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  1. Prism Draw Spell Draw 1 card for every 2 Attributes among monsters you control. You can only activate 1 "Prism Draw" per turn. The Wight House
  2. Yeah. Makes a lot of cards, does roleplays, helps out with projects... good dude.
  3. Welcome! If you plan to post cards on the forum, please make sure to look at the rules to make sure you're posting 'em in the right place. Looking forward to seeing your creations!
  4. H-how'd you even find that post? It's 2 years old, right? The context of it is way different than it is now.
  5. Civ 6 is free this week on the epic games store.

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    2. Redro


      I don't think so. Still, I never grew up with Civ, so getting to try it out (even if it's just the base game) should be pretty fun.

    3. Yui


      meh, I'll stick to Civ V in that case.

    4. Godbrand
  6. Nephthys too. Maybe not "destroy" specifically, but Burning Abyss.
  7. Hello, fine peoples! I was working on the Prismirror archetype when a completely different idea jumped into my head. I think the concept is neat, but I think I'm gonna have to redo the execution again because the card texts are novels... The gimmick is really really simple: It's an archetype that can easily trade its scales in and out, but your cards rely on having a Scale 4 card in your Pendulum Zone in order to make their effects live. The cards all have the same first monster effect, but besides that, most of the cards have completely different conditions and effects. Whew, if you read all that, you're the real MVP. Thanks for looking through this set! I'd like to think I'm going to make more things for this, but I think I wanna streamline the concept into something else first. Anyways thanks again and as always, CnC much appreciated. Cheers!
  8. Had an archetype idea and I need help coming up with an archetype name + monster name scheme.

    It is a Pendulum Archetype that flips cards in the Main Deck face up.  If the top card in your Deck is a face-up Pendulum monster, you can Pendulum Summon it as well.  I'm thinking that the archetype will also have a lot of ways to move face-up cards from the Deck > Extra Deck and vice-versa.

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    2. Redro


      Prismirror, huh?  Sounds good, thanks!

    3. Rayfield Lumina
    4. Godbrand


      Topshelf as the archetype name

  9. Yanking my answer from before.
  10. Blackguard A DARK Warrior De-Synchro archetype with a playstyle that is like Melodious + Neo Spacians. The Main Deck monsters have ATK, but they have a good amount of Special Summon and protection effects (that only apply when they are Special Summoned). The Synchros are their big bosses and are used to push for damage with extremely aggro effects (double piercing, multi-attacking, huge ATK modifiers, etc.). However, during the End Phase, the Synchros return to the Extra Deck and Special Summon 1 "Blackguard" tuner and non-tuner from the GY. All that said, the gimmick is fairly straightforward: Use Synchros for your offense and your main deck monsters for your defense. Blackguard Hammerman DARK * Warrior/Tuner/Effect When this card is Normal Summoned: You can Special Summon 1 "Blackguard" monster from your hand. While this Special Summoned monster is on the field, your opponent cannot target it for an attack while you control other "Blackguard" monsters, also, "Blackguard" monsters you control gain 800 DEF. 100/1800 Blackguard Lancess DARK 6* Warrior/Effect If you control no monsters, or all the monsters you control are "Blackguard" monsters (min. 1), you can Special Summon this card from your hand, but you cannot Special Summon monsters from your Extra Deck for the rest of the turn except Warrior monsters. While this Special Summoned monster is on the field, the first time each "Blackguard" monster you control would be destroyed each turn, by battle or card effect, it is not destroyed. 600/2600 Nebulae Whale
  11. Des Pair A Ritual archetype with a mechanic based on revealing cards in your hand. The archetype has few Ritual Spells, but they are not the main way the Ritual bosses are summoned. Instead, whenever a non-Ritual monster is summoned, you can "pair" it with another "Des Pair" monster in your hand by revealing it. When the monster on the field is sent to the GY, it can automatically summon the paired monster in your hand. A lot of the monsters have "While this card in your hand is revealed" effects which give them a lot of the bonuses that would normally come from continuous/field spells. That said, they do have backrow support that mostly involves improving consistency and creating floodgates since you likely will only have 1-2 monsters on the field at any time. Des Pair - Manjour DARK **** Beast/Effect If this card is Summoned: You can reveal 1 "Des Pair" monster in your hand and keep it revealed as long as this card remains face-up on the field. If this card is sent from the field to the GY: You can Special Summon the monster revealed by this card's effect OR: Special Summon 1 revealed "Des Pair" monster in your hand. While this card in your hand is revealed, "Des Pair" monsters you control cannot be destroyed by battle. 1600/1500 Des Pair Manacles Continuous Spell When this card is activated: Add 1 "Des Pair" monster from your Deck to your hand and reveal it. The monster remains revealed while this card is face-up on the field. While you control a Ritual monster, banish any monster sent to the GY from the hand or Deck. Next: Immortal Coil
  12. Yeah, unfortunately the site (and the card maker) are undergoing changes and the ability to save/load old cards have been temporarily removed. Fortunately, the site owner has assured that the cards are still stored, so you should be able to access your old cards once the option has been restored. Sorry I can't give you a time frame. That's all we know for now.
  13. Hello, fine peoples! Decided I wanted to continue this 1 Pendulum, 1 Link support challenge thing I started here. This time, I went with Cloudians. Without any more preamble, here are the cards: Not much to say about these. Stratoman gives the deck a way to hold onto counters and increases the deck's speed through both searching and an extra Normal Summon. Cumulos cripples other decks by turning opponent's monsters into glorified Normal monsters once Cloudian Squall gets going. Once the monsters' effects are negated, all they can do is attack (and Cloudians have the battle phase pretty covered). Thanks for checking these out! As always, CnC is much appreciated. Cheers!
  14. I know I've been falling into this too, but a reminder to everyone: Please write a 2 Sentence/40 word description minimum. It should be fairly simple to expound on a gimmick or flesh it out at least a little to give an idea of how it works.
  15. Pyrotech Mech - Ganryu FIRE 6* Pyro/Effect You can Normal Summon this card without Tributing. If you do, during each End Phase: You take 800 damage. If this card destroys an opponent's monster by battle, your opponent takes any effect damage you would take from card effects this turn. 2400/1400 Thrash Compactor
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