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  1. One of my brothers completed a Pokemon Platinum Nuzlocke a couple weeks back.  My youngest brother saw that and decided to do a Pokemon Black Nuzlocke.  I didn't get to see much of my youngest bro's playthrough, but he seemed pretty determined to not ask for as much advice as my other brother.



    "I beat the E4." He says.

    "Ok, cool.  Tell me how many pokemon Ghetsis' Hydreigon wipes out." I respond.

    He laughs.

    Ghetsis team wipes him.  Hydreigon was personally responsible for 4 deaths.

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    2. Mr Melon

      Mr Melon

      He says he had a Leavanny apparently.  But it got one-shotted from Fire Blast, soooo... yeah.  Really unfortunate.

    3. Rayfield Lumina

      Rayfield Lumina

      Ah, crap, in Black/White Fairy didn't exist, right?

      I've always wanted to try a Nuzlocke, or something a little below that so I don't get so stressed. Problem is, I'd never delete my files in the games I have, so I'd have to play in emulator. Maybe one day.

    4. Mr Melon

      Mr Melon

      No there were no fairies at that point.


      I tried a Nuzlocke once for Pokemon Crystal, since I had enough knowledge about the game that I figured I'd do well.  I made it past the gyms, but I kinda ended up quitting before grinding to face the E4.  The sheer Level difference between the wild pokemon in victory road and the E4 meant that grinding was going to be a pain; I didn't have the willpower to keep going for the win.

      ...I did manage to catch a roaming Legendary despite the Nuzlocke rules, which I feel was my proudest moment in the run.

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