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  1. I've gotta say: I really like that old-school look of Exoskeletal Dragon Gaiarm.
  2. The Soul Exchange is fake as well. The text where it says "magic card" is way off, the foil sticker on the bottom right is misaligned, and there is no edition of Soul Exchange that ever had yellow text in its name.
  3. Lol, I'm actually surprised it was close. I just combined the original monsters' ATK/DEF. However, there was no precedent for this with any of the other Gusto Synchros.
  4. Hello, fine peoples! I made these last week and I figure I might as well post 'em. They aren't what I would call groundbreaking, but they do build on a lesser-explored mechanic. If you want to run with this idea some more, feel free! There's a handful of "Overlay" cards in real life and their main focus is adding/removing materials from your/your opponent's Xyzs respectively. As always, CnC is much appreciated! Cheers!
  5. Just want to clarify: is it Necro Synchro or Necro Synchron? Between Fleur Synchron being LIGHT Machine, Necro Fleur being DARK Plant, and Necro Synchro[n] being DARK Machine, can we get a Level 1 LIGHT Plant named Fleur Fleur? I'm not sure if I'm a fan of these cards or not. There's a disparate, convoluted playstyle for the entire deck that makes it difficult for me to see working well as a single unit. However, I can see certain individual pieces working pretty well in other strategies. Sage de Fleur is just a really solid generic monster, that Synchro is like a mini Dark Drago
  6. I'm curious what these cards mean for Duel Links. They already had the basic anime versions of these cards in the game, but these ones are a lot more comprehensive and useful.
  7. Yeah, a rename for this section would probably do some good. It shouldn't be just "Games" because we have a different section for that. It's a bit more in-depth than that. This section was initially made for theorycrafting ideas while Experimental was for unique/custom mechanics. They were related sections, but they were not the same section. Originally the card design games were in the Games section (in Miscellaneous), but the mods removed post counts for that section. That said, they figured that card design games still required effort, so they were pulled into the th
  8. The Wyrm type is twofold imo. The basic level is avoiding giving Dragons more support. This is apparent with stuff like True Kings who are clearly Dragons. But I think there's a secondary aspect for Wyrms: if you think about it, Psychics are like Spellcasters, but Mentally/Psychologically focused and Cyberse are like Machines but software instead of hardware. In those cases, the new type is filling in a niche that was awkward to fill with types we had before. Wyrms are similar: They fill the spiritual role. No other type really takes this role even if they have spiritual references (
  9. Is there any interest in a Yugioh RP on here?

    I'd be willing to make one if people want it.  Haven't seen an RP on here in a long time.

    1. Horu


      I often enjoy reading them. Something about the story progression really hooks me.

  10. DAMA-JP062 Live☆Twin Trouble-Sun Continuous Spell You can only activate 1 card with this card’s name per turn. (1) When this card resolves, you can add 1 “Live☆Twin” monster from your Deck to your hand. (2) Each time your opponent Normal or Special Summons a monster(s) while you control an “Evil★Twin” monster, gain 200 LP, and if you do, inflict 200 damage to your opponent. Source: https://ygorganization.com/pekolaughdotwav/
  11. Woo! Got my 10-game win streak in KC Cup! I'm finally getting to the level in the KC Cup where I'm starting to encounter B-E in earnest. Fought two of 'em back to back today. I'm glad to see people have been removing Dragon Spirit of White because that card was always the most difficult card for me to deal with as a Yosenju main.
  12. Ahh, I'm just seeing a lot of info about my favorite video game series!  I'm getting pretty excited to see some of the stuff in store!

  13. I was more thinking about how I would build the archetype as a deck. Since it is so self-contained, any boost - no matter how small - from a card's generic attributes can help go a long way. For example, I like the fact that Troll is able to Special Summon itself from the hand because Tenki is still at 3, and that Dragon is Dragon/WIND since Tempest is legal. Ultimately, it's not the biggest deal though. Ah, I get that.
  14. Sorry, but I don't see it. Sure, Lifeless Leaffish can dump Coelacanth into the GY, but you're likely using your Normal Summon to get to Leaffish in the first place, so you won't be able to use Deep Sea Diva to summon this in the same turn. Or am I missing something?
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