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  1. Feels weird seeing you list your credentials my friend, but if no one else will take you up on your offer, I guess I will! Name: Tinkerer Bartholomew Melon Likes: Odd/Barely explored mechanics, Underdeveloped monster types, Names that mean/refer to something - Idioms and such. Not puns. (i.e. I love the name "That Grass Looks Greener", hate "Toadally Awesome"). Alternatively, if you're supporting an archetype, a name that is thematically fitting. Archetypes that I like: Recently I've just been a fan of archetypes that have kinda slipped into the cracks and didn't do much of an
  2. Security Force Justice LIGHT Links: NW NE Cyberse/Link/Effect 2 monsters, including at least 1 "Security Force" monster During your opponent's Main Phase (Quick Effect): You can Link Summon this card using monsters you control as Material. While this Link Summoned card is face-up on the field, you cannot activate the effects of monsters except "Security Force" monsters. Monsters this card points to have their effects negated and their ATK halved. This card loses ATK equal to the DEF of monsters it points to. 2000/LINK-2 A card for the "Security Force" archetype. Honestly
  3. There is potential here, but that's all... Potential. You've presented an idea for a new card type/mechanic, but you haven't really explained it or how it works. Right now, it just looks like an archetype that focuses around banishing and recycling banished cards. I am very interested, but I need to see how it works before anything else. I will say that Space Time Library is a card that cannot exist in real life, unfortunately. It has a lot of crazy interactions that can make it really OP (Quillbolt Hedgehog for example).
  4. So, with that banlist shaking up all the tiers, I think I might have a chance to go for KOG. Going off reddit reactions, people are thinking Blackwings are gonna be the top deck, which is pretty good for me (Yosenjus). I'll just trade in some of my battle-heavy traps for an additional hand-traps/chainable traps. The awful Dark Magician matchup will probably be gone as well as Invoked Cocytus. Not much actually remains super threatening.
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  6. Very interesting. It rewards a deck that can somehow output decent boards while only using cards in hand/GY. My first thought went to Zombies since they've still got some decent 1-card plays. Turn 1 Omega with this would be a pain. I'm interested in the theoretical deckbuilding that you'd have to do around this card. You could definitely make a case for this as a going-second card (if you can out your opponent's turn 1 board, then this card seriously restricts your opponent's follow-up plays), but you'd likely want this turn 1. Also, I'm not sure what the best ratio for running this
  7. I kept looking back at time thieves and mixing them up with other decks, but I really didn't fully understand how they're supposed to work as a deck by itself. ...But this card fixes that in my mind. This just ties together quite a few of their loose ends. I know asking for any more out of this card would be greedy, but I kinda wish that the first effect was not an OPT and could trigger off another Adjuster so you could do the ol' Stick-Chair combo using Winder and Adjuster.
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  9. Ayy! I do recognize some of those games, but I can't really say that roguelikes are my cup of tea. They're fun when I'm in the mood, but I usually never play long enough to master the mechanics to get far... As for pokemon, emulating any of the games on the 3ds onwards kinda sucks because the emulation tech just isn't there yet. You can emulate the gameboy (color/advance) and ds games really easily though. Had a friend in high school who managed to get the second generation games emulated on his calculator. Good times!
  10. Hey, don't get down on yourself! This one seems really sensible: 1. freeze the target, 2. shatter the frozen target. I think there are only a couple things that might need clarification. First is the "cannot be targeted". Is it just stopping targeting effects? Or can a player not target it for attacks? Second is the timing of the first effect. "Whenever this card attacks" is a little ambiguous. Does the freezing effect kick in before damage? After damage? It might make a difference on how the effect works. Here's a text fix with some general interpretation. It's your card t
  11. Does... Does this actually help the deck at all? It feels really bad...
  12. I think it's works out pretty well. It's like some kind of zombie plague. I think the only thing that might be iffy is the last part: "and then they gain this card's 2nd effect." Because it is an effect that is given to the monster itself, the monster may have a different "2nd effect". Does that make sense? I'd probably suggest reworking the effect to something like: Removed the first part since it became redundant and altered the type of once per turn so it works as intended. Outside the wording, it's a pretty neat form of monster negation and you could do some silly
  13. Radiance from Beyond Quick-Play Spell Return up to 4 banished Fairy monsters to the GY, and if you do, you can add 1 LIGHT Fairy monster from your Deck to your hand whose Level is equal to the number of monsters returned by this effect, or, if you control "The Sanctuary in the Sky", you Special Summon it instead. You can only activate 1 "Radiance from Beyond" per turn. I was making decks for myself and my brothers and I really wanted to build Counter Fairies, but the deck... really didn't work well. I am not sure how much this would help CF specifically, but it could definite
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