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  1. Screw Tuners Make Xyz Instead Normal Spell Banish 1 Tuner monster in your GY face-down, then Special Summon 2 monsters with that level from your GY. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- a *balanced* draw 10 card
  2. Lost 30K dollars in 4 months. I'm a 21 yo AMA

    1. Simping For Hina

      Simping For Hina

      How did you lose 30K? Hell, I get that much in semesters and barely touch it. And I live a pretty damn expensive life style.

    2. Marco Polo

      Marco Polo

      ubers taxis restaurants, hotels, that's literally it

    3. mido9


      Must've sold a lot of drugs to make that much and lose it in 4 months

    1. Dova


      looks nice


      but stop staring at me >:(

    2. BatMed


      looking good!

    3. Marco Polo

      Marco Polo

      @Dova no! ;p


      and thanks :3

  3. I don't know who took part in the best anime ED thread, but Inuyasha's 1st ED "My Will" was not there and that's a crime.

  4. which one though? My money is on the middle one
  5. That's IDF the bane of my existenceAnd virtually none lmao, I wish
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