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  1. After taking care of him for two years, Jeff the chameleon, my Jeff, fought but ultimately died from a sinus infection.

    1. Thar


      rip jeff, the legend

  2. I drew Orphegel Longirsu, Orphegel Galetea, and Crusadia Maximus on my next play mat. https://www.deviantart.com/yandereblace/art/The-Three-Scarred-Friends-758708885

  3. Finished with my second play mat. It's my favorite Dragon Ball Super villain, Goku Black. https://www.deviantart.com/yandereblace/art/The-Egoistic-God-Goku-Black-752500071

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. UltimateIRS


      not his ultimate form?

    3. Arimetal


      Oh, I saw this on ZD.

    4. Blace


      I really tried to make that lighting good enough, but I just went along with what I did. Didn't want to drag this art any longer, lmao.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Octosquid


      Looks pretty good ^.^

    3. (GigaDrillBreaker)


      Good call removing the text. Honestly I love this.

    4. Blace


      Yeah, I don't know why I added the text in the first place.

      And thanks, guys.

  4. Update on the Shaddoll vs Invoked play mat; https://imgur.com/a/6Isc69C

  5. Okay, now this banner I like more.

  6. My new banner on About Me, yay or nay?

    1. Tourmaline


      Definitely yes. Make sure to work on it over time so you always have something to motivate you, too.

    2. Blace


      Yeah, I'm planning on that.

    3. Dad


      I can dig it.

  7. Ever since my Odd-Eyes and Troymare Plants got nerfed due to the banlist, dueling have been bland for me. But then the new cards for the Darkness Structure Deck and the Mecha girls came, and dueling became fun again.

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    2. Blace


      I am a casual player, after all. This deck wasn't meant to top a YCS or anything like that.


      I go to other summoning methods, but normally I go with Link, Fusion, and Xyz.


      I do accept Dissolver is amazing, but I hate it that it's a level 7, and it's a good reason why it isn't.

    3. Blace


      I only run SKSD Starving Venom and Vortex Dragon.

    4. VCR_CAT


      There’s a point where one needs to realize that the guy who’s been playing a given deck much longer and to greater success than one’s self probably knows what they’re talking about a lot more.

  8. I can't use any picture for my profile picture, even when it's 200px.

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    2. ~~~~


      Oh is that you irl?

    3. Northern Sage

      Northern Sage

      I'm just really curious what the JJBA thing is for.

    4. Blace


      Yes, that's me irl.


      Just for a joke.

  9. Time to embrace Irma as a Floridan.

    1. BT 


      why not evacuate?

    2. Blace


      All the roads are packed, so I'm stuck here.

  10. Nice ponytail, you look like a samurai. Maybe.
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