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  1. Since there's one culprit left, I guess I'll throw my hint behind culprit #2
  2. Immaterial Take the column play of Mekk-Knights and mix them with the direct attacking of Toons and you get a basic idea of the "Immaterial" archetype. Immaterial is a battle-based Wyrm archetype whose gimmick is that they cannot be attacked but they don't prevent your opponent from attacking directly. In exchange though, they gain certain effects if the opponent attacks through them (i.e. attacks with a monster in the same column as them). The archetype would be extremely tame by today's standards by being heavily battle reliant, but they can spam the board effectively enough
  3. Insistent Trade Spell Target 1 Equip Spell you control and 1 monster your opponent controls that it can equip to; equip the first target to the second target, and if you do, add the top card of your opponent's Deck to your hand. - Destroys cards in adjacent left and right zones - Can move to other Main Monster Zones, including those of the opponents - Has less than 1000 ATK. - Has a battle-based effect.
  4. I'm flattered that I'd be suggested, but I would also have to decline the position. My hope for the site lies in its new users. Being a mod rather than a user changes any relationship dynamic that I build with them. I would rather not give that up. In terms of suggestions: I trust @The Nyx Avatar would make a solid mod. While he doesn't actively post as often anymore, I can personally attest that he cares for the site as a whole a lot more than others. I'll be honest, @Enguinhas always rubbed me the wrong way personally, but my feelings aside, I recognize that he is capable
  5. Heyo @Flame Dragon, I don't think anyone can reply to your topic 😅

    1. Flame Dragon

      Flame Dragon

      Weird, I could have sworn people could reply to threads in News. I just moved it. Thanks for the heads up.

  6. Uh, can we also use this thread to discuss who would make a good mod? I don't think yelling at YCMaker to promote someone would do any good if he doesn't have a person in line to promote...
  7. 11 days since last bot.

  8. I've never really cared much for Vampires, but I like this card specifically because now I've got a good gauge at what Konami thinks is an appropriate power level for Normal Summoning a 2-Tribute monster. Other than that, kills lots of handtraps, but also stuns decks that try to do the same combo turn after turn. Last effect makes me wonder if you could/should mix this with Nine-Tailed Fox a little.
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  10. Yeah, just so you don't get to use it turn after turn. In a casual setting, I imagine 1 resolution is enough, and in a more competitive setting this card won't stick around for more than a single turn anyway. Of course, this is personal opinion just based on flavor (i.e. the sorcerer turns itself into the summoning item). There is no real mechanical or balancing reason for it.
  11. Rainbow Hydra LIGHT 11* Dragon/Synchro/Effect 1 Tuner + "Rainbow Dragon" If this card is Synchro Summoned, you can either: Banish cards on the field up to the number of Continuous Spells you control, OR: Place any number of "Crystal Beast" cards from your GY into your Spell/Trap Zone as Continuous Spells, and if you do, this card gains 500 ATK for each until the End Phase. If this card leaves the field; destroy all cards on the field except face-up Spell cards, and if you do, you can Special Summon any number of "Ultimate Crystal" monsters with different names from your GY, ignoring t
  12. I'm really glad to see some support for these guys! They really were some of the coolest monsters of their time. First things first though, you might wanna change Earthbound Spirit's name. It's already a card irl. As for the cards as a whole... they are serviceable. They really do the heavy lifting in getting the Immortals onto the field, but it kinda conflicts with a lot of the newer support they were given. Was this meant to replace the recent batch of support?
  13. Actually... if I'm understanding this correctly, I think this is pretty much fine as-is given the difficulty in summoning this is still really high and you also need to have the appropriate monster in your hand (most of them I believe are pretty much unsearchable). I think the only change I'd make would be to remove spellsummon sorcerer so you can't just use the effect every turn. I need to look up what other specific cards this bypasses, but Vennominaga is probably the most threatening. Still, at that point, if a player manages to summon 'naga through this then they deserve the win.
  14. OH! Lol, that's funny then! I was gonna say in my first comment that this card would be good for duel links, but I didn't know if you played it or anything. That makes so much more sense!
  15. I'm guessing you gain LP equal to the sent monster's ATK (and not the banished monster's ATK), right? Honestly, I like this one. We don't have enough straight 1 for 1 removal spells/traps and this one bypasses a lot of restrictions. I think I would raise the cost to banishing 2 monsters from GY since this is non-targeting, non-destruction removal that has an upside and is super searchable.
  16. It's not really about improving it, per se; it does what it does. There is nothing wrong with simple cards. You could make it more interesting by giving it more effects, but it looks like you were basing the card off a character. I don't want to ruin any flavor by suggesting something that doesn't fit.
  17. I understand that you can use Cosmic on this to get rid of it, but don't you think 1000 might be a bit much? I was exploring this concept with cards that can equip to the player, and I figured it could get really cheesy if you can just shrug off huge amounts of damage for next to no cost.
  18. Just a quick text fix: Simple pseudo-battle based monster destruction. Not much to say about it, tbh.
  19. Ok, cool cool. As long as you're aware. Can't wait to see how the final product will look! Honestly, Spells that banish themselves are pretty rare and I'd love to see more of them around. I think the only one that exists is "Pot of Benevolence", so there is some precedent. The card itself seems good without being broken. It's rare to have something that can act on face-down banished cards. Personally, I'm not really into interacting with banished cards (especially face-down ones) because I like the idea of banishing being the "final grave", but there are no card design
  20. Feels weird seeing you list your credentials my friend, but if no one else will take you up on your offer, I guess I will! Name: Tinkerer Bartholomew Melon Likes: Odd/Barely explored mechanics, Underdeveloped monster types, Names that mean/refer to something - Idioms and such. Not puns. (i.e. I love the name "That Grass Looks Greener", hate "Toadally Awesome"). Alternatively, if you're supporting an archetype, a name that is thematically fitting. Archetypes that I like: Recently I've just been a fan of archetypes that have kinda slipped into the cracks and didn't do much of an
  21. Security Force Justice LIGHT Links: NW NE Cyberse/Link/Effect 2 monsters, including at least 1 "Security Force" monster During your opponent's Main Phase (Quick Effect): You can Link Summon this card using monsters you control as Material. While this Link Summoned card is face-up on the field, you cannot activate the effects of monsters except "Security Force" monsters. Monsters this card points to have their effects negated and their ATK halved. This card loses ATK equal to the DEF of monsters it points to. 2000/LINK-2 A card for the "Security Force" archetype. Honestly
  22. There is potential here, but that's all... Potential. You've presented an idea for a new card type/mechanic, but you haven't really explained it or how it works. Right now, it just looks like an archetype that focuses around banishing and recycling banished cards. I am very interested, but I need to see how it works before anything else. I will say that Space Time Library is a card that cannot exist in real life, unfortunately. It has a lot of crazy interactions that can make it really OP (Quillbolt Hedgehog for example).
  23. So, with that banlist shaking up all the tiers, I think I might have a chance to go for KOG. Going off reddit reactions, people are thinking Blackwings are gonna be the top deck, which is pretty good for me (Yosenjus). I'll just trade in some of my battle-heavy traps for an additional hand-traps/chainable traps. The awful Dark Magician matchup will probably be gone as well as Invoked Cocytus. Not much actually remains super threatening.
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