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  1. Sandestructor is an archetype that consists of EARTH Machine main Deck monsters and EARTH Rock Link-1 monsters. Their main gimmick is to destroy other "Sandestructor" cards in order to activate their effects. Their continuous Spells/Traps have this common trait where they all Summon a "Sandestructor Evil Effigy of *name* Token" when destroyed. Those tokens are used as materials for their Link-1 monsters as they all require a "Sandestructor Evil Effigy of *name* Token" as materials, each with a different name. Being Link 1 monsters mean they have low stats but they compensate that with their protection & control-drifted effects. Appearance/Design wise: Imagine the main deck cast as shadowy humanoid figures wearing Construction workers' clothing and equipment, while some are riding construction machines. The Extra Deck monsters are giant living rock status, each represents a mythological creature from a different mythology, like The Sphinx, Ymir, Goliath, Simorgh, etc. The Spell/Trap lineups describes the "journey" of the main deck "Sandestructor" monsters as they destroy the statues that seals away the destructive power of the "Sandestructor" giant Link Monsters. Next: Simorai (Simorgh + Samurai)
  2. Pendulum Effect: If exactly 1 Fusion, Synchro, Xyz, or Pendulum Monster, that was Special Summoned from the Extra Deck, is destroyed by battle or card effect; activate 1 of these effects, then destroy this card. ● Choose 1 monster in your Deck or Extra Deck whose name includes "[the type of the destroyed monster] Dragon", and destroy it. ● Special Summon the destroyed monster. You can only use this effect of "Performapal Heavenly Magician" once per turn. Monster Effect: During the Main Phase, when a monster(s) is Special Summoned: Apply the following effects based on its types until the end of this turn. ● Fusion: Destroy 1 monster that cannot be Normal Summoned/Set. ● Synchro: Your opponent cannot activate monster effects. ● Xyz: Double the original ATK of 1 Special Summoned monster you control. ● Pendulum: Set 1 "Supreme Rage" directly from your Deck. You can only use this effect of "Performapal Heavenly Magician" once per turn. Note: I tried to give it more "Z-arc" vibes and make it a bit more meta-relevant. NEXT: "Supreme Rage",
  3. @Ryusei the Morning Star I would like to add that Apkalone has some nice applications with "Gravity Controller". (ditto for Construct)
  4. Sanguine Swamp Continuous Trap Can only be activated if you control no Set Spells/Traps. Face-down Spell and Trap Cards cannot be activated. Next: Foolish Return
  5. Single to Archetype - the Game Choose a card (Monster, Spell, Trap) that doesn't belongs to any archetype, then the person below will make a bunch of cards (min.2) in order to make the chosen card playable in a Deck alongside the created cards. Starting with: Skull Knight #2 [spoiler=Archive] *Alphabetic Order* [spoiler=Monsters] [spoiler=Normal Monsters] Armored Kaappa Beast of Talwar Beaver Warrior Bunilla Chu-Ske the Mouse Fighter Cosmo Queen Earl of Demise Eldeen Fire Kraken Firewing Pegasus Garoozis Jellyfish Kairyu-Shin Light Bringer Lucifer Little D Meda Bat Megirus Light Metal Armoured Bug Monstrous Bird Mr. Volcano Nin-Ken Dog Phantom Gryphon Seiyaryu Skull Mariner Succubus Knight Swordstalker Tiger Axe The 13th Grave The All-Seeing White Tiger Twin Long Rods #2 Vishwar Randi Water Omotics Worm Drake [spoiler=Effect Monsters] A-Team: Trap Disposal Unit Abaki Al-Lumi'raj Alector, Sovereign of Birds Ameba Anteatereatingant Armed Protector Dragon Balancer Lord Balloon Lizard Baobaboon Beast King Barbaros Belial - Marquis of Darkness Berserk Gorilla Bird of Paradise Lost Bite Shoes Blast Sphere Blockman Boycotton Castle of Dark Illusions Chain Thrasher Clock Wyvern Cluster Congester Cosmo Brain Cracking Dragon Crimson Sentry Cyber Ogre D-Boyz D. D. Scout Plane Des Lacooda Dimensional Alchemist Divine Serpent Geh Doomcaliber Knight Doomdog Octhros Dreadscythe Harvester Droll & Lock Bird Eater of Millions Engraver of the Mark Exarion Universe Fencing Fire Ferret Festive Flame Fiendish Engine Ω Fire Princess Freed, the Matchless General Gandora Dragons Grappler Angler Hop Ear Squadron Hourglass of Courage Interplanetarypurplythorny Dragon/Beast Jigen Bakudan Kaiser Glider Karate Man Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer Lady Assailant of Flames Legendary Fiend Lightserpent Lindbloom Lonefire Blossom Machine King Ür Magician of Faith Maju Garzett Mana Dragon Zirnitron Mare Mare Master Craftsman Gamil Mekanikal Arkfiend Mosaic Manticore Ms. Judge Mucus Yolk Mystic Piper Mystical Beast of Serket Mystrick Hulder Nettles Nine-Tailed Fox Parry Knights Patrician of Darkness Psi-Beast Pumprincess the Princess of Ghosts / Pumpking the King of Ghosts Puppet King Raging Flame Sprite Rallis the Star Bird / Gallis the Star Beast Rose, Warrior of Revenge Satellite Cannon Skelengel Skull Conductor Skull Knight #2 Solar Flare Dragon Spell Canceller Steel Scorpion Stone Statue of the Aztecs Striping Partner Sunlight Unicorn Superancient Deepsea King Coelacanth Swarm of Crows Sword Hunter Tatsunecro Thunder Dragon Three Trolling Trolls Tlakalel, His Malevolent Majesty Totem Five Tyler the Great Warrior Ultimate Conductor Tyranno Ultimate Obedient Fiend Voltester Weather Report [spoiler=Ritual Monsters] Chakra Crab Turtle Dokurorider Hungry Burger Legendary Flame Lord Saffira, Queen of Dragons Shinato, King of a Higher Plane Zera the Mant [spoiler=Fusion Monsters] Aqua Dragon Barox Flame Swordsman Koalo-Koala Metal Dragon Trishula, the Ice Prison Dragon [spoiler=Synchro Monsters] Beelze of the Diabolic Dragons Chaos Goddess Enlightenment Paladin Judgment the Seraphic Dragon Sea Dragon Lord Gishilnodon Tempest Magician Thunder Unicorn [spoiler=Xyz Monsters] Alchemic Magician Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer Downerd Magician Slacker Magician [spoiler=Pendulum Monsters] [spoiler=Normal Monsters]Flash Knight Hallohallo [spoiler=Effect Monsters] P.M. Captor Zany Zebra [spoiler=Link Monsters] Akashic Magician Baba Barber Bellcat Fighter Clara & Rushka, the Ventriloduo Dragave Firewall Dragon Underclock Taker V-LAN Hydra [spoiler=Spells] [spoiler=Normal Spells] Darkness Approaches Light of Redemption Nobleman of Crossout Pot of Greed Share the Pain [spoiler=Quick Play Spells] Enemy Controller [spoiler=Equip Spells] Amulet of Ambition Omega Goggles [spoiler=Continuous Spell] Attack the Moon! [spoiler=Field Spell] Closed Forest Yami [spoiler=Traps] [spoiler=Normal Traps] Pyro Clock of Destiny Return Soul [spoiler=Continuous Traps] Appropriate Begone, Knave! Cloak and Dagger Forced Requisition Life-Absorbing Machine Statue of Anguish Pattern [spoiler=Counter Traps] Negate Attack
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