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  1. Fixed text. The card is a real mixed bag, huh? The only relevant part looks like its Quick Effect, however that effect is very conditional since there is no reliable way to put counters on it. I guess the ATK/DEF gain can also be threatening, but it definitely requires building around and is much less consistent to pull off than, say, Cyber Dragons/Deskbots. It's a pretty odd card overall.
  2. Did anyone else do anything with the Ninja mini box? I really didn't care for the box overall, but I had to pull from it in order to get Yosenju Kama 1.
  3. Hello, fine peoples! No preamble, no fuss, just ask me anything.
  4. Listening to Eurobeat now and just chuckling at the irony of having a Shuckle avatar and listening to a song called "Speedy Speed Boy".

    1. Rayfield Shade

      Rayfield Shade

      You're under Trick Room, of course!

  5. Unfortunately, as of now, the situation is still the same as in November. YCMaker hasn't restored them yet.
  6. Bump~ Updates: I fixed the text from the previous batch. I also changed up the following cards: Grimmace: I unrestricted him a tiny bit by removing a couple words; his summoning effect now works alongside Lair of Darkness. Nora: Nora now tributes for its alternative fusion summon. This way, it can actually use tokens as fusion material and it works alongside Lair of Darkness. Trinity: The tokens now only trigger when destroyed by battle. In exchange, I let them be used as Fusion Materials. Grimmoire of Dust: I changed it to be a Continuous Spell in order to make it less searchable and abusable alongside Metaverse. I also changed it so that its End Phase effect tributes instead of sends for an additional Lair of Darkness buff. Those were changed for fixing the power level of the deck, for adding thematic consistency, and because Lair has a secondary effect involving tokens which pairs well with Nora. Thanks! Yeah, those work for what I was going for. I decided to use Banishment since it is specifically summoning something else to get attacked. As for Trinity, yeah, the soft-OPT is intentional (just like with Unternal), but, uh... in my half-stupor state, I decided to loosen its effect elsewhere and kinda made it too powerful. I changed it up so that the tokens are less certain to trigger. As for Grimmace, it shouldn't be too big a worry. A "free" big boss like Grimmace is not all that impressive, especially since he is basically a vanilla monster on the field. But yeah, if you wait too long against the Order of Grimm, you will be overrun.
  7. Ayy! I remember you! Welcome back! Sorry about the account, it seems like a lot of folks had trouble with theirs as well once the site was "updated". Anyways, I'm looking forward to seeing more of your stuff. Cheers!
  8. What did you want to grab?
  9. All the Gaia cards probably could've been posted together. It's a bit of a nuisance to jump between threads tbh. Anyways, is this one supposed to be treated as Gaia the Fierce Knight or Gaia the Dragon Champion? It feels like the spell/trap support suggests the latter.
  10. For further context, the only revealed "Eldlich" monster is "Eldlich the Golden Lord" All that said, it seems pretty apparent that Eldlich is meant to be its own engine for Zombie strategies, but with three separate archetypes under this umbrella, it seems like it could be difficult to find a good mix for deck building. The Golden Land cards seem like they'd be especially difficult to add naturally.
  11. My first thought was actually that pair of Psychics (Wheeleder + Tracker) which could be pretty fun, but I suppose a more relevant thing that could use these is Burning Abyss? I dunno. They have solid effects, but it just doesn't ever feel like the first things you'd turn to to fill your Extra Deck. ...That said, it's not gonna stop me from trying to build some kind of deck that uses the Xyz alongside the Naturia Field Spell. "Natural Cyberspace Deck" here I come!
  12. I'm honestly just really curious about the lore behind these cards. It looks like they are fighting the possessed forms of each other, but that begs the question of who built the Machina in the first place and who corrupted 'em?
  13. Aww, it looks like someone took my secondary name...

    1. Horu Ishayuki
    2. Redro


      Nah, "Mr. Melon".  Tinkerer Bartholomew Melon. XD

    3. Horu Ishayuki

      Horu Ishayuki

      That's quite a name.

  14. No worries, I let a a mod know so they'll be able to move the thread over when they get around to it. Just making sure you know for next time. ...or were you talking changes to the card?
  15. Yes and no. With this card, they essentially become akin to Chain Burn or Exodia in that case. They would be capable of beating nearly every deck (because there's no practical way to get rid of this once its played), but it is also so inconsistent since you need specific cards. Also, I'm gonna request that this gets moved into Advanced (right now it's in Multiples and you've only posted 1 card).
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