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  1. How's life, everyone?

  2. Interesting new UI

  3. BT 

    Trio of DEF

    I aint readin it... ok Black, no more complainin
  4. BT 

    Trio of DEF

    :I cause my name aint in it
  5. BT 

    Trio of DEF

    oh, i thought u finished xP
  6. BT 

    Trio of DEF

    lol Fusion sucks! JK
  7. BT 

    Trio of DEF

    Wait, why am I not in final chapter? Did I die and missed it when i read?
  8. BT 

    Trio of DEF

    i knew someone would xD dude.. that is one sentence mentioning me... I'm not in it u see... and all u said i'm invisible and safe... DILIGAF if I'm safe... i kill that mofo!
  9. BT 

    Trio of DEF

    Hmmm ... good chapter but something is missing... i dont know what it is... something... B.T-ish
  10. BT 

    Trio of DEF

    its 8:35 here in NY
  11. BT 

    Trio of DEF

    its been a week... where is new chapter ...
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