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  1. Gratz to Nyx and Enguin, our new clean-up cr-- I mean, overlords!

    1. Nobody Really

      Nobody Really

      Nah. They're totally a clean up crew.

    2. The Nyx Avatar
  2. Marauding Captain: "Meh, see, these coppers just won't quit! We need to move to a new location! Meh!" Gagaga Girl: "Like, totally! Monkey Mokey, where should we go?" Mokey Mokey: "..." Gagaga Girl: "OH! That's totally, like, a great idea!" Marauging Captain: "Say, those coppers will never find us there, see!" Mokey Mokey: "..." Maurauding Captain/Gagaga Girl: *laughs evilly* Dark Magician Girl: "You... understand it?"
  3. It also looks like 1 archetype per generation (Ra = DM, Ojama + GX, 6 Sam = 5Ds, Ghostrick = Zexal, F.A. = Arc-V). I'm guessing there will be at least 1 more attraction card based on a VRAINS archetype as a support card down the line.
  4. Gotta get some sleep.  Night y'all!

  5. Oh, you too? Edit: I seriously shouldn't be staying up watching the mod thread, but I have to admit it is really entertaining.
  6. Better late than never! Just need to make holiday-based posts and tag Rayfield.
  7. Yeah, I refused. I did nominate The Nyx Avatar, but uh, yeah... he hasn't been brought up again. I still think he'd be good, but...
  8. New box revealed: Rage of Volcano The general consensus on the subreddit is that it sucks. And it looks like it does. It kinda hurts because I love Hazys and I like Fire King, so I might dig regardless. Gotta love how the burn damage halving even applies to the pure burn spells in this box. Hinotama deals better burn damage than Final Flame and Ookazi.
  9. Fair. The site was really dead. I'd love to give the benefit of the doubt here, but it's pretty hard to know how consistent you (or Hina) would be outside of your word. Given how you both were recommended several times, I can see you fill in some of the bonus criteria, but verifiable evidence that you'll be here only comes with time. ...Then again, that's just me. I can't speak for anyone else.
  10. Given the names thrown out, there's a few people who fit the major criteria, and they should be the focus rather than people who don't fit. Can... can we agree on at least that much?
  11. Can... can we just step back for a sec? Given the level of activity this site generates, a mod should probably be chosen based on criteria rather than specific people. Someone who knows their way around the site (~500 post minimum) Someone who checks the site regularly (self-explanatory, otherwise all this would have solved nothing) (Sorry Krow) Someone who will accept the position (given the fact that this appointment is clearly more of a glorified janitor role than any real power + the general suspicion to vehemence against mods) Bonuses: Well-liked/respected - A
  12. Oh man, I never get to see the clues play out; you guys get 'em so quickly!
  13. First batch of Wu (Yes, I made them in chronological order from the show): Mantis Flip Coin Two-Ton Tunic Eye of Dashi Third-Arm Sash Fist of Tebigong Jetbootsu Monkey Staff Tangle Web Comb Golden Tiger Claws Changing Chopsticks Sword of the Storm Shroud of Shadows Helmet of Jong Ring of the Nine Dragons Falcon's Eye Sapphire Dragon Serpent's Tail Orb of Tornami Star Hanabi All the Wu have a this as a common effect: Onto the cards:
  14. Hello, fine peoples! Starting a new ongoing set of cards based on the Xiaolin Showdown cartoon. I want to do every Shen Gong Wu as its own card, but in all likelihood I'm gonna maybe update this once and forget about it... Well, whatever! Might as well post what I've got so far though. This opening post will just have the Xiaolin monks and a few specific support cards that I'll edit in. The follow up posts will have the actual Wu.
  15. Eh. Hey, @Horu Ishayuki, correct my interpretation if I'm wrong. It doesn't look like "being humble" is really part of the equation one way or the other, correct? It looks like you're just ensuring that no one nominates you in the first place. Your conditions for accepting were: 1. If real life would let you, 2. if no one (in your opinion) would do a better job. Since the first condition failed, it doesn't really matter to talk about the second condition (which is where the humility part would actively come in). ... That being said, it does appear conceited to withdraw y
  16. Hey @Arcadia warlic, can you toss me your "confused" emote?

  17. Hello, fine person! This looks like a solid mix of cards! Some of these are definitely what Buster Blader/Destruction Sword needs. I particularly like the new BB since it really fixes the issue of, you know, actually getting a Buster Blader on the field. The baby whelp is pretty nice too: protection and recycling as long as you can keep a BB on the field. The Synchro might actually be a bit underpowered, but it fills in a missing niche while also being a solid beater. Overall, I like the balance of these three. The other ones are good and have nice flavor, but they've each got a cou
  18. Heh. Religious belief is one of the very few things that I will willingly share about my personal self in public online. I am non-denominationalist Christian. I do believe in God as depicted in the Bible. I take the Bible literally in as many places as applicable, metaphorically and symbolically on things that are obviously turn of phrase or symbolism. Using the Bible to justify flat earth and geocentric conspiracies annoys me to no end. Of course, there comes the harsher, more critical moments in the Bible which... I do believe as well. Heaven and hell, a good God allow
  19. Since there's one culprit left, I guess I'll throw my hint behind culprit #2
  20. Immaterial Take the column play of Mekk-Knights and mix them with the direct attacking of Toons and you get a basic idea of the "Immaterial" archetype. Immaterial is a battle-based Wyrm archetype whose gimmick is that they cannot be attacked but they don't prevent your opponent from attacking directly. In exchange though, they gain certain effects if the opponent attacks through them (i.e. attacks with a monster in the same column as them). The archetype would be extremely tame by today's standards by being heavily battle reliant, but they can spam the board effectively enough
  21. Insistent Trade Spell Target 1 Equip Spell you control and 1 monster your opponent controls that it can equip to; equip the first target to the second target, and if you do, add the top card of your opponent's Deck to your hand. - Destroys cards in adjacent left and right zones - Can move to other Main Monster Zones, including those of the opponents - Has less than 1000 ATK. - Has a battle-based effect.
  22. I'm flattered that I'd be suggested, but I would also have to decline the position. My hope for the site lies in its new users. Being a mod rather than a user changes any relationship dynamic that I build with them. I would rather not give that up. In terms of suggestions: I trust @The Nyx Avatar would make a solid mod. While he doesn't actively post as often anymore, I can personally attest that he cares for the site as a whole a lot more than others. I'll be honest, @Enguinhas always rubbed me the wrong way personally, but my feelings aside, I recognize that he is capable
  23. Heyo @Flame Dragon, I don't think anyone can reply to your topic 😅

    1. Flame Dragon

      Flame Dragon

      Weird, I could have sworn people could reply to threads in News. I just moved it. Thanks for the heads up.

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