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  1. According to TVTropes's Trivia page about Death Battle: DC leads Marvel 9-7
  2. Granted. It was that one, and you've already used it. I wish college wasn't so expensive.
  3. So, the tournament... Does it still happen on this forum, get moved to the new one, be somehow coordinated between the 2, or just get cancelled entirely?
  4. Red-Eyes Black Mech Dragon Level 8 DARK Dragon/Fusion/Effect Each time a "Red-Eyes" Monster is summoned, inflict 500 damage to the opponent. Once per turn: You can banish 1 Machine-Type or "Red-Eyes" Monster from your GY; this card gains 700 ATK until the End Phase. When this card is destroyed by your opponent's card (by battle or by card effect) and sent to the GY: You can add 1 of your banished Machine-Type or "Red-Eyes" Monsters to your hand. 2900/2500 Fire Hand + Ice Hand
  5. Sending points I've made 6 teams, and I'll be picking by die roll throughout the whole tournament. 4 of the 6 teams have Megas
  6. Fun fact about the original tier: Ubers were originally allowed, but then every team became Scarf Kyogre/Espeed Arceus + filler, so they banned all Ubers. Also, I built a 4th team for 2088 BST. Surprisingly, there are no Eviolites on the team, and they would only benefit 2 of the Pokemon on it anyway. So I'm officially fine with any Team BST upper limit up to 2300.
  7. I made 3 teams to see how easy 2300 is. Team 1 BST: 2200 Team 2 BST: 2258 Team 3 BST: 2296 Hell, team 2 even has a Mega, so this shouldn't be too hard on you.
  8. I suggested it, so I am contractually obligated to join. (That's how it works right?) Although, upon attempting to build a team, 2100 seems a little unfeasible, so I'd suggest increasing to either 2200 or 2300 (2200 because I managed to build a team with exactly 2200 BST or 2300 because that's what the limit was when this was an OM in gen 5)
  9. So, nobody ever commented on these tournament ideas from 20 pages ago. Any thoughts? Or use one for the next tournament, perhaps?
  10. Looking at this, it might actually help to tag the right @@~Faytl~
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