are no mechanics described to place monsters on board as monsters. As for the second effect, rather confusing at first but makes enough sense and cannot think of other ways to simplify it. It may need accompanying rulings though, because Contact Fusions actually are considered appropriate methods to Fusion Summon them.
  11. Looks like a toy for Holy Light and Felgrands/Arkbrave. I would say it's solid enough but IDK how it would fare competitively when Dragons so far have more success with Link strats. If anything, I would make this either LIGHT for matching Attributes, or DARK for Chaos support.
  12. Unless it's meant to work with other stuff (I see Sunavalon being mentioned but I'm not familiar with them), this looks rather weak to me. It's not generic and with the same number of materials you can drop stuff like Apollousa. Then again, it can shine when going second by bouncing something right away and keep up the bounce pressure.
  13. Glad to see more forms of Madame Verre <3 Got no idea how good is this, though. I'm not familiar with Magistus.
  14. 1000 ATK indeed stands out on a Level 1 monster. Effect is okay-ish too, albeit situational. And wouldn't the first Synchro option be Level 3 because the token would gain a Level right away? That means quick access to Clausolas and Tatsunoko.
  15. Yeah, should be a non-controversial change even if it doesn't have any precedent. I would say the shared protection of the first-generation Six Sams are a solid example to follow. Anyway, to be clear requiring both Inferno and Spirit of Flames on board to Summon is too steep to have any impact competitively, IMO, and even at a casual level because you would need the 2 different monsters at hand and at least 3 FIREs in the GY to banish, IIRC FIRE/Pyros are still unsearchable by practical means (no ROTA, no King of Feral Imps, etc.) and running multiple copies of them is asking for dead draws.
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