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  1. So... since I've finished SwSh, can someone explain to me what people were getting angry about?  I went into the games with as little info as possible, but I still heard a lot of negativity toward the games before I got 'em.

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    2. Redro


      Fair enough. Personally, that's not something I really care about, but I do get the frustration.

    3. Sleepy


      This is gonna be a little lengthy but it's a bunch of things I'm trying to summarize very briefly, I swear xD

      The game is serviceable enough on its own if you don't look at much else, but there's a bunch of things. It started with the "no national dex" so around 500 pokemon are missing, and they said it was for high quality animations and for the work of building models from scratch, but the models are recycled on all returning pokemon they have there, and there are some good animations but most already existing ones don't really have any changes or upgrades so them lying in itself became an issue, and from there....
      At least 114 moves don't exist in that game last time I checked, but some of those include exclusive moves for pokemon that don't appear so it is sort of linked to that.
      The Exp Share can't be turned off, and some already were complaining about it when it WAS optional in the previous few games....
      It has a lot of technical issues like framerate drops, characters freezing in time when you climb ladders, pokemon and trainers pretty much teleporting in front of your sight as you move using a shorter range than other games, the textures and whatnot (you probably saw the "Ocarina of Time Tree" memes at some point, right? xD )
       That and the removal of Z moves and megas, and the reminder of other things they removed like the battle frontier and whatnot from other games is carrying over to join the discomfort.
      Their codes have been found to not be very optimized (in hilarious ways at times) but that'd be a paragraph or two on itself haha....
      They were developing a game called "Little Town Hero" at the same time as Pokemon and split their team in half, and both games came out a little lacking in content (even if you enjoyed SwSh you gotta admit it is a tad smaller than other pokemon games).
      Add to that that they have the plan to release a Pokemon game once a year from now on, like how they have been doing with S/M, US/UM, Let's go Pikachu/Eevee, and Sw/Sh. With US/UM barely being worth a DLC update in terms of new content and people already expecting GameFreak to do the same thing for SwSh....

      I'll reserve my conclusions when you add the above, but those are most of the issues I recall pretty much in a nutshell.

    4. Ryusei the Morning Star

      Ryusei the Morning Star

      Sleepy says what I wish I could as eloquently 

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