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  1. I don't think I did; I just double checked the list. You did not write "Dark Magician of Chaos". Dedication of Light and Darkness does not Summon the Ritual. It summons this:
  2. Did the card Punch-in-the-Box inspire Boxing Glove Spring? I actually don't have a whole lot to say about these. I already knew the basic concept in how these would work, so it was more/less a matter of how you interpreted it and how these were implemented. For the most part, these look like they would work very well. I'd leave the individual effects to other commenters, but I am more interested in how these interact with other irl cards so I think I'll focus on that. In terms of power level and how dangerous these could be, I think the biggest danger would come from gettin
  3. Hey, that's no problem! I've found that casual duels tend to be the most fun sometimes. You never know how the next draw could change the outcome! Still, there are a couple things that I might recommend to smooth out the rough edges of your deck (even at a casual level): Dedication through Light and Darkness - Your deck does not contain "Dark Magician of Chaos" and the card cannot be used to summon the Ritual monster either. Unfortunately, the card doesn't actually do anything in your deck. Field Barrier - I don't see any field spells in your deck, so I'm not 100% sure why
  4. Thanks! I actually forgot that I removed the bottom outline of the bread! I accidently removed it pretty early on and I decided I'd just remove it from the top as well, but I worked my way bottom-up and forgot that intention by the time I reached the top xD As for the seeds, yeah I kinda wanted them to be a bit more elongated, but the pad and stylus I'm using has an annoying quirk that makes small strokes extremely difficult. I'm going to try to find a way to disable it, but it may just end up being something that I can't remove.
  5. I'd never liked drawing with anything other than pens as a kid. Never liked the look of crayon on the page, and I hate the sound of pencil scratching. The tendency kinda forced me to learn how to cover up my mistakes pretty effectively, but I never really learned how to actually use color/shading all that well. I'm hoping that by drawing on the computer, it will shake me out of certain habits and that I'll eventually improve with shading and colors. I have a new story that I'm writing, and I feel like it will work very well as a webcomic. I don't expect my drawing will end
  6. Might as well post my drawing here as well~
  7. Got a pad and stylus for my computer~

    My computer drawings will still be bad, but less.

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    2. Mr Melon

      Mr Melon

      Decided to make a Toon-inspired Hungry Burger!

    3. Rayfield Lumina

      Rayfield Lumina

      I gotta say I'm envious, I'd like to have that as well. Dat toon burger is scary x_x

    4. Zaziuma


      I want to eat him, but I feel like he's gonna eat me first.

  8. I came back into the game when Duelist Alliance first dropped and I fell in love with that Shaddoll/BA/Tellarknight format. It's too bad it was relatively short lived (Qlis were introduced the following set and Nekroz came soon after), but those were a good few months. I wish that format had time to develop a little more.
  9. No worries about bumping @Zeppeli Gyro Supreme. It's nice having a topic dedicated to this, even if I can't say that I personally have any interest in Goat format.
  10. Quick Question: If you cannot have Spell/Traps on the field, how can you win with "Deal with the Devil"? Deal with the Devil is a spell and it will be on the field, right?
  11. It was kinda difficult to tell how your deck looked and its makeup just from a list, so I decided to put it in a more visual form. This is what it looks like as listed: ...and this is what it looks like when reordered: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Do you play with friends or something? I can give some generic tips to probably help make the deck better if you want.
  12. In any case, this looks like it's in the same vein as Sauravis: Discard effect + an effect that bounces itself back to hand from field. I guess there might be an EARTH Dragon counterpart eventually that uses Earth Chant?
  13. I... I can't review these. Putting together just a few combos of these would essentially give you near infinite free resources. Even cards that aren't tied to overall combos in the deck (like Unity Lady or Todoroki) are absurdly OP just by the sheer power of their effects and their ability to combo off of themselves. As crazy as the competitive yugioh scene might seem, it isn't this strong. Listen, I can't help you fix these. You can pm me individual cards and I can explain why they are broken and even show you some combos, but that's all I can do for these. There's
  14. It looks like these have gone through quite a few iterations since I first looked at 'em. I'll be honest, I was expecting a lot more crazy broken stuff from these since I saw your Horror cards, but these are... relatively reasonable. Now, I can't say they are perfect: being able to move 2-3 cards at a time in a controlled way is really strong, and there are certain effects whose wording makes them broken, but these do have a good core to work with. Firstly, I appreciate the HOPTs on all the effects. As powerful as the effects are, you cannot actively loop them. Secondly, I lik
  15. Hold your horses @Zamazenta. It might be noon for you, but it might not be noon for Madara. Let's give 'im some time, okay?
  16. Interesting. If Gigaboros is meant to be the boss monster, then the deck might have a "protect the castle" play style which is definitely unique. Haven't really seen 'em try to develop a deck with a play style like that since old Bujins. Looks like Rescue Rabbit might be able to make a new home for itself. Since it is Dragons and involves Normal monsters, you might be able to mix these with the main deck Guardragons. All that being said... a world premiere Warrior and a world premiere Dragon archetype. Are you serious Konami? *sigh*
  17. Oh right, this thing. I never saw its picture before, but I remember that effect. Hey @Ryusei the Morning Star, has this seen any play ocg-side?
  18. Didn't really bother trying to find art. That was never my strong suit (also why I posted written cards for so long).
  19. It's just the next level of 1-for-1 spell removal cards, but stronger (non-targeting, non-destruction) while also more restrictive. It might be played in a specific format, but Herald of the Abyss feels better even in that hypothetical situation. That trap is amusing, both in art and effect.
  20. Hello, fine peoples! You wanted it, I decided to make it, an archetype inspired by, and based around, Hungry Burger! It's a pretty straightforward aggro play style that has the potential to ritual summon 4 times in a turn. Doesn't have much in the way of protection, but with the easy 1-for-1 summons, it should make for a solid board-breaking archetype. Without further ado, onto the cards! Thanks for looking through the set! As always, CnC is greatly appr
  21. I really appreciate that it fits the flavor of the other Block cards! I'm imagining that the picture is some Lego dog fetching another Lego block for a big Lego construction project. As for the card effect... I think it is okay at best. I don't personally think it would benefit high-level rock decks all that much. It is an effect that is just too reactive (opponent-oriented), and limited (once per turn). While destruction is still common enough that this would likely protect something, the opponent will be able to see that and will probably try to play around it. Even if they have to
  22. Like a personal cube? I've been looking for a program like that, but I don't think there's a really convenient one for yugioh. The best I can think of is making a personal collection on https://ygoprodeck.com/ . If you have a personal collection, you can download the collection and view it/manipulate it on edopro. You can even share your collection with others as long as they have edopro to view it. It's kinda hard for me to explain it on here, but I'm sure if you fiddle around with the site, you can figure it out. Hopefully that works for you. If you do find a better resource, plea
  23. @~British Soul~  @Ryusei the Morning Star

    I'm feeling a bit conflicted.  I usually "Like" every new card reveal post in the tcg/ocg section, but I noticed that you two have different ways of posting the groups of individual cards.  It kinda feels unfair to give one person one like and another person many likes for a similar service.

    Can we come up with a standard for posting these reveals?

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    2. Dokutah Jolly

      Dokutah Jolly

      while i get that the trend is we need to simplified the over-standardization. i do have agreement with tinkerer that even news posting should have some standard. i guess a short discussion should suffice to establish things

    3. Ryusei the Morning Star

      Ryusei the Morning Star

      I like reading through old posts somtimes, so a mass post isn't my ideal

    4. Dokutah Jolly

      Dokutah Jolly

      i dont usually disagree with anybody but i do think that packs fillers dont really warrant their own individual thread while on the other hand sometimes certain archetype cards got separated juts because of the reveal timing. simplifying both ends actually gives reading room for all the cards to be viewed better and actually also keeps older post afloat longer for some that's like to read old post

      i kinda get the concept that cards do need to reviewed and discussed in its entirety, hence the seemingly need for individual threads. but konami is not really often make good pack filler, some are even intentionally garbage IMO

  24. Oh, huh. For some reason I thought it said continuous. Wonder how I mixed that up?
  25. I'm guessing Fiend type? This seems pretty neat actually. I half-wish it were level 2 to tie into the Paleo strategy, but it seems solid all-around.
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