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  1. Well, AFAIK Shaddolls like it to use an El-Shaddoll as material and make it float and follow up with plays.
  2. Darklords now want to fuse, huh. I'm no Darklord expert but doesn't look like they can easily Fusion Summon a 3-material monster taking the materials from the hand and field, even if they can shortcut the Fusion Trap through their monster effects. Nergal doesn't look so good either. It can be another Darklord on board to use the Spell/Trap-copy effect but they have a handful of those already and with more helpful effects. Enjoyment and Pleasure look better, though. Would be amusing to Tribute Summon Fairy floodgates like Kristya or Vanity's Ruler during the opponent's turn. And I find their arts cute and nice too, but I like Pleasure more. EDIT: Noticed later that the Fusion Trap lets you Summon any DARK Fusion monster. Invoked or Shaddoll Darklord variants, maybe?
  3. They get another Level4 WATER for Toadally fun Bahamut times. Scythe looks insane, damn. It gives the archetype disruptive power by Summoning Tiger or Whale during the opponent's turn, and IDK what else. As if that wasn't enough, it provides a Return of Dragon Lords protection on the Fusions. EDIT: Realized that Tiger specifically needs Sabres, and Scythe requires you to use it as material for the Fusion, so quick effect Tiger Fusion Summon cannot be a thing. There is still Whale, though.
  4. Really? I thought it was picking up, mainly due to Shaddolls, and MR2020 should make it better.
  5. The effect looks like a "banish 1 monster your opponent controls and 1 monster from your opponent's GY, both with the same Type" but with extra steps :v But seriously now, it looks good to me, yeah. A rather convoluted way of removal but it allows funny plays by reviving something of interest and banishing another monster you don't mind losing. Otherwise it's almost live against mono-Type decks. Not targeting the monsters on the field is a big plus, IMO. I wonder if this procedure of targeting in the GY and then reviving it before doing the removal is intended to make the card more vulnerable, to cards like D.D. Crow, Called by the Grave, Special Summon locks, etc.
  6. Yeah, I like it more. Some concerns remain like the possibility of trigger cards with effects that activate when they are destroyed, but you would need a lot of setup for that so in this case I go for a "nice until proven naughty" approach. If anything, you can put a "discard you hand at the end of the turn" drawback similar to Card of Demise to be safe and make sure you don't amass a lot of card advantage with a board full of Spell/Traps + a big hand.
  7. Well, Normal monsters have plenty of support with Rescue Rabbit, Unexpected Dai, Rescue Cat Summoning 2 Normal beasts, Draconet, and so on, so setting this card up should be relatively easy in a dedicated deck. Then again, this card would act as a win condition or trump card for Normal decks, in addition to First of the Dragons, and that's not a bad thing, IMO.
  8. Well yes, it goes without saying that Paleozoics could make use of this by banishing non-Paleozoic Traps as fodder. Altergeist could have some fun with this too. Actually... anti meta floodgates would capitalize the most from this IMO, as they would be able to grab back coveted and Limited floodgate Traps such as Skill Drain, Soul Drain, Macro Cosmos, Imperial Order, etc.
  9. Huh, at first I thought it was solid support as an accessible beater for Normal decks with combo potential through the 2nd effect, because the 3rd effect makes it sturdy but still beatable by battle... until I realized it stacks with the 1st effect. IDK about that because then we are speaking of a Chaos MAX Dragon with 1050 less ATK but indestructible by battle, leaving only a handful of outs, with Dingirsu, Kaijus and Evenly Matched (if you don't choose to keep it) being the most relevant in the competitive scene.
  10. A rather wacky card and concept. Needs a copy in the GY first but once you have it, it's a +1 per turn as long as the cycle isn't disrupted. I guess it's fine? IDK, Summoning a Tuner or drawing OPT can get out hand because the more turns pass, the more resources you have.
  11. I'm not sure. I was already concerned about the strategy of running minimal Spell/Traps so you maximize the odds of getting what you want in semi-Monster mash, which is huge because you have control over it and can arrange for massive combos and plays... and you double down with a hand-peeking effect with the chance of stealing a card ^^" With minor effect I was thinking on something lame like "Gain 200 LP" or whatever it's always live, because the main effect is the GY effect anyway.
  12. I get what you mean to do but pretty sure it doesn't work like that. Alternatives that come to mind is activating and resolving this card in the hand, something like "If you control 2 or more cards: Reveal this card in your hand; destroy all cards you control, then Set the 5 Spell/Traps, then discard this card", or make it a GY effect with an easy-to-fulfill or minor on-field effect so it's always live, or make it a monster hand-trap. Anyway, I'm unsure about this card. In a vacuum it's at least a +0 (-2 from popping this card, -1 from itself, -2 draws, +5 Spell/Traps), but if you destroy floaty cards then you can mitigate the cost to up to a +2. Then, there is Cards of Demise, which is more economic, has the similar Special Summon lock and requires less set-up. However, you can take a lot of advantage of this in decks that run minimal Spell/Traps, maximizing the chances of grabbing the Spell/Traps you want because literally there is not much else in the Deck to grab. Sounds like it would be crazy good in Monster or Semi-monster Mash decks, as if they didn't have Light of Sekka already for extra draw power and consistency. Hmm.. put in that way, this is pretty much a Cards of Demise fit for Monster Mash decks. And that is not exactly a bad thing, since Monster Mash isn't doing too much,the most notable being Atlanteans an BAs a couple of formats ago IIRC.
  13. Not quite, the revival effects of Paleozoics apply when a Trap Card is activated, but don't include the activation of Trap effects.
  14. Well yes, but it's more like making the effect" fizzle", or an indirect negation so to speak.
  15. Intriguing. One one side it's a Cont. Trap so it can net a plus every turn in Trap-heavy decks. On the other, as a Trap it's 1 turn slow, needs GY set-up and even if you grab a Trap during the opponent's turn, you have to wait to activate it anyway. If it directly Set the card, however, then it could have been onto something.
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