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  1. Name: 千本桜 Base color: Same Glow color: Same Sparkles: N Icon for group: Same Custom font: N/A basically just gimme back my senbonzakura member without any changes thanks
  2. Been a while, YCM. Greetings from Namba btw.
  3. lmao duelportal turned to sheet after i abandoned it thanks guys well played
  4. [spoiler=Ummmmmmmm!] ...yes, I'm a poser. Why do you remind me of Adam Driver
  5. New hairdo, new hair color, new jacket. [spoiler=Merry christmas, everyone~!]
  6. qq i dont mind comments from other people
  7. Hope this lives up to what you two were hoping for. *ovaries explode* *squeeing and nosebleeding* this is... far too perfect
  8. hey it's totes okay for me to find other guys attractive ;~; otherwise i wouldnt have 10 folders each containing 50+ pics of wrestlers
  9. Well, uh, wow. You look waaaaay more attractive than I was expecting. Like, legit one of the best looking I've seen on this site. Idk what else to say. イケメンですね~
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