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  1. Hmm... I think it should be okay. It remains unsearchable and depends on you controlling multiple Thunders so for board-breaking purposes it is not more practical than Lightning Storm nor Ruler No More. The dual burn effect gives it an edge and flexibility, but remains reliant on Thunders. With a field full of Thunders it's 4200 damage, it sure it's a lot but can be adjusted if necessary.
  2. This one gets me thinking. It's either a board breaker or a game-finisher. Thunder Dragons have shown that Thunders can become relevant and metaworthy out of the blue with the right support, so this card can become good at anytime even if it depends on you controlling 2+ Thunders to capitalize from it. Can't say it's broken at the moment, but the futureproofing is shaky IMO.
  3. Way too casual of a card, IMO. I can't picture any metaworthy Beast/Beast-Warrior/Winged Beast deck running this in a competitive environment. Does little to improve your board or advance your plays. Best thing it does is protecting your smaller critters from being attacked, but there ought to be better card options than this.
  4. I'm no expert on grading cards, so can't help you here. For all I know it's either a fake, or an extremely rare misprint.
  5. Lucilia, Belle Ridermeister LIGHT/Spellcaster/Link/Effect, Rating 3 ATK: 2300 Markers: right-down, down, left 2+ monsters, including at least 1 Spellcaster monster If this card is Link Summoned: You can equip 1 Level 7 or higher Beast, Dinosaur, Dragon, Fish, Insect, Reptile, Sea Serpent, Winged Beast or Wyrm monster with a Level from your hand, Deck or GY to it as an Equip Spell, and if you do, this card gains ATK equal to that monster's Level x100. This card is unaffected by your opponent's Spell/Trap effects while it is equipped with a card that is originally a monster. Once per turn, if a card or effect is activated (Quick Effect): You can send 1 face-up Spell Card you control to the GY; negate that effect. Made this from a card-making prompt where you are given an artwork and YGO card template. Looked like she was riding a dragon or reptile, and worked from that idea. Also I took some inspiration from the Felgrand Warriors, what can equip Level 7 or higher Dragon monsters. Later I found out she actually is not riding anything, but oh well. Anyway, flavor-wise it's a magician that can ride feral monsters like most animals, hence the selection of types. It's intended to both provide strong disruption and function as a beater, but it may be unwieldy to play because it requires a Spellcaster as material and yet needs you to run at least 1 Level 7+ monster of the listed types to work effectively. Thoughts?
  6. Should have been Tuner for shenanigans with the Quick Effect of Halqifibrax :v Anyway, it looks solid, but Penguins at the moment aren't competitive. The most practical way to access this with archetype cards would be... Emperor Penguin into Polar + Level 3 Penguin, most likely Nopenguin? IDK. Materials are fully generic though, so splashing 1 or 2 Penguins as a sort of extender or disruption in Decks to drop Synchro6s is a possibility.
  7. Damn, these look great. The support to and from the 3 feral-ish Types often grouped together is quite flexible. Not to mention their artworks. Felidgette is my new YGO waifu. I know Zoodiacs are first to come to mind with these, and have already seen a build by Lithium, but it sometimes used Drident as material so... if a way is found to keep the Drident on board, plus access the infamous Simorgh Link, they ought to become a top tier contender.
  8. Prank-kids new meta. Double Raigeki during opponent's turn.
  9. This sure looks nice. Glade they gave it an extra boost compared to other "discard 1; search 2” Spells by making it Quick-Play. Being able to Set a searched monster directly is a cool boon, too. Not to mention Hiita looking sexy there with such outfit.
  10. Well, years ago I found a way to play them as a Rank4 deck, featuring Toadally Bahamut, since Prior locks you from Summoning Level 5+ monsters, but not Level 4-, and I'm quite proud of that. Curious to see what direction Koomy will take, and if the Rank4 plays can integrate for access to power plays like the aforementioned Toadally Bahamut. Deck looked like this at some point back then: Since then, the meta has clearly changed, backrow has weakened, and they lost Norden, but in exchange there is Halqifibrax while Rafflesia gained power with the new Trap Hole that negates monster effects, giving her value as an opening play to deter hand traps. Funnily enough, Spellbreaker can be used in a pinch to stop Spell-based decks and possibly secure a game.
  11. I find it straightforward to play, really. If you open with it when going second, it's already live to negate an opponent's Spell/Trap, and double down on S/T removal with the GY effect during your upcoming turn. If you open with it when going first, then you simply Set it and now it's ready to negate a S/T, and unlike Impermanence it doesn't interact with columns in any way. Only in rare cases you would want the destruction effect over the negation, because you can also negate a Cont. Spell/Trap or Field Spell for the turn, and pop it the next turn with the GY effect. But again, that's not a bad thing. Card is good, on the levels of Impermanence IMO. It does get to remove more cards than Impermanence (Impermanence is a +1 at best in a vacuum by negating a non Cont. Spell/Trap in the same column), but in general Spell/Traps are easier to remove (e.g. Twin Twisters, Cosmic Cyclone, Tornado Dragon, while there aren't as many monster disruption by removal, most of them being effect negation instead) than monsters so it can get away with it.
  12. Mixed feelings towards this card. It's amazing, and feels like a realistic next step on the powercreep in the game. But that doesn't mean it's fair. SS2 negation that doesn't destroy like Promenade, D/D/D Siegfried, Hot Red Dragon Archfiend Abyss is really good, and unlike monster negation, when you negate a non-Continuous Spell/Trap the player end up losing it, effectively becoming a +0, which then turns into a +1 with the 2nd effect. So personally I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place so to speak, in the sense that this card is great and even realistic, but also adds on powercreep and I'm not sure if that's good design from a card-making standpoint. Still, dropping a like because I enjoy the mind work, and can't deny it's a good card, as powercreepy as it may be.
  13. Reversal Squad Continuous Spell Once per turn: If your LP is reduced; draw 1 card. Once per turn: If your LP is increased; discard 1 card. As rulings and for clarification, you will get a card draw when your LP goes down in any method, including battle damage, effect damage, paying costs, LP-halving effects, effects that give you a fixed LP amount such as Life Stream Dragon, and so on. Likewise, you discard a card if your LP goes up through any way. This means paying LP for cards like Qliphort Scout and Solemn Judgment would net you a draw, and gaining LP from your opponent using Upstart Goblin will result in you discarding a card. No hard OPT to enable bouncing shenanigans and making multiple copies live. Sounds risky and with FTK/OTK potential, but if the opponent finds ways to counter the strategy with cards that increase your LP, it may balance itself, IDK. Flavor-wise it's a weird take on Backup Squad. Thoughts?
  14. A greener grass for Pendulums, in Pendulum Monster form, huh. Sounds about right to me, this got potential. The effect that bounces it comes off as a bit too much to me, though. I know more often than not it won't be live or be as potent after the greener effect, but still feels as overkill-ish/greedy to simply get the card back for future use or fodder.
  15. Just realized Kaijus are there. Would be amusing if they got support to function as an standalone deck. Kyotou Waterfront and their current support can only go so far. Mixed feelings on IBs. On one hand, I find them really good for Rank4s plays already and they would have been better now if Toadally wasn't limited, although they still die to hand traps so a little support push would be welcomed. But on the other hand, I'm concerned that if they get support, said support could focus on Synchro Summoning and thus Trishula spam/abuse.
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