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  1. @Nerdling Wagonwheel Hey, just popping in to remind you to leave a prompt for the next person. ~~~ For everyone, just remember if a person does all 4 prompts, make sure to give 'em a "Like"! If Nerdling doesn't give a new prompt within 24 hours, someone else can drop a new set of prompts.
  2. Hello, fine peoples! Your friendly neighborhood Tinkerer B. Melon here with a new super-ambitious archetype design. You remember all those sub-types that Konami made? You know: Flip, Toon, Spirit, Union, and Gemini? Over the past few days in my spare time I've been trying to design a single archetype that incorporates all those sub-types (labeled "Ability" on yugipedia) together. I had to make some concessions and bend a few of the hard limits on each of these abilities, but, I think I came up with a pretty solid archetype design. The archetype is going to end up quite large
  3. Mm... Conceptually, this feels way too dangerous because of how open ended it is. My brain is dead right now so I can't actually think of any combos, but what I'm reading is a +0 quick play spell that banishes any monster you want from your deck and can tutor out any Level 5 or higher (as long as it doesn't have a specific SS clause). That seems... very abusable with "Thunder Dragons" being the obvious first thought. Yes, this card is extremely susceptible to Ash, but it opens up such a large card pool of options that I feel like there's an easy way to break this somehow, especially if
  4. If you could talk to anyone in fiction, who would it be and why?
  5. Being a type =/= supporting a type. Reinforcement of the Army (RotA) is a Spell that supports Warriors without being a warrior itself. In any case, it looks like you've got 2 open prompts whenever you want to make more cards. Rayfield's prompt: My prompt:
  6. @The Nyx Avatar Thanks for updating the CC rules!

    Regarding them, I was wondering if you could amend the post a little so people would be allowed to use the "quote" function for threads with 10+ cards (in lieu of using spoilers).  The quote function shrinks everything down into a smaller box while also giving some more leeway in organizing cards (i.e. putting them in groups of monsters/spells/traps).

    Either way, it might be prudent to make a second post in that thread to show how a person can spoiler their work.

    1. The Nyx Avatar

      The Nyx Avatar


      Would you like to suggest exactly what I should type or copy/paste into the rulebook?

    2. Mr Melon

      Mr Melon

      I'll PM you.

  7. I don't think Flame Sir is what you'd call "support" per se, but whatever. Next Prompt: Make a card that helps players going second more than it helps a player going first
  8. Overall, I love the design concept of these! Taking the old match winners (and their awesome art) and turning them into something a bit more practical. Since you'd be mixing a ton of alternate win conditions into your deck, it actually means the opponent doesn't actually know how you might aim to win, which gives you a kind of advantage in just pure knowledge. These are quite fair, making the cards decent beaters with some extra effects, but restricted enough that you shouldn't be able to do shenanigans to get an insta-win (at least, I can't think of a way to cheat out an FTK with these
  9. Your best bet would probably be trying to sign up for the new card maker beta test. You can sign up in the thread here; it has Pendulum and Link templates as well as stuff for tokens and even some anime only stuff like "Legendary Dragons" or "Dark Synchros". It's pretty flexible while also trying to stick as closely to the correct aesthetics as possible. All you need to do is go into the thread and express that you want to join the beta. ~~~ Sorry I hadn't been able to review before. I looked through some of the cards and they're fine. I'll be honest, if the balance of the c
  10. New day, new prompt! Prompt: Make a card that supports 1 of the following types: Pyro, Fish, Sea Serpent, Reptile, Psychic, Divine Beast, or Wyrm. Good luck!
  11. New day, new prompt: Make an extra deck card. It CANNOT have an effect that Special Summons a monster, draws cards, discards cards from the opponent's hand, or searches cards. Good luck!
  12. As long as you follow the prompt, you can design the card however you like. I'll try to give you a new prompt every day, but hopefully others can give you some other prompts to work with!
  13. Discussed this idea with Zama. The purpose of this thread is to give him a prompt/design direction and he'll make one or more cards for the prompt. Comments on the cards would be appreciated since the goal is for him to get better with card design! @Zamazenta, do you have any rules/conditions you want to add to the game? Prompt: Make a card that only has 1 effect
  14. What'd you play before Strikers?
  15. You've definitely got a nice concept here! I think there's just a couple things in the execution that could use some cleaning up. Spirit Avatar Joker - You will probably need to make the materials generic ("2 Level 7 monsters"); right now, the summoning condition conflicts with All In because All In can summon things besides Spirit Avatar monsters. The Xyz might also need an effect that protects it from battle. Right now, even if you call Joker's effect correctly, it will still be destroyed by battle. Joker's Flush - There's no need to put "it gains the following effects"; it actu
  16. One of my brothers completed a Pokemon Platinum Nuzlocke a couple weeks back.  My youngest brother saw that and decided to do a Pokemon Black Nuzlocke.  I didn't get to see much of my youngest bro's playthrough, but he seemed pretty determined to not ask for as much advice as my other brother.



    "I beat the E4." He says.

    "Ok, cool.  Tell me how many pokemon Ghetsis' Hydreigon wipes out." I respond.

    He laughs.

    Ghetsis team wipes him.  Hydreigon was personally responsible for 4 deaths.

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    2. Mr Melon

      Mr Melon

      He says he had a Leavanny apparently.  But it got one-shotted from Fire Blast, soooo... yeah.  Really unfortunate.

    3. Rayfield Lumina

      Rayfield Lumina

      Ah, crap, in Black/White Fairy didn't exist, right?

      I've always wanted to try a Nuzlocke, or something a little below that so I don't get so stressed. Problem is, I'd never delete my files in the games I have, so I'd have to play in emulator. Maybe one day.

    4. Mr Melon

      Mr Melon

      No there were no fairies at that point.


      I tried a Nuzlocke once for Pokemon Crystal, since I had enough knowledge about the game that I figured I'd do well.  I made it past the gyms, but I kinda ended up quitting before grinding to face the E4.  The sheer Level difference between the wild pokemon in victory road and the E4 meant that grinding was going to be a pain; I didn't have the willpower to keep going for the win.

      ...I did manage to catch a roaming Legendary despite the Nuzlocke rules, which I feel was my proudest moment in the run.

  17. Oh, cool, nice! I had the thread up pretty much as soon as you posted it but hadn't gotten around to actually commenting until right now Glad to see it's working. Will check out the cards later!
  18. *Edited since the issue's been resolved.
  19. Ok, so my brother and I were putzing around with this format and it seems pretty clear that the "Wind-Up" archetype is probably the best set of monsters for this format, hands down. If you can get "Wind-Up Magician" on the field with almost any other "Wind-Up" monster, you can Summon "Wind-Up Hunter" and hand-loop your opponent until they're out of cards. If you happen to go second, "Wind-Up Soldier", "Wind-Up Warrior", and "Wind-Up Dog" are all perfect turn 2 insta-kill monsters as they all have self-boosting effects that aren't OPT in this format. They can each go up to infinite A
  20. Sky Striker Ace - Rubi EARTH **** Warrior/Ritual/Effect You can Ritual Summon this card with "Sky Striker Mobilize - Recommission". Must first be Ritual Summoned. Once per chain (Quick Effect): You can banish this card. Special Summon this banished card during the End Phase. If this card is Special Summoned to a Zone a Link monster points to: You can activate this effect; send 1 "Sky Striker" card from your Deck to the GY, then you can return 1 banished card to the bottom of its owner's Deck. You can only use this effect of "Sky Striker Ace - Rubi" once per turn. 1500/1500 Sk
  21. Ugh, I kept putting this off because 1. I'm not entirely sure how you'd run a deck with both of them and 2. there's a ton of lore that would go into creating anything using multiple Wens. Even after everything, the following card is the best I could do, and it doesn't mention the Wens directly... sorry! Spiritual Beast Shaddoll Zefrawendigo WIND R*** Scale: 1<>7 Psychic/Xyz/Pendulum/Effect 2 Level 3 Psychic monsters PE: You cannot Pendulum Summon monsters, except "Shaddoll", "Ritual Beast", and "Zefra" monsters. This effect cannot be negated. If a Synchro mon
  22. Huh. Never heard of this show. Is it good? The card looks pretty straightforward. I assume the strategy will be to get a "team" of Inazuma monsters on the field together so they help each other with their protection effects? Seems like a solid strategy. I'd recommend looking up the "Melodious" archetype because they have a similar strategy. This card looks good, but I might recommend lowering its DEF by just a little bit. Level 4s with over 2000 ATK or DEF is still pretty uncommon, especially for a card that only has positive effects. Good luck!
  23. Ah, so this is a bit like a Spell version of a Kaiju, but it also hits backrow. It's gets through most types of protection (since it is non-targeting, non-destruction removal) and the token that the opponent gets doesn't even have to be removed immediately because it can't be tributed/used as material. It is technically still a -1 but the sheer utility of it covers that downside very well. All that said, I think it might be just a little too strong because of how versatile it is. I think if it was limited to monster OR spell/trap removal, or if it only banished a face-up card, it would
  24. Mm. Activity on here will wax and wane. You don't have to feel like you need to take on everything yourself Horu. As for your particular insight as to the lack of activity a couple days ago, it seems pretty straightforward: opinions that are against the popular opinion is going to artificially spawn activity regardless of who is saying it. Still, the type of politically charged content (even stuff that's only tangentially political) should probably stay off the status bar since... well... debates on one side or another can give a negative impression for new people if they see the s
  25. (Since the general Yugioh Discussion section is gone, I really don't have anywhere specific to post this huh?) Hello fine peoples! So I was browsing reddit yesterday and I saw a yu-gi-oh topic that caught my attention: I thought it was a really interesting concept, so I wanted to bring it over here and see if people can come up with some decent cards/strategies for a format like this. *Exodia is banned in this format. Some general trends to keep in mind: Nomi/Semi-Nomi Effect monsters (i.e. monsters that say "Cannot be Normal Summoned/Set") basicall
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