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  1. Screw Tuners Make Xyz Instead Normal Spell Banish 1 Tuner monster in your GY face-down, then Special Summon 2 monsters with that level from your GY. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- a *balanced* draw 10 card
  2. Lost 30K dollars in 4 months. I'm a 21 yo AMA

    1. Simping For Hina

      Simping For Hina

      How did you lose 30K? Hell, I get that much in semesters and barely touch it. And I live a pretty damn expensive life style.

    2. Marco Polo

      Marco Polo

      ubers taxis restaurants, hotels, that's literally it

    3. mido9


      Must've sold a lot of drugs to make that much and lose it in 4 months

    1. Dova


      looks nice


      but stop staring at me >:(

    2. BatMed


      looking good!

    3. Marco Polo

      Marco Polo

      @Dova no! ;p


      and thanks :3

  3. I don't know who took part in the best anime ED thread, but Inuyasha's 1st ED "My Will" was not there and that's a crime.

  4. which one though? My money is on the middle one
  5. That's IDF the bane of my existenceAnd virtually none lmao, I wish
  6. [spoiler=me] yikes these were huge, fortunately resized them down.
  7. My favourite whatsapp group is that in which me and my best friends dramatically rant about our minor inconveniences in life without listening or replying to each other, so in other words I now know why I am active on Custom Cards

    1. mido9


      It's basically the NLSS, you just talk to each other about which condiment is good or bad for 3 hours

  8. Turning looks, stunting pretty, I'm the jabroni from new york city

    1. Simping For Hina

      Simping For Hina

      where'd you come from where'd you go where'd you come from cotton eye joe

    2. Thar


      she's a maneater

    3. Northern Sage

      Northern Sage

      bright eyed and bushy browed, be the strange you wish to see in the world

  9. Just posted the first original-artworks only archetype I've ever made. Check it out (; https://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/374063-oni-mask-arc-archetype-original-artwork-first-wave/

  10. JESUS Christ. 22 layers, there's still shading and a background to do. I can finish today but I'm exhausted ffs. https://pre00.deviantart.net/9728/th/pre/i/2018/186/0/b/abysslinde_yugioh_by_xstutzx-dcgcvyr.jpg

    1. Mr. Best Male 2008

      Mr. Best Male 2008

      upload it to imgur like a non furry would

    2. Marco Polo

      Marco Polo

      imgur is trache'

    1. Marco Polo

      Marco Polo

      I'm so funking stupid

      It's in the file name jesus

    2. mido9


      the stern of a ship

  11. ========== Remake "Harpie Girl".
  12. I wonder if we held a card design contest, whose prize is that you recieve a complete set of original card artworks for you own archetype, and a GORGEOUS realistic series 10 photoshop template, would make people want to participate and take seriously?

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    2. Flash Flyer - Sakura

      Flash Flyer - Sakura

      Assuming that I read this properly and the prize is just a template and custom art (and still abides by regular cardmaking stuff), yeah, it's fine. Just make sure you provide everything you're supposed to like grading scale, theme, etc.

    3. Marco Polo

      Marco Polo

      @Flash Flyer - Sakura

      But we're not yet in actual contest stages, can I open a thread there to discuss a contest? (the format, see if there would be turnout, how people feel with the prize)

    4. Flash Flyer - Sakura

      Flash Flyer - Sakura

      Considering contests is pretty much dead right now, yeah, discussion works.

  13. Been sketching a corrupted version of Abysslinde for a card art, unsure about the design. Opinions? https://pre00.deviantart.net/8bd4/th/pre/i/2018/183/f/5/abysslinde_sketch_by_xstutzx-dcg2ksk.jpg

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